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Big News in the Ski Industry!!!  Vail Resorts has contracted to buy Whistler in Canada.  The Epic Pass will not include it this year unless they can figure out a way to do it before or possibly soon after the deal closes.  Lots of stock certificates and cash are getting ready to change hands.  This can’t just be another funny money deal since I live here in Vail and it’s news that affects what’s happening here, right?  Maybe I should sell out or maybe I should double down and buy another property or maybe I will probably just sit tight?  How much, if any, will it affect what happens here now or in the future?  It’s kind of a one horse town, except for the mountains and the streams and the summers and the falls when many locals hardly know that Vail Resorts exists.  For 5 months we have skiing.  For a month on either side it is pretty quiet.  Then we have the wonderful summer and fall in the rockies.  The ski mountain is trying to justify its existence with activities that help it and the local communities and retail shops and restaurants do well when the skiing stops.  That would happen without the summer ski mountain but maybe it helps some.  Gives the parents and kids another resource for a day or two.  Gives some employees a job and full health insurance coverage I think.  It’s a beautiful day in Colorado, Bob.

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Vail Lifeitsownself August 1, 2016

Vail Valley hiking and biking trails

This is a wonderful time to visit the Vail and Beaver Creek areas.  July and August and even September are great.  Mountain weather, shops, restaurants, activities hiking, biking, fishing, mushrooming, festivals, it’s all here, the best.

fish1  mushroom

Get out of that heat you are living in for a little while.  Getting into properties to show them is sometimes difficult, but this is the best time to buy and sell except for a few months in the winter during ski season.  It’s a beautiful day in Colorado, Bob

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Another Bluebird day in Vail.  When I got to the office this morning about 8 am, a fisherman was working Gore Creek for trout.  You can usually see them pooling from the International Bridge which is on the north side of the Sitzmark Lodge.  We are in a great location on the west side.  Stop in any time at our separate entrance.  It’s a beautiful day in Colorado, Bob

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Lifeitsownself, Vail, July 24, 2016

If you are not in Vail today, maybe you should be.  It’s starting out as a blue bird day but will probably cloud up some later with a chance of showers.  Temperature should stay below 80 degrees but in the direct sunlight it will feel warmer.  Last night it was in the 50s.  Gore Creek looks great.

The Merchants were setting up their tents and tables for today’s market, besides the retail shops, extra food, art, clothes, and fresh veggies.

farmer's market


We had a nice meeting on Thursday with our National and International Partner, LEVERAGE.


Look them up on line or just go to our website,  It’s a beautiful day in Colorado, Bob

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Fireworks tonight in Avon!

images (1)

Fireworks in Vail tomorrow night.  The farmer markets vendors are setting up in Vail for the day as I write this.  Food, Clothing, Art Work of all kinds.

images (4)  images (3)

My favorite is Bob, the Hawaiian Crispy Wafers vendor from Alamosa, CO, 719.587.3892.  I have a nice selection for people to enjoy at our office in Vail during the 4th of July Parade tomorrow.  I’m still peddling real estate here in Vail if you have a mind to check it out.  The internet is great but a little talking can go a long way too in finding what you want and can afford that fits you fast.  It’s a beautiful day in Colorado, Bob

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The Town of Vail looks great with the trees all out and the flowers in bloom and Gore Creek with big flows.  The Fourth of July Parade is this Monday and the office is by the International Bridge and will be a great place to see it.

download (1)

If you read this and are in Town come by for a place on the deck or in the street and have some refreshments.  The weather forecast is great.  It’s a beautiful day in Colorado, Bob

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Lifeitsownself Vail 6-25-16


It’s starting out like another Blue Bird Day, not a cloud in the sky, cool, shirt sleeves or t-shirt or sleeveless.  Streams are running high but clear, lots to do.  Nice article in the Vail Daily about fishing.  Do it, come to Vail.  Get out of the heat where you are now.


It’s a beautiful day in Colorado, Bob Essin, Gateway Real Estate,,, 970-376-4484

GO PRO was last week.  This week it is KING OF THE MOUNTAIN, the USA’s largest  2- person VOLLEYBALL tournament.  It isn’t summer on the calendar yet but it feels like summer.  It is a great time to be in Vail.  The high trails and lakes above 10,500 feet have not melted of ice and snow, but snow shoes are fun, easy to rent.and use.  The creeks and streams are high but running clear.  The last several mornings have been in the high 40s with the daily high in the 70s. The golf courses and restaurants and shops are all open.   The River Rafting on Gore Creek is great and we can see it from our office window on the North side.  Come and see us.  Have a great Father’s day tomorrow.  It’s a beautiful day in Colorado, Bob

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Just check the VAILDAILY.COM for the scope of the Go Pro Mountain Games that have been happening here.  Serious and/or just Fun competitions.  The crowds have been huge.  In Vail Village yesterday it was as crowded almost as July 4.  And it is happening for 4 days.  Today’s paper at VAILDAILY.COM on page A21 has a great picture of the people at one of the events on the bridges and along Gore Creek.  The BLUE AWNING almost in the center of the picture is the Gateway Real Estate Vail office.  Come and see us when you are in town.  We are right in the center of everything.  It’s a beautiful day in Colorado, Bob

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