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Snow in Vail 2-9-20

Over 3 feet of Snow in 5 days. Wow. This sets up the rest of the ski season and the summer. The difficult part of this much snow in such a short time is driving and parking cars. There are businesses here based upon driving in the snow and moving the snow. Plenty of snow is great for the rivers and streams and 11 eighteen hole golf courses just in Eagle County. When I was a kid in North Texas, I was lucky to see any snow in one out of 3 years. As a kid, I could never have imagined then a winter industry and an entire community like Vail based in the beginning on the winter misery of too much snow. I was in college when Vail opened in 1962, The summer before it opened, I was a counselor at a summer camp in Estes Park. I had already fallen in love with the mountains. I have now lived in Colorado more than half of my life (barely). The summers are as great as the winters and probably a lot cooler that where many of you spend June, July, August and September. Come and see us any time of year.
It’s a beautiful day in Colorado,

Vail Veterans Program- hosting injured military veterans and their families.

Vail Veterans Program

To help The Vail Veterans Program is supported by donors, corporate sponsors and volunteers. That allows all programs to be free for military veterans injured in the Middle East and their families. For more information about the Vail Veterans Program, including how to donate and/or volunteer, visit or call 970-476-4906.

Walking Mountains Sustainability – January is Radon Awareness Month

Walking Mountain Sustainability Blog: Things you didn’t know about Radon.

If you have been reading our weekly Sustainability Tips you know by now that the Environmental Protection Agency has designated January Radon Awareness Month. We’ve been working to educate the Eagle River Valley and encourage everyone to pick up a free radon test kit all month long at one of the following convenient locations:

  • Avon: Walking Mountains Science Center
  • Edwards: The Pharmacy inside the Shaw Cancer Center
  • Eagle:  The Eagle County Environmental Health Department Desk

The test is simple. Fill out some paperwork and follow the instructions. Two days later mail the kit to the specified address with the provided envelope which includes postage. You’ll get an email with the results quickly.

While you lace up your shoes to hit the road to pick up your free kit here are a few things you might not know about radon:

  • Everyone breathes in radon every day, according to the National Cancer Institute. At low levels, it is harmless. However, people who inhale high levels of radon are at an increased risk of developing lung cancer resulting in approximately 21,000 lung cancer deaths a year.
  • According to the National Institutes of Health, Radon levels can be greater in homes and buildings that are well-insulated or tightly sealed.
  • In 1984, an odd coincidence known as the “Watras Incident” (named for American construction engineer Stanley Watras)  led the EPA to get involved in monitoring radon levels in residential homes. Watras, an employee at a U.S. nuclear power plant triggered radiation monitors while leaving work over several days even though the plant had no fuel, was still under construction, and despite Watras being decontaminated and sent home “clean” each evening. This pointed to a source of contamination outside the power plant, which turned out to be radon levels in the basement of his home equivalent of smoking 135 packs of cigarettes a day.  The family moved out immediately, and the home was turned into a scientific laboratory for the long-term measurement of radon and the testing of radon mitigation approaches. After several months, the radon was reduced to an acceptable level and the family returned home (LiveScience & Wikipedia).

La Tour Restaurant & Bar – Wild Burgundy Escargots

La Tour Restaurant Bar – Wild Burgundy Escargots

La Tour Restaurant & Bar is of Vail’s most popular spots for food, wine and cocktails. 

This beloved Vail restaurant features a menu designed for foodies and delivered with polished service. La Tour has also cultivated one of the best wine lists in Vail. 

Chef/owner Paul Ferzacca strives to provide the best of everything at La Tour. The Vail restaurant was honored with the “Best of Award of Excellence” from Wine Spectator and received an “Extraordinary” rating in Zagat. La Tour additionally received TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence three years in a row. 

La Tour is conveniently located within the heart of Vail Village, a quick walk from the lifts and the main Vail Village parking structure. 

Groups and events are welcome at this luxurious Vail restaurant. The dining room can seat 105 and can be adjusted to fit a group’s needs spanning bar space, open space, cozy nooks and the outdoor patio. The restaurant’s central location makes it an ideal Vail venue. La Tour’s experienced staff will assist in event management, helping groups to create exceptional memories.

Call 970-476-4403 to book a table, or book it online by clicking here. The restaurant is open daily.

Vail Colorado, What? Snow, What? Skiing, What? Hiking, What? Fishing, What? Golf, What? You name it and do it, What?

I grew up where snow was not always even a yearly occurrence. It was exciting and fun when it happened. I can hardly believe I live and work in a place, Vail, Colorado, that is based upon Snow and more Snow. That’s what it is doing right now, Snowing right before the Martin Luther King (MLK) holiday. I hope you have a chance to see and enjoy this place.
I glissaded down the snow banks in the summer in the mountains near Estes Park as a kid at Cheley Colorado Camps. Who knew about Skiing? Not me until after I was out of college. The first time I skied I was in law school and someone said a group was driving up into Pennsylvania that night to ski? What, ski at night? The drive up in a VW van with flowers painted all over it was a blast, singing etc. Not so much the rope tow, icy slope and low light at night. Drive back to DC great. I had so much fun, mostly on my butt, that I didn’t need to ski again for almost 20 years. And what? I wind up in Vail, Colorado, at one of the best ski areas in the world, and I love it. I learned to ski. Many people think the summers here are better than the winters. Come and see us at Gateway Real Estate by Check Point Charley and the International Bridge on the West side of the Sitzmark Hotel in downtown Vail. Let me show you some real estate if you get too tired of the fun stuff. It’s a beautiful day in Colorado, Bob

Vail Square Ice Rink

Vail Square Ice Rink

It’s a snowy day at Vail Square Ice Rink and it looks beautiful completely covered in snow. Open daily from 1-9pm from late November thru April, weather permitting and located in the Lionshead Village. Nice shops, restaurants and lodging surround the ice rink and free shuttles from Vail Village and Lionshead Village make it easily accessible. Vail, Colorado.

Snowmobiling in Vail, Colorado with Nova Guides

Top of the Rockies Snowmobile Tour! Full day or 1/2 day excursions available. Endless miles of open meadows and spectacular 360-degree panoramic views of four surrounding mountain ranges including the Continental Divide. In the White River National Forest at Historic Camp Hale, elevations of 12,500 feet.