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Breathe in this view, that’s sure to bring a smile to your face!

Just envision; you’re in your favorite lounge chair, accompanied by a tasty beverage…maybe in the presence of loved ones on a flawless August evening…
Now you don’t have to envision any longer; this could be your life!

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78 St. Andrews Place is a stunning 6 bedroom home set on an extraordinary site overlooking the Country Club of the Rockies golf fairways w/ 180-degree mountain views. Flawless sites in every direction! The spacious 5,343 sqft open floor plan provides rare, large entertaining spaces, including a huge great room, to accommodate the gracious home. The gourmet kitchen has a cozy breakfast nook while the formal dining is accessed through a dramatic stone archway. The main level master suite is both grand & private. Large rec room, multiple patios, 2 powder rooms & private guest suites.

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Take in the spectacular views from this outstanding Cordillera Ranch home!

150 Grey Hawk View

Price recently reduced – Now $1,750,000

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Cordillera Ranch Homes are designed with the “Heart of the West” in mind! Rustic homes nestled in beautiful topography with log, timber and stone architecture. Cordillera Ranch offers an active lifestyle for all outdoor enthusiasts, just follow the road home through the gate to Cordillera Ranch!!

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April 10, 2016.  It’s raining in the Valley and snowing on the Mountain.  Vail extended the Mountain skiing through the 17th (next Sunday) and Beaver Creek Mountain is closing for skiing after today.  So far it is very quiet here in the Village.  I rode in on the free bus at about 8:30 a.m. and there were five riders.  I guess everyone went to Beaver Creek today for the closing festivities and the extra free cookies (can’t keep the cookie dough until next November).  The final round of the Masters is being played today under better conditions than the 3 previous days; and the leader board looks like it could be an explosive great round for the top 15 golfers.  I really love the game and wish I had emphasized it as a kid instead of many other sports.  Didn’t really get started until I was almost 40.  “Kick it, hit it, throw it, put it in a hole.  If you can’t do that with it, it ain’t no damn good.”  It’s a beautiful day in Colorado, Bob

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Many come to the Vail Valley hoping to get a glimpse of the extraordinary wildlife that populates our land. But it is rare to find a mountain retreat where you can sit before your cozy fireplace and have a parade of animals come to you! But 59 Jacksons Path at the Summit in Cordillera is such a place!




Situated on a spectacular 10.5 acres in The Summit of Cordillera, this stunning 5 bedroom estate enjoys these visitors from its picturesque floor to ceiling windows which also capture the white- capped Sawatch Mountain Range and the breathtaking sunsets over Castle Peak.


From a gaggle of turkeys, to a magnificent buck, to a beautiful baby fox, to a magnificent herd of elk the daily viewing never gets old!

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Aspens are slower to turn here than in Summit County this year, but there is already some good color.  Peak color should be next weekend unless weather changes substantially.  It should be a great time to come up and check out that real estate you’ve been thinking about buying (subtle right?).  Oktoberfest (aka October Fest) cranked up in Vail Village yesterday after being in Beaver Creek and Lionshead previous weekends.  The crowd was great, as were the music and brats and other varieties of European cuisine.  Todays crowd should even be more festive.  The Music Pavalion is just up the street from our Vail office.  I could hear (and feel) every um-pah-pah yesterday (and again today and tomorrow I’m sure).  Snow fell yesterday on Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park.  Ski Season can’t be too far away.

Big topics lately in the Vail Daily have been the new Vail Golf Course Clubhouse and the underpass to be constructed between the West Vail and Main Vail exits.  The under construction single family property just above the Vail Golf Course asking $15,000,000+ just went under contract this week.  Properties on the bus route in Vail can be purchased for under $300,000.  The Latin Festival is also happening now in Nottingham Park in Avon (Headline article in todays paper).  The Denver Broncos performed a Houdini and escaped the clutches of the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead in Kansas City on Thursday.  Great game.  Peyton looked much better than in week 1 putting some zip on the ball and hitting some key passes downfield.  Maybe the rust is coming off or he is becoming accustomed to the receivers or his arm and body are just still active enough.  He definitely has the mind for the game.

It’s a beautiful day in Colorado, Bob Essin; 970-376-4484

From the Vail Daily:  1:  The least being charged for the new toll lane (you don’t have to use it) that is opening between Empire and Floyd Hill on I-70 as you approach Denver from the mountains is $3 and the most is $30, variable based upon the amount of current traffic.  I assume they will have some kind of sign as you enter the lane that lets you know the price instead of trying to slam you ex post facto?  Maybe you will pay as you enter or they probably will send you the bill using your license plate?  Sounds like there could be a real hang up either getting into the lane or Colorado collecting the fee from out of states people?  No Worry, Be Happy.

2.  Here in Vail the big improvement on the ski mountain for the upcoming season is a new 6 Chair Avanti Express Lift (#2).

3.  The updated Vail Golf Course-Nordic Center replacement is under way finally.  A court decision is still being expected that could stop it or change the plan?

Not in the Vail Daily:  I made serious mistakes on the Vail Golf Course holes numbers 15 and 17 that probably kept me from placing in the results not posted yet.  The turnout was big from the Men’s Club Members.  My birdie on #16 canceled some one else’s, no relief to the wallet there.  The weather though was spectacular and again, as most of the time, it was a pleasure to experience the beauty and fun of living in Vail.  The color is already beginning to show up in the aspen trees above the golf course.  Great time to look at Real Estate.

It’s a beautiful day in Colorado,



Right now!  The best weather, the best hikes, the best fishing, the best mushrooms, the best bike riding, the best restaurants, the best golf.  Everything is open and there are vacancies to rent and property for sale.  Labor Day Weekend will be crowded but other than that , this is as good as it gets.  Come to see us now.  Check out the Vail Daily, August 15, 2015.  Pictures of fish, mushrooms.  Late August and September is wonderful.  With schools starting before September now, this is the time to visit for those that can.

It’s a beautiful day in Colorado,

Bob Essin, Gateway Real Estate,, 970-376-4484,

The Vail Golf Club (Course) is public, owned by the Town of Vail (TOV), and managed by contract by the Vail Recreation District (VRC).  It is a cash cow for the VRC, unless you ask them and they give you the complicated accounting explanation.  The VRC in this matter has done just what the TOV has told them to do.  “If you want a new club house, do what we (TOV) tell you (VRC).”  The Course is leased out for cross country skiing and snow shoeing activities as recreational use in keeping with the restrictive covenant that the land came with when it became the TOV’s property.  Since most golf courses serve food on and off the course, that has been done at the Course since its beginning, along with the larger weddings that are anticipated in the new additional space.  The Club House which houses all of the businesses has been in need of substantial repairs and/or replacement for many years.  To become compliant with federal regulations about access, a solution was found but only temporarily.  No one seems to be against a new facility that will do all these things.  The “Catch” is that the TOV has decided that the additional space that has been used sometimes by the restaurant and for weddings and sometimes by other entities in the past needs to be substantially enlarged.  An election was held which the TOV says approved this additional space and use and which detractors say did not approve this additional space and use.  The funds became available initially by another election which approved a convention center and tax money was collected and then the convention center was disapproved.  There is currently still unsettled a law suit by neighbors in the area trying to stop the construction as long as it contains the additional space.  I am not a party to the suit except I am a citizen of the TOV and interested also as a golfer.  I am not qualified to comment on the legal merits of the case and do not know if other parties than the neighbors and TOV are parties (possibly the VRC and owners prior to the TOV).  Other issues have come up and changes have been made to the Course during this time, primarily involving the 18th hole and the parking lot and parking arrangements based upon more people being at the facility based upon the larger meeting room size.  Parking at the Course has been a problem since I have been here since 1990 with parking spilling over to the street along the driving range net and the first fairway.  In my opinion, The Vail Golf Club (Course) is in the top 1/3 of the 13 (or 14) 18 hole golf courses in the Vail Valley (I don’t say Eagle County because there are other courses between Glenwood Springs and Carbondale that are in Eagle County).  Comparatively it is very affordable.  What ever the legal results finally are, the Course will still not be as good as it has been in the past because the 18th hole has been shortened and the green will not be as well situated to the restaurant deck.  Suffice it to say that the fix for not hitting golfers in the 18th fairway is not a fix that could not have been done anyway.  The moving of the 18th green was and probably will be in the future about parking.  The TOV will not recoup the time it has lost ever and probably not the expenses and ill will by having additional space before a new facility is needed 30 or 40 years from now.  If you want a quality golf experience while you are here and while the new club house is being constructed, whether the new space is included or not, take this opportunity to try some of the other wonderful golf courses in the Vail Valley.  The Vail Golf Course will remain open with quality play during construction of the new club house, Nordic center, wedding chapel and probably the price may be lowered or not.  Someone badly wanted this space to be added, but it was not the local golfers or the nearby property owners.

“If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes, it will change!”

Colorado, Vail and Eagle County boast about the weather, most days of sunshine, low humidity, you get the idea.  If you are a statistics buff, you may say the statistics don’t support this theory, but if you spend much time here, you will be very fond of the weather and the lifestyle it supports. This past 4th of July weekend we had a plethora of sun on Friday and Saturday but Sunday brought a fair amount of rain off and on.  When it happens, you have to adjust for a few minutes, ducking for cover or putting on rain gear but can quickly get back to your activity because the sun will come back out.  Regardless that yesterday was a very unusual day of rain (no lightning and the temperature did not get above 55), still 40 of the 44 Mens Club golfers for the Wednesday Vail Golf Course regular tournament showed up and played … they are hardcore.  It is difficult to leave this place (Vail that is) if you are here just for a short time or live here, and when you leave you can’t wait to come back, even if you just left for a visit to someplace else.

Inclement weather is often a good time to take a break and pop into Gateway’s office to get those real estate questions answered that you have been asking yourself.  Check out our website.

It’s a beautiful day in Colorado,

Bob Essin, 970-376-4484,


Golf Season 2015 began in Eagle County in March although not all courses have opened yet.  The Vail Golf Course opened 2 weeks early on May 1.  Prior to that Gypsum Creek Golf Course and Eagle Ranch Golf Course had already entertained play.  Not including the courses south of Glenwood Springs, the 14 Eighteen hole courses beginning in Vail and proceeding west are:  Vail Golf Course, Eagle-Vail Golf Course, Beaver Creek Golf Course, Sonnenalp Golf Club (aka Singletree), Country Club of the Rockies (aka Arrowhead at Vail), the 3 Cordillera Courses-The Valley, Ranch and Summit, Eagle Springs Golf Course (north of the Wolcott exit), the 2 Red Sky Ranch Courses-Norman and Fazio (south ofthe Wolcott exit), Eagle Ranch Golf Course just south of Eagle, Frost Creek (formerly Adams Mountain) further south of Eagle, and Gypsum Creek Golf Course south of Gypsum (formerly Cotton Ranch). Vail Golf There are Par 3 courses at the Divide in Cordillera and at the Eagle-Vail Course.  Check your telephone book or Google them to obtain contact information.

The only courses that are recognized as public courses on a full time basis are Vail, Eagle-Vail, Gypsum Creek and Eagle Ranch.  You are not allowed to play Frost Creek, Eagle Springs and Country Club of the Rockies unless you actually have a member playing in your foursome.  Beaver Creek allows public play without a member in the foursome after 10 a.m.  Red Sky has two courses and one is open to public play each day usually on an alternating basis.  At Red Sky, there are separate public and private Golf Shops-Club Houses and parking lots.  The Red Sky courses are currently rated in the top 100 Colorado public courses.  All three Cordillera courses are planned to be open this summer and play is limited to members and their guests, but a member does not have to play in the foursome.  Certain properties that you may stay at also have privileges at the Cordillera course.  The old practice of having a club pro from your home course make a reservation does not seem to be recognized at the private courses.  The Sonnenalp generally sets aside 14 tee times a day for public play which tee times cannot be made more that a week in advance.   ALL OF THE COURSES REQUIRE PROPER ATTIRE WHICH MEANS A COLLARED SHIRT AND PANTS THAT ARE NOT DENIM EVEN IF THE PANTS ARE DESIGNER.

I have played all the courses and consider them good, if not great.  Generally speaking, they are all excellent tests of golf and fun with great views.  Mountain golf can be difficult, especially the first few times you play a course.  It is rumored that a “famous Pro Golfer” walked off of a local course during the middle of a round of the Ford tournament one year.  By mid-June the courses are all usually in excellent shape.  Many of the courses were designed with limited land and/or with real estate development in mind and may have one or 2 less well designed holes.  Recognize that many of the players are on vacation and the pace of play may be somewhat erratic in spite of the efforts of the course personnel.  I would recommend that you try to make your tee times well in advance of your trip to the Vail area.

I generally play the Vail Course and consider it to be excellent.  It is the only course that you might try to walk.  My index is usually between 10 and 12 and I have had the good luck to ace 3 of the par 3s from the black tees.  I regularly play in the Vail Mens Club- not bragging, just trying to put this blog in perspective.  Have a great time in Vail.

It’s a beautiful day in Colorado,                                                         Bob Essin