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Sounds far-fetched, I know, but then these social media sites are always evolving. It also seems to be a shocking case of this already happening to a homeowner in Australia!

A couple living in Australia defaulted on their loan and could not be located by physical address or email. So the lender’s attorneys got creative and located them on Facebook. They verified the couple’s identities by matching their names, birthdays, and the fact they’d connected with each other on the site. So the homeowners were sent a foreclosure notice via Facebook.

How embarrassing! Especially if it ever ended up in the public area of one’s Facebook page! Perhaps even more amazing is that the Australian courts actually upheld the lender’s right to send foreclosure notices through Facebook. The court pointed out the fact that the couple had not enabled privacy protections on their Facebook accounts and that they visited the site frequently enough to “reasonably receive notice as a result.”

Legal experts believe it is just a matter of time before lenders earn the right to serve foreclosure documents through social networks like Facebook. You might want to change those privacy settings on Facebook now to avoid issues of this or any other legal kind in the future on your Facebook page!

Greg Peterson

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This blog post was written by Managing Director of Housing Research, Danielle Hale, and Data Analyst, Hua Zhong.

You probably know that home listings go up most often on Thursdays and Fridays. Here is the data to back up your intuition:

  • As we start the New Year, this is a good time to take a look and recap the year behind us to see what insights 2014 holds for 2015. While December 2015 is still preliminary, we can get a good sense of the year by looking at the data we currently have for the past 12 months[1]. In our first posts, we looked at popular and least common closing dates. Here, we’ll take a look at listings.
  • Below, we see the most popular listing days of 2015. Note the strong preponderance of spring dates and obvious lack of weekends.
  • The biggest months for new listings are April, May, and June, followed by March and July. These months alone accounted for roughly half of all new listings in this analysis.
  • While not devoid of new listings, the weekends are obviously not popular days to list. Among weekdays, Fridays and Thursdays are the most common days for new listings to go up, with Mondays and Wednesdays trailing a bit and Tuesdays not too far behind. Tuesdays and weekends are the only days of the week absent in the top 25 days for listings.
  • While home closings exhibit a strong tendency to get done at the end of the month, listings are much steadier throughout the course of the month with a slight tendency to be posted earlier rather than later.
top listingnew listingslisting day

day of month

[1] This analysis considers data from January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015.

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Founded in 1975, Canine Companions for Independence is a non-profit organization that enhances the lives of people with disabilities by providing highly trained assistance dogs and ongoing support to ensure quality partnerships. Headquartered in Santa Rosa, CA, Canine Companions is the largest non-profit provider of assistance dogs, and is recognized worldwide for the excellence of its dogs, and the quality and longevity of the matches it makes between dogs and people. The result is a life full of increased independence and loving companionship.


Grab a leash and be part of Canine Companions DogFest Walk ‘n Roll! It’s a community dog walk that supports the mission of Canine Companions for Independence. Put together a team of friends, family members and coworkers. Then fundraise to earn a cool DogFest prize. If you raise $100, you’ll get a DogFest bandana to sport at DogFest. Then come to DogFest for a tail-waggin’ good time!


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The GoPro Mountain Games are the nation’s largest celebration of mountain sport, lifestyle and music featuring top professional and amateur athletes from around the world.  The environmentally-friendly adventure sporting event hosts approximately 3,500 outdoor athletes, along with an estimated 53,000 spectators.
2012_SMG_Mahone_BlackLab          concert

Athletes converge on Vail’s mountains and rivers to compete in 26 sports for over $110,000 in prize money.  Events include kayaking, rafting, stand up paddling, mountain biking, road cycling,World Cup Bouldering, amateur climbing, fly-fishing, trail running, the slackline world championships, mud runs, dog runs, and a half marathon.
bike    kayak

Additional events at the GoPro Mountain Games include: a film series, Outdoor Reels; aphotography competition, Mountain Click; an interactive expo area, Gear Town; DockDog canine competitions and free concerts at Mountains of Music.

To register for events, or for more information, please visit

 For more information on living the mountain lifestyle, call Greg Peterson at 970-331-1333.

Front, side, reverse, hands or forearms, knees or toes—whichever way you choose to plank, this simple, stationary position is an essential exercise in your weekly fitness routine. When performed correctly, planking strengthens all the muscles that run up and down your spine, which helps you to stand, rotate, bend and lift with ease. And let’s not forget the bonus benefits of strengthening your arms, shoulders, glutes and legs. There’s no better way to multitask than to perform plank exercises.

Planks have endless variations. Subtle changes such as lifting an arm or adding movement can change the degree of difficulty of the exercise, keeping your body challenged and your workouts fun. Ready to fire up your core? These five plank variations focus on lifting the legs and adding rotation to intensify the work.

Plank Set-up

All exercises, except for the last one, should begin in one of the positions described below. Setting the foundation ensures that your alignment is correct and your entire body is connected and engaged so you’ll be ready to tackle these fun and highly effective plank exercises.

High Plank

Position the body face down with hands underneath the shoulders and inner arms close to the body. Tuck the toes and contract the quadriceps and glutes so the knees come slightly off the floor. Engage the abdominals, inhale, and on the exhale press the body up in one unit to high-plank position. You should be in a straight line from head to heels.

Forearm Plank

Position the body face down with the elbows bent underneath the shoulders and the forearms and palms firmly planted into the ground. Tuck the toes and contract the quadriceps and glutes so the knees come slightly off the floor. Engage the abdominals, inhale, and on the exhale press the body up onto the forearms. You should be in a straight line from head to heels.

Forearm Plank With Repeater 3 Taps



-Begin with forearm plank set-up (see above).

-Raise the right leg off the ground and tap the right toes onto the left ankle.

-Raise the right leg again and tap the floor to the outside of the left foot.

-Raise the right leg again and tap the left ankle.

-Return back to center and repeat the sequence with the left leg.

-Repeat this repeater 3-tap pattern for eight to 10 reps. Perform two sets.

Side Riser Plank


side plank

This plank variation is a hybrid of a side forearm plank and a high plank.

-Begin with the high-plank set-up (see above). Lower down onto the right forearm and spin the legs so they are stacked with weight on the outer edge of the right foot. Reach the left arm up toward the ceiling.

-Place the left hand down and push the body back up to high-plank position.

-Lower down onto the left forearm and spin the legs so they are stacked with weight on the outer edge of the left foot. Reach the right arm up toward the ceiling.

-Place the right hand down and push the body back up to high-plank position.

-Repeat this alternating pattern for 10 reps. Perform two sets.

Marching Side Plank

side plank

marching side plank

Keeping a rhythmic marching pattern is the challenge in this side-plank variation.

-Begin with the high-plank set-up (see above). Roll to the right arm and position the legs in a scissors stance, with the left leg to the front with weight on the bottom of the foot, and the right leg to the back with weight on the outer edge of the foot.

-Lift the right knee toward the chest and release back down. Lift the left knee toward the chest and release back down. Repeat this pattern in a rhythmic fashion for 10 reps.

-Roll back to high plank and then release to the ground to rest. Repeat on the other side, rolling to the left arm, with the right leg to the front with weight on the bottom of the foot, and the left leg to the back with weight on the outer edge of the foot.

-Performing 10 reps on each side is one set. Perform one to two sets.

Fallen Triangle Switch




Inspired by yoga, this plank variation challenges stability and engages the abdominals, arms, and inner and outer legs.

-Begin with the high-plank set-up (see above). Roll to the right arm and stack the legs with weight on the outer edge of the right foot. Reach the left arm up toward the ceiling.

-Kick the left leg forward and hold.

-Draw the left knee in toward the chest and spin the knee underneath the body, rolling to the left side plank, kicking the left leg forward. Reach the right arm up toward the ceiling.

-Draw the left knee in toward the chest and spin the knee underneath the body, rolling back to the right side plank and kicking the left leg forward. Reach the left arm up toward the ceiling.

-Return back to side plank and repeat the sequence.

-Perform one to three reps on the right side and then one to three reps on the left.

Quadruped Hover With Leg Kickbacks


This quadruped plank variation looks easy, but it is very intense for the core.

-Begin in quadruped position, aligning the hips over the knees and shoulders over the wrists.

-Tuck the toes under, engage the core and lift both knees about 2 inches off the floor.

-Extend the right leg back, pointing the toes and hips toward the ground. Return to center and repeat with the left leg.

-Repeat this alternating pattern for 10 reps. Perform two sets.

By Stephanie Thielen

The foreclosure process is certainly one that bears a lot of attention in Eagle County, and as of the end of the year 2012, there has been a noticeable drop in those numbers. Over the past year there were 309 foreclosure sales compared to 338 in 2011. More significantly, in 2012 there were 446 initial flilings compared to 615 in the previous year, a 28% drop. What those numbers mean can vary widely since the process itself can take quite a bit of time, sometimes over a year to complete.

In addition to the pain and anquish caused by a foreclosure for a homeowner, the Brokerage community is also affected by the negative impact of those foreclosures as well. However, with the above mentioned numbers in mind, there is new optimism that we may soon a recovery from the dark years of 2008 to 2011. The economy has stabilized in Eagle County, which could mean more and better jobs could be around the corner. Also, a lot of homeowners who have been affected by dropping values have chosen to go through the Short Sale process and sell their homes for less than the mortgage amount, with the permission of their bank. The end result of this process is that homes are now moving through the system faster than in the past, and this increase in 'velocity' has meant that real estate sales have picked up, which always helps the overall market. One should also be reminded that interest rates continue to be the lowest in history, which will always make for an increase in applications.

Resort areas such as Vail and the surrounding areas are what we call 'lagging' indicators, meaning it took a lot longer for our economy to be hit originally, but it also means it will take a lot longer for a 'recovery' to take place. It is still a Buyers Market, but we at Gateway are always available to help you fins that 'special' deal that makes the most sense for interested buyers.

One of the most important decisions that consumers face today is whether to buy or to rent. So for starters, take a look at what has transpired since the housing crisis of 2008. Home prices are starting to rebound from their lows and prices have risen 2.3% from last year, but rents have been rising even faster at 4.7%.Secondly, mortgage rates are at an all time low and have been as low as 3.5%. Therefore when looking at rents and home prices in the summer of 2012, if you plan to stay in your home for 7 years(the average occupany period) you can save $771.00 per month by purchasing your home rather than renting.

Trulia has done a comparison of the 100 largest metro areas in the country and then broken down the costs of owning and compared that to renting the same property. With a 20% down payment and with a mortgage rate of 3.5% and, assuming the Owner prepares his tax return by itemizing his deductions, there is a huge difference in the two choices. One caveat here is that every market has different values so the city comparison is not always the same. in cities such as NY, Los Angeles. San Diego the difference in buying is anywhere from 24% to 31%, but take some other cities like Detroit, Toledo, Memphis the benefits of buying over renting can be 60% to 70%. However, even though the percentage is different, the annual dollar savings are bigger because the absolute rents and home prices are so much higher. Always remember that itemizing your deductions lets you subtract your mortgage payments and your property taxes from your pre-tax income, which lowers your tax burden by owning.

These are all true facts that can be proven when looking for your home, so please call and let me help you find the right opportunity before you make an decisions.

Good news for the renter as sales in the Vail Valley slow down. Eagle County residents saw the real estate market peak in 2007, and as a result, development and construction of new projects quickly slowed down. This factor was the beginning of a major loss of jobs in the real estate segment of the economy, and as of this year the Valley has lost 6,000 jobs. January through June of that year saw 879 transactions generating sales of $927 million. In January of this year transactions dropped to 407 and sales volume dropped to $401 million representing a 43% drop. On the other hand, sales for the first six months of this year are almost double the total in 2009, which was the low point. In addition to the loss of jobs and because of that fact, there have been a host of foreclosures in the Valley as well – 618 in 2010 and an equal number already this year.

The end result of this recession is that we have a Buyers' market like we have never seen in my 21 years in Vail. Just as there are short sale traders in the stock market, we have the same mentality in real estate. As prices drop we see more and more Buyers ready to step up and purchase the foreclosed and short sale homes. For anyone looking to rent or buy right now the opportunities are enormous.

This week has seen an incredible change in the the U.S. economy starting with the new GOP majority in the House of Representatives. There is no doubt that a lot of the Democratic spending bills will soon see new restraints by the House, thus reducing the possibility of more deficit spending, ?and that is good news for Wall Street. The Dow Jones Index soared more than 220 points yesterday(Nov. 4) based on positive expectations out of Washington and also because the Federal Reserve pumped $600 Billion into the financial markets.? Long term interest sank and again, that is good news for future mortgage rates and the impetus for more home buying incentives. In addtiion, other good economic news this week was that Retailers reported higher sales in October which many feel will indicate a stronger holiday selling season. All this is a leading indicator for the real estate market to base its resurgence on.

On the other hand, pending home sales saw a drop of 1.8 percent in the month of September. The National Association of Realtors said that its index, which started in 2001 with a base of 100, had dropped to 25 percent lower than its high of 107.8 in September of 2009.? A year ago, first time home buyers were rushing to take advantage of the ‘first time homebuyers’ tax credit. The Realtors economist, Lawrence Yun, felt that some of the weakness may reflect the moratorium on foreclosures that have been imposed on most sectors of the country. The inventory of distressed properties in the housing market is expected to grow because of foreclosure stoppages related to legal problems.

My prediction is that the foreclosure stoppages will slow down soon and the inventory of distressed and short sale properties will stimulate a surge in home closings in the coming year. We have not seen this type of market in Vail before, but now is the time to start a renewed search for bargains in this area as we have some of the best insights of any brokerage firm around to help you find the best deals. Call me, Judd Babcock, at 970-376-3230 for updates on bargain prices in our area.