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I summer

Why do we call this wonderful time of year Indian Summer? There are many theories, “Indian Giver” is one of the better known sources for this term. 


Indian Summer refers to very unseasonable warm and dry weather in late Autumn. There is usually a cold spell with frost preceding this most pleasurable time of year, which lures many into pondering what Winters blustery days might bring! Instead, much to our satisfaction, Indian Summer creeps in, giving us one last opportunity to savor the fading impressions of Summer…Never quite knowing if this magical time will be snatched away in an instant, much like the reputation of an Indian Giver!

  Canoe condola

Indian Summer here in the Vail Valley usually continues into mid-November, which means there’s still plenty of time left to get out there and take in the beauty that surrounds us!

              dand   barefeet 

Tread Lightly……


It sure feels really great to represent such a supportive local real estate group like Gateway.  Here I share with you the benefits from working with a tight knit real estate group…I’m constantly urged to participate in community events, explore this lovely town of Vail to feel better acquainted and continuing my higher education in the real estate industry.

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Just last week I was invited by my work affiliates to attend a Vail Board of Realtors monthly meeting highlighting the infamous Mr. Jack Cotton Jr as he shares his involvement in the real estate industry. Walking into the Donovan Pavilion in sunny Vail Valley I was greeted by local community members all sharing authentic interest in the real estate market here and yearning creative tools in acquiring more positive business.  This is a warm welcome; although I do not know many of these smiling faces I am sweetly invited into the busy buzzing world of the most prominent Vail Valley realtors.

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Mr. Jack Cotton Jr. an esteemed well versed entrepreneur began Cotton Real Estate in his college dorm room back in his academic days.  Jack is a well-read man, clearly aware of his appearance he dresses to impress. And not in a cheesy way but in an honest clean appearance making it his staple to always be wearing a tie!  He shares that physical presentation plays a huge role in meeting potential clients, not to mention being in tune to personal pride for what you represent – represents you.  Which I completely agree with! Come on, haven’t we all had ‘one of those days’ where we’re feeling crumby and don’t change out of sweatpants? Why is that? Well usually our inner emotions and feelings have a way of making debut on our physical appearance… take stock of this note and maybe the next time you’re feeling not so yourself try throwing on that slick blazer, or a fun shade of lipstick.  Sometimes that’s just enough pick me up to make it through the day!

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Intrigued at the wisdom Jack shares I grab my pen to begin taking notes, inspired I feel listening to the words of a man who has written books to share his many stories…. Jack shares his tools for negotiation skills with clients in the real estate community.  As my pages fill up I am recognizing that these aren’t just tips for the real estate trade these are life lessons, this wise man is sharing his legacy which doesn’t only come from orchestrating business but how you lead your life. Small adjustments I am constantly aware of making will aid in the fine tuning of a beneficial fulfilling life.  I believe there is little separation between how ones lead their ‘work life’ and ‘home life’… for if we live as genuine beings there is no separation…all is honest, all is pure.

Please, if you have any questions or inquires give Gateway Real Estate a call or come on into our Vail Valley OR Edwards Riverwalk location to meet with our exceptional brokers…who I feel mirror the positive, productive traits of people you ought to know, not just realtors.

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Some Buyers search the internet for properties, then contact the listing agent.  They believe two things that most usually do not hold true:  that they have found the best property suited to their needs and desires, and that they can negotiate a better deal.  Wrong!

To start with, the realtor that lists a property wins no matter how the sale occurs.  Many realtors focus only on listing properties, and most often they get the public recognition, when it is the Buyer’s agent that has done the tough job of linking a client to the appropriate property.  Yet, the listing agent makes money even when they may have invested little time, money and effort in marketing the property.

Second, many properties do not gain exposure through the internet or newspaper and magazine advertising.  Good Buyer agents know their market well, spending a lot of time previewing properties to know which are the best deals.  So, an “independent” Buyer is likely to miss the property that would be a perfect match for their criteria.

Third, the listing agent contracts to sell the property and receives commission on BOTH sides of the deal if there is no Buyer’s agent.  Buyers who think they can negotiate away the Buyer agent commission are sadly mistaken.  Worse, the job of the listing agent is to sell their listed property, so if there is a better match for the Buyer’s needs, the last person likely to tell them about the best available property in a given market is that listing agent.

A good Buyer’s agent will spend considerable time interviewing a client to ascertain what features and location would suit the client best.  Contractually, the agent is obligated to work in the Buyer’s best interests, whether it is for investment property or a home for personal use. Then, the agent uses their in depth knowledge of the local market to connect the Buyer with a property that best meets the Buyer’s needs.  In some cases, as with ski or golf properties, this knowledge is crucial.

Real estate is usually the biggest purchase anyone makes, particularly in our market of luxury real estate.  Why would you forego have an expert agent to help ensure you make the best decision?  Call Lai White at 970-471-2207 to discuss how I can help you!


By Barbara Pronin

Too many of us put relaxation on hold, despite knowing stress management is crucial for good health. Would you take the time to de-stress more often if there were quick ways to do so? Personal trainers and life coaches suggest seven ways worth considering:

1. Keep a Journal

Writing is ideal for mental clarity because it makes you think out issues and reflect on what’s happening in your life. Writing in a daily journal for 10 minutes each evening can relax you, and even help you sleep better.

2. Go to the Movies by Yourself

If you can manage it, think about it: it gets you away from everything and everyone, you’re not allowed to talk, and you have to silence your cell phone. Perfect.

3. Go for a Walk

Even a short walk around your home or office can help put the world in perspective. Walk at a moderate pace and do your best to observe and appreciate the sights and sounds along the way.

4. Take a Breath

Three minutes of slow, deep breathing can do wonders for clearing your mind, improving your focus and easing your daily stress.

5. Do Something You Like

Take a warm bath or a 20-minute power nap. Phone a friend you haven’t talked to in a while. Treat yourself to your favorite snack (especially if it’s dark chocolate.) Be kind to your body just for a little bit and feel the difference in your stress level.

6. Listen to Music

Listening to soothing music, even for 10 or 15 minutes, slows your breathing and heart rate, lowers blood pressure and relaxes tense muscles.

7. Create a Relaxation Space

Even a designated chair in your office can be your go-to space. Keep some magazines, crossword puzzles or a book of poems nearby, but leave your phone behind and don’t answer it while you are in your space.

Have you done any of the above to combat stress? What other ways do you unwind?

Remember, life can be stressful, buying or selling your home does not have to be. Call Greg Peterson at (970) 331-1333, and let me take this stresser away.

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You may sight a coyote or even a deer at your urban residence, but not this!  The elk are loving the green, sprouting grasses that come with spring weather.  While we often see wildlife cruising Vail Valley real estate all year long, when the new growth starts, they shed all semblance of shyness.

This small group is grazing along the road in the mid-afternoon, along the edge of Cordillera’s Mountain Course, an 18-hole Hale Irwin designed golf challenge.  Expect lightning fast greens with huge mountain breaks, and no putt that runs straight when over two feet long.

DSC_0023 DSC_0022

If the elk coats look a bit scruffy to you, that is winter fur, which they are starting to lose.  Antlers shed in winter by the bulls are already regenerating.  We have many elk in Cordillera, and you might see over fifty at one time.

Homes in Cordillera are all in the luxury home class, even the semi-custom enclave residences that sell starting at just under one million dollars for over 3600 square feet.  Minutes away from everything, but a world away from the hustle-bustle of our major resorts sits the award-winning golf community of Cordillera, thirteen square miles of a year-round life-style that cherishes and peacefully co-exists with our wildlife.

Call Lai White at 970-471-2207 for more info!       012


Did you know that China built whole cities which currently have no residents?  At one time, about three-quarters of the world supply of high-rise construction cranes were in China!  With real estate development representing about a quarter of the Chinese economy, the worldwide slump has caused a lot of worry on how much impact the Chinese problem would affect other nations.  The good news is that in many cities in China, real estate development and prices are rebounding.  However, the resurgence is so far limited to urban areas, and the large supply of unsold homes elsewhere is problematic.


What does this mean for the United States and for our local resort real estate market in particular?  Well, on the side of the US financial assets (debt) owned by the Chinese government, a healthy Chinese economy is a good thing.  Further, a strong economy there bolsters worldwide confidence.  And, since our local market has a high percentage of second home and investor content, the more bullish buyers feel about the economy here, the more active our local market gets and the faster local prices rise.

In a recent blog, I pointed out that a strong Aspen market the past year is a good indication of promising news for the Vail Valley market, as we traditionally lag Aspen activity, up or down, by about 12-18 months.  We are already experiencing an increase in activity and pricing.  New home construction is back in many neighborhoods and golf communities like Cordillera, and particularly in luxury homes.

802 Beard Creek 1

Contact Lai White at 970-471-2207 for more information on why now is a great time for both buyers and sellers.  Buyers, do not miss the shift in the trend from a buyer to a seller market!



Did you know that Cordillera was selected as one of the top 25 golf communities in the nation, and the only one in that group which is in Colorado?  Cordillera has three world-class 18 hole golf courses, the Tom Fazio-designed Valley course, the Mountain course designed by Hale Irwin, and a Jack Nicklaus Signature Summit course at an altitude of 9100 feet.  Also in Cordillera is the Dave Pelz-designed 10-hole Short Course, where the Pelz organization teaches its short game techniques.

Cordillera Cimarron enclave home for sale

The community activities in Cordillera are endless.  There are tennis facilities and both indoor and outdoor swimming pools.  There are athletic centers, an ice rink, the Vail Valley’s premier Nordic ski terrain, 23 miles of hiking trails, an equestrian center, and over one mile of private Blue Ribbon trout river.  Small trout in the several community ponds which are stocked are 16 inchers!

Cordillera real estate semi-custom enclave homes start at about $800,000, and unique custom homes range to over 9000 square feet.  There are lots available on which one could build a dream home, but there are always excellent luxury home choices available.

To learn more, contact Lai White with Gateway Land and Development Real Estate at 970-471-2207.



WASHINGTON (July 9, 2015) — Real estate like-kind exchanges are an important vehicle for disposing of and acquiring properties and support the nation’s financial growth, job creation and economy, according to a new report from the National Association of Realtors®. The Like-Kind Exchanges: Real Estate Market Perspectives 2015 survey of NAR’s commercial and residential members found that real estate investors and commercial property owners place a very high priority on current like-kind exchange tax rules; 40 percent indicated that transactions would not have occurred in the absence of the tax provision, and 56 percent said even if the project would have occurred it likely would have been smaller in scale. Realtors® are active participants in like-kind exchanges; 63 percent of Realtors® participated in a like-kind exchange transaction between 2011 and 2015.

The survey found that like-kind exchanges in which Realtors® participated created between 10 and 35 new jobs, mostly resulting from spending on building improvements following acquisition. “Like-kind exchanges that allow investors and businesses to defer capital gains taxes on the exchange of similar properties bring great advantages to investors, real estate markets and the economy,” said NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun. “Realtors® and their clients often look for better economic use of existing properties that are underutilized, which helps promote local economic development and increase the nation’s gross domestic product.” Internal Revenue Code Section 1031, a provision that has been in the tax code since 1924, provides individuals and businesses with critically needed tax deferment on gains after the disposition of a property as long as the proceeds are reinvested in a similar property through a like-kind exchange. Replacement properties must be identified in 45 days and the transaction completed within 180 days.

Survey respondents said the primary reason that they or their clients participated in a like-kind property exchange, aside from the deferral of capital gains taxes, was for equity to acquire additional properties. Other reasons were for estate planning, portfolio diversification and completion of a development project. The tax savings resulting from like-kind exchanges are also helping bring more capital into local markets. Eighty-six percent of respondents said the savings from tax deferment allowed them or their clients to invest additional capital and make improvement in their acquired properties; these investments are generally responsible for the creation of new jobs, such as in construction and property management.

According to the survey, in 68 percent of like-kind transactions, Realtors® acted as a broker or agent, and 24 percent participated as an owner or investor in the transaction. A larger percentage of commercial members (76 percent) reported engaging in a like-kind exchange transaction compared to residential members (45 percent). Of the total, 40 percent participated in between 1 and 3 transactions, and 23 percent participated in 4 or more transactions. Residential properties comprised the largest portion of recent deals, accounting for 27 percent of disposed properties and 24 percent of acquired properties, followed by apartments (17 percent of dispositions and 22 percent of acquisitions). Land assets accounted for 19 percent of dispositions and 17 percent of acquisitions; retail properties accounted for 8 percent of dispositions and 13 percent of acquisitions; and office buildings comprised 11 percent of dispositions and 10 percent of acquisitions. Investors tend to hold on to their properties for several years; 47 percent of respondents reported their holding period was between 5 and 9 years, and 27 percent indicated a holding period of 10 to 14 years.

NAR believes like-kind exchange transactions are fundamental to the real estate investment sector, and repealing the tax provision would have negative effects across real estate markets and the industry. “Like-kind exchanges help investors more efficiently allocate capital and resources with less borrowed money into new investments that drive economic activity in communities across the nation,” said NAR President Chris Polychron, executive broker with 1st Choice Realty in Hot Springs, Ark. “Any tax reform plan repealing like-kind exchanges would hurt investors and small businesses, increase financial leverage, weaken growth and the economy, and result in the loss of jobs.” Survey respondents indicated that repealing like-kind exchange tax provisions would reduce equity in real estate; 67 percent indicated repeal would lead to a large increase in financial leverage. Realtors® said the negative result would be reduced purchase money and new construction loans, and increased property holding periods. Ninety-six percent of Realtors® also said real estate values would decrease if like-kind exchange provisions were repealed.

The National Association of Realtors® Like-Kind Exchanges: Real Estate Market Perspectives 2015 report is based on a survey of 49,593 commercial practitioners and 55,160 residential practitioners (total sample size of 104,753) in January 2015, which generated 3,450 responses from all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The survey had a response rate of 3.3 percent. The report is available at The National Association of Realtors®, “The Voice for Real Estate,” is America’s largest trade association, representing 1 million members involved in all aspects of the residential and commercial real estate industries.

What is Leverage Global Partners? Who are they? These are two questions I am frequently asked as talk to people looking at the wide variety of properties we have displayed on our windows.

The best way to start to understand what Leverage is to look at their vision statement.

“Inspired by a steadfast determination to elevate the field of play, Leverage Global Partners empowers an international network of prestigious independent real estate companies through shared intelligence, agile marketing strategies, and entrepreneurial connectivity. Each member of Leverage Global Partners has been carefully selected as demonstrating innovative leadership and peerless integrity in the field of real estate.”

Alright, so what does all of that mean? In essence, it means that our properties are marketed along side some of the premier properties around the world. Leverage Global Partners also connects you to Real Estate Brokers who are held to higher standards of service.

Leverage Global Partners Code of Care


Each member of Leverage Global Partners has been individually selected based on their recognition and expertise in the field of real estate as caring, conscientious experts as well as their willingness to whole-heartedly operate under the terms of this Code of Care. We understand and accept these principles, and we honor and commit to be held accountable to uphold these standards of practice.

If you still are not sure about the diversity and scope of the Leverage network, check out the Leverage Lookbook Spring 2015. You will find us in there on page 125.


For more information check out their link on the bottom right of our web pages and remember, call Greg at 970.331.1333 for more information about any of their properties or local properties here in the Vail Valley. 


Vail, Colorado and the entire Vail Valley are famous for world-class mountain recreation, and the abundance and variety of year-around activities will set your vacation apart from any other you’ve ever had!

Summer brings sunny days and boundless fun, from leisurely nature walks to hard-core mountain biking, from scenic horseback trail rides to exciting rafting, combined with cultural and music events nearly every week.

Take a peek at our Vail Valley events calendar. You’ll be amazed at what’s happening while you’re here. Our events are world-class, and many are FREE!

Summer & Fall Activities

Discover what Vail Valley locals know: we came for the winters, but stayed for summer and fall. With our superb climate, you’ll want to spend the long days outdoors. Whether your idea of fun is active or idle, the choices are plentiful. Here are some of our favorite things to do in summertime in Vail and Beaver Creek:

  • Biking, both road and mountain bike. Vail’s bike path is extensive, and of course, Eagle County is a mountain biking mecca!
  • Ballooning. Gorgeous views in a colorful balloon!
  • Rafting. From the Eagle River to the mighty Colorado, our waters are prime for river rafting and kayaking.
  • Fly Fishing. Clear, pure and predictable! (the water, not the fish!)
  • Golf. With 16 courses here in the Vail/Beaver Creek area, you’ll find challenges on every hole.
  • Jeeping. Go with the professionals for an out-of-resort, blow-your-mind experience.
  • Horseback riding. Enjoy the Western side of Vail and Beaver Creek resorts.
  • Camps & Classes. Most of our local camps and classes are in an outdoor setting.. guaranteed smiles!
  • And so much more!

Check out all Vail and Beaver Creek Summer Activities right here!

 For more information, please contact Greg Peterson at 970-331-1333 and have a blessed summer.