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Summer is here and the golf courses are looking great!? Come on out to Red Sky Ranch in Wolcott, CO on June 13, 2007 to see several great homes and some fantastic ready-to-build lots.

View West From Lot 60 Red Sky Ranch

Check out the wonderful werstern view from Lot 60 (85 East Lakeside Trail).? Currently listed at $795,000 for 1.76 acres, this easily buildable homesite has views in every direction.? Red SKy Golf membership and Bachelor Gulch Club membership options available.? Homesite 85, (2299 Red Sky Road) with over 2 acres, is also available with HUGE views above the Norman Course, currently listed at $1,190,000.

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The snow has (almost) stopped falling and everyone in the real estate community is wondering: what is going to happen this summer?? So far, 2007 is off to a HUGE start with sales over $900 million year-to-date.? That represents an increase in sales dollar volume of 30% compared to last year, while the number of transactions has stayed relatively the same.?

Inventories have risen approximatley 10% over the past few months, potentially signalling a slowing of the market.? (The high end and entry level segments of the market will likely stay strong.)? Will locals and 2nd homeowners continue to fuel the mid-market?

The summer (June, July, August)?of 2006 saw approx. $750 million in sales on 880 transactions.? This was slightly higher than 2005 for dollar amount, but with significantly fewer transactions.? Average prices have risen dramatically on these statistics; for 2007, the year to date average transaction price is $1.05 million.? Wow!!

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Another 2 years have gone by,?so its time to recieve your new Notice of Valuation from the Eagle County Assessor’s Office.? Property values have increased considerably throughout the valley, worrying many homeowners that their property taxes will also rise significantly.? With the average property value increase within the Town of Vail rising 71%, it makes sense to pay attention to your options.

The process is somewhat confusing, but you may appeal the Assessor’s valuation.? You must submit your appeal by June 1, 2007.?The Assessor’s office has even put 4 full pages in the May 14th Vail Daily to help the public understand the process.? You may also learn more at the Eagle County website (see link below)

While there is reason for concern if your property was valued incorrectly, your property tax will not increase the same percentage that your home’s value has increased.? (limited through state statutes)

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The Vail Valley real estate market has been firing on all cylinders for several years now.? The questions?we are?now asking?are:???How long will it last and how high will it go??

The Eagle County real estate market is very neighborhood specific, and very price range specific.? The high end market, over $4 million, has seen its best performance ever in recent months and seems poised to continue that trend as baby-boomers acquire property at an unprecedented pace.?? And the entry level properties are also seeing fantastic strength, evidenced by the growth of Eagle and Gypsum.?(The county’s resident population is expected?to double over 20 years.)

So that bring us to the middle section of the market.? Are sellers of these townhomes, duplexes and single family homes asking too much?? Are there enough willing buyers that can afford a premium price for a sub-premium property?? My feeling is no.? That being said, a?solid home:? one with a good lot, a good floorplan, and?better that average finishes, will always do well.? Value will always be marketable.

But these homes that are priced above the market ( not supported by comps but by speculation of where the market may go) may sit on the MLS for some time.? If sellers truly want to sell, they should be realistic about their homes’ value, as there is not an endless supply of buyers that will pay whatever you ask.

I expect the market to stay strong throughout 2007 for certain areas and price points, but it will no longer be a no-brainer when it comes to picking winners.?

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Mountain Star, located north of Avon, has the BIG views that everyone dreams about.? The New York Range and Beaver Creek are front and center when gazing south, with Bellyache Ridge and Castle Peak to the west.? This is one of the best neighborhoods, consisting of prime real estate, for both full time residents and second (or third) home-owners!

Mountain Star Views

Currently, there are 8 homesites available, listed in the MLS, ranging in price from $1.05M to $2.2M.? Each homesite has its own beautiful view and orientation. While some do not focus on the big southern view, these lots offer privacy, often scattered with aspen trees.?

To learn more about Mountain Star, located in the heart of the Vail Valley, contact Doug Schwartz at (970)926-6777 or at

Red Sky Ranch, one of the most beautiful golf course communities anywhere, is set to open for the 2007 golf season.? The member course will open this Friday, 5/4/07 with the guest course coming online a week later on 5/11/07.

Lot 85 Red Sky Ranch

The views from Lot 85 on the Norman Course combine the splendor of an alpine ranch and the refinement of a championship?golf course.? This very buildable homesite is?slightly over 2 acres, with views in all directions.? Currently listed at $1,190,000; this homesite is one of the best buys in the entire Vail Valley.

To learn more about Red Sky Ranch or Lot 85, please contact Doug Schwartz (owner/broker) at 970-926-6777 or at