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New Year's Eve in Vail is a blast! I have been in Vail, Colorado for New Years sporadically from the ages of 7 to 23.  Without a doubt, I have enjoyed my time in Vail for New Years over anywhere else.  With so much to do in Vail, it is extremely difficult to find yourself not having a good time. 

When I was just 7 years of age, my two older brothers and I had the unique opportunity to be apart of a kid's event where we skied down Vail mountain illuminated with glow sticks on New Year's Eve.  We did this other kids our age along with our Ski School instructors.  If you wish to participate, the even is called the Torchlight Parade beginning at 6:15pm at Golden Peak.  That single memory will remain with me for the rest of my life and was just the beginning to my New Year's extravaganzas here in Vail.

Last year was my first year "of age" for New Years in Vail.  Let me tell you, it is something you have to experience yourself. Out with family and friends, we ventured to the Vail Village where we made our way from one bar to the next.  We started at Bol; an over-the-top bowling alley where you can find delicious appetizers along with extraordinary service from their staff.  After Bol, we made our way to Vendetta's.  Vendetta's has two floors with a large balcony.  I would recommend this bar if you are looking for a young crowd.  Downstairs, the DJ electrified the dance floor with music while, upstairs, you could have an actual conversation while devouring some of the best pizza on the planet.

With it being Vail's 50th Anniversary, this year's New Year's Eve in Vail will be epic! People from all over the world will be in attendance.  At 6:15pm, the night will kick off with a firework display at Golden Peak. There will be a Family New Year's Celebration from 7-9pm at Adventure Ridge followed by the Vail New Year's Eve at the Dobson Arena.  This will extend beyond 1:30am and will be hosted by DJ Logic.

If you are debating on what to do for New Years 2013, make your way to Vail, Colorado.  Whether you are looking for an epic night out with friends or a fun-filled night with family; Vail is the place to be!

Have you been holding your breath?  Are those powder skis still in the closet?  Well, it's time to let out a gasp of excitement and pull those skis from the closet …. Vail's Back Bowls are opening!  They are opening a month earlier than the 2011-2012 season.  Yippee!!  The majority of Sun Up and Sun Down bowls will be open for the holiday season and Vail Resorts is hopeful that an expected storm on Christmas eve will alllow them to open additional back bowl terrain.  Skiing will be epic!

Open Snow, one of the many snowfall forecasting websites, is predicting up to 4 inches Monday day and up to 5 inches Monday night.  Christmas day may be the day to get out on the slopes.  Open those gifts early in the a.m. and then race out to hit the powder.

Vail Valley locals and visitors rejoice!  Mother nature is cooperating with our requests for Holiday snow!



This is a Potato Patch club residence unlike any other.  This Vail Valley home is graced with  the highest quality finishes including integrated plaster walls, gourmet kitchen, private courtyard, soaring windows and stunning vaulted wood celings. 

wonderful sense of space in this home.....

A generous dining room and an expanded master suite grace this 3-bed 4-bath home. Uprages of this magnitude are unlike any other. Amenities include a 25-meter pool, hot tub, clay tennis courts and acres of beautifully landscapted grounds.

To see this Vail home please call me at 970-390-0705 or email me at:

Thanks,  Rob


Today's Vail Daily headlines 'More Snow, More Terrain' and the conditions have never been better. (click here for up-to-date snow conditions.) Yesterday, this Broker took the day off to enjoy the fantastic conditions on Vail Mountain. We are now in full force on the front side of the mountain. With the opening of the Highline Express lift as well as the Riva Bahn Express the entire front side of the mountain is not only skiable, but the natural snow trails are soft and pillowy. Only a few weeks ago we could only ski the man made snow trails and they were icy and crowded, but that is no longer the case. The start of the Christmas vacation skiers will be excited to see the change that has taken place over the past two weeks.


I love to ski the bump runs on the front and with few exceptions, they are are all soft and lovely. A few small tree tops are sticking up but those trails are all skiable. According to the paper, there are now 1,400 acres of terrain open. Chairs 6 and 10 are now operating today so will be lots of untracked powder and new bumps popping up everywhere. In addition, Adventure Ridge is open offering tubing, kids' snowmobiling, bungee trampolines and ski biking. Also, Bistro Fourteen and Game Creek Restaurant are open for dinner. As most of you know, Vail built a new gondola out of Vail Village, with a much higher speed to the top of the mountain as well as heated seats. The new gondola offers access to dinner at "The 10th", the mountains newest and swishy new dinning experience. 

Over at the Beav, 14 inches of new snow fell over the past four days has allowed the skico to open 826 acres of skiing, which represents 45% of the terrain now open. That means 66 trails open and 21 of 25 lifts. You will quickly see the new Womens Downhill course has been cut in preparation for the World Championship races in 2015, where the Beav will play host to the world's best skiers, both women and men in a little over two years. 

So, the end of the drought is over and Vail is back to its status of fantastic trails, great snow and one of the world's best ski mountains. With home prices the lowest in the last five years and the economy on the upswing, this is the year to start looking for super bargains in real estate, give me a call for an update on what is available.

Vail's Town Council just approved several key ordinances bringing the EverVail project closer to it's final approval. 

When this development  is completed there will be a third Gondola and a fifth skier portal onto Vail Mountain. Ultimately, Vail Resorts Development Co. envisions 381 residential properties, 41 Vail employee housing residences and more than 100 hotel rooms.  There will also be nearly 100,000 square feet of commercial space and 700 additional public parking spaces accomodating a wide range of skier and conference services, a grocery store, transit center and other community-based amenities.


We are certainly blessed to be in a community where the future still shines and our visions embrace the 50th anniversary of the town of Vail I've called home since the early 1970s and many people still call, "A mountain paradise".  

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Thanks, Robert Schilling

Real Estate in Eagle County, Vail, Colorado had a great October in both dollar volume and number of transactions according to Land Title Guarantee Company.   Here is what Land Title reports:

October sales soar!

Eagle County real estate had a great October in terms of both dollar volume and transactions. There were 218 transactions, which is up 68% over last October and officially surpassed the entire year's transactions in 2011. This is also the first time Eagle County has surpassed 200 transactions in any given month since September 2007. During 2007, Eagle County averaged 224 transactions throughout all of the year.

Dollar volume has also stayed strong with over $159 million in October, 42% above last year. This brings the total to $1.15 billion for the year, 26% above last year and just $6 million away from surpassing 2011 year-end volume.

Eagle continues to have the majority of the transactions each month with 33 in October. However, Eagle-Vail had 22 while Edwards followed closely with 18.

Six properties sold in October over $4 million; totalling nearly $43 million. The largest transaction was at The Lodge at Vail for $12.7 million, with a price per square foot of more than $2,400. 

Bank sales were down slightly in October with 25, accounting for 11% of the transactions.

October Highlights:

  • Vail Village accounted for nearly 22% of total dollar volume

  • Single-famly homes accounted for 51% of all residential transactions

  • The median sales price for all residential transactions was $400,000

Click here for Land Title's Market Analysis.

I love Vail. Throughout my entire life it has been a dream of mine to move to Vail where I could enjoy the Vail culture, Vail mountains and the people of Vail. This dream became a reality just over two months ago when I decided to move from a small Midwest town in Illinois to Vail, Colorado.

What has attracted me to Vail from the time I was just a young boy is Vail's culture.  Work, to most people in Vail, is fun and exciting which makes it so enjoyable for those visiting and who reside in Vail. There is a positive flow which is addicting and makes you want more.  The people of Vail love being with others and outdoors creating a culture of positive-outgoing individuals seeking, not only to please themselves, but others in the process.  The people, the enthusiasm and the all around sense of freedom is so overwhelmingly engaging and joyful it will make anyone and everyone want to spend more time in Vail.

Unlike anywere else in the Untied States, Vail has a wide range of personalities where each person's sole purpose and drive is to enjoy life.  Whether it is enjoying the slopes on Vail mountain during blizzard like conditions, catching a trophy fish while fly fishing along the river with a warm, but not humid, breeze or simply enjoying a beer with friends.  Life is too short.  The people of Vail know this. So, in turn, the people of Vail live every moment like it is their last. 

Ultimately, the driving force that brought me out here was Vail mountain.  There are many enjoyable aspects of Vail but nothing compares to the mountains.  Waking up everyday in Vail is a treat.  What starts off my day in Vail is the view from my living room overlooking the vast mountain range.  It's beauty alone inspires me to make the best out of every situation, everyday.  Not only is the scenery great in Vail, but the activities that come along with them are "out-of-control" fun.  I've been skiing my entire life all over the States and parts of the World, but none of them even come close to how incredibly awesome it is to ski, hike, and bike in Vail, Colorado.  In the winter, skiing is great. In the summer, hiking and mountain biking is great.  Being on the mountain in Vail, to me, is like being a kid again where you can leave all worries at the door and bring joy to you and those you love.

Vail attracts people from all over the world, including me.  People come to Vail because of the enjoyment they get from the Vail mountain, the Vail culture and the people of Vail.  This is why I live in Vail.  I can tell you from the short amount of time I have lived here, I know, I will call this home for many years to come.

Stay tuned as I continue to explore what Vail has to offer!

The Vail Valley is finally getting some snow! My daughter and I recently attended the Birds of Prey Ski Races . I could not help but wonder what vision and dreams started at that very moment for all the kids who attended the races!? For many, they will remember it as a fun time jingling their cow bells and cheering on the American racers. For a smaller number, they may remember it as the start of their own ski racing career. The children at The Birds of Prey racecourse in Beaver Creek

The big thing that will contribute to the next generation of skiers is the opportunity itself. We live in a great place away from big cities and metropolises. Our kids are exposed to different sports than the general population. As an adult, I can look back and wonder what things molded and inspired to be who I am and how I live my life. It is a great feeling to sit back and watch the gears of the little minds of our growing children turn and get excited about anything and everything!

Anyone who has kids knows when they are intrigued or interested in something. They ask a million questions! Some of us need more patience then others to answer them all. I know I do! In hindsight, when I have had time to reflect on what they saw and how they perceived life growing up in the Vail Valley, I would not have it any other way.

The Vail Valley can give your kids a great opportunity to step outside of the box and that excites me. I feel like I am giving my daughter a great opportunity to grow up in a different environment: teaching kids to ski or snowboard, the first time they try to fly fish. Mountain biking, sledding, making a snow man, etc…

Do yourself a favor and take your family to a ski resort. You never know what it may lead to for their development and future. Not to mention they will laugh and play and have fun which is what every kids wants. After a day on the slopes with my daughter I am smiling ear to ear. I encourage you to experience the same fulfilling feeling with your children giving them the opportunity to see life in another light.


Walk across the street to Vail's new gondola or into the heart of Vail Village when you are a condo owner at one of Vail's ideal locations at Manor Vail.

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Manor Vail has wonderful amenities including an outdoor pool, workout facility, meeting rooms and a highly rated restaurant.

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