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We are so fortunate to be surrounded by so many small/boutique businesses here in the Vail Valley. All you have to do is walk through the Edwards Riverwalk District and you are surrounded by fabulous boutique businesses locally owned.

Whether you are looking for sports equipment, fitness studios, books, clothes and even real estate, you are going to find it locally owned and locally proud. These small boutique businesses are filled with owners and staff making sure the “small town feeling” is alive for everyone to enjoy. These owners are right there working hard everyday trying to create that special moment for each and every person that walks through the door.

Enjoy the satisfying feeling of walking into a boutique business, as a customer, supporting the people right here in our community. So remember, next time you are out in the community, shop local and support your friends and neighbors.

Come on in, we will treat you like family.



Vail, CO

After a good year for business in 2014, the local construction industry keeps momentum in 2015. Both residential and commercial projects dominate skylines and home neighborhoods, with the cranes working on the Strata project in Lionshead. There was a time when the building cranes were so numerous in Eagle County they were referred to as the new “State” bird.


Other projects of note include a new Marriott Residence Inn to be built on the old Roost Lodge site, and improvements at Ford Park and Vail.Resorts has suspended plans for the $2B EverVail project, citing cost overrun expectations. New construction energy has expanded employment opportunities for both subcontractors and laborers….good news for the valley.






Spring 2015 It’s easy to SKI and GOLF and FISH in Vail now.  Ski as usual and now 2  of the 14 golf courses (Gypsum Creek and Eagle Ranch) in Eagle County are open with “get acquainted” specials.


In the following weeks before the close of the Vail ski season on April 19, several more courses will open.  Ski in the morning and get in 9 or 18 holes of golf in the afternoon.  Before the streams start running high, it is also a great time to get a fly fishing guide and catch some trout.


To lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you eat. Every good weight-loss plan has the same two parts: food and physical activity. Wise food choices can help you eat fewer calories and daily (or almost daily) physical activity helps you burn off some of the calories you consume. You lose weight more easily and you’re more likely to keep it off, too.

  1. Keep portions smaller than your fist.It’s easy to overeat when you have too much food on your plate. Smaller portions help prevent overeating. Overeating can make health problems worse, especially if you have diabetes. One way to control overeating is to reduce portion sizes when you eat. For most foods, a reasonable portion is ½ to 1 cup – about the size of a woman’s fist. Even if your fist is larger than that, it is still a handy measuring tool that goes everywhere you go. Just keep your portions smaller than your fist. See our Suggested Servings from Each Food Group andHealthier Kids portion sizes. Not all foods fit the “fist” rule.

The two most common exceptions are:

  • Lean meat, chicken and fish. For these foods, keep portions the size of a deck of cards (about half the size of your fist) and trim all visible fats before cooking.
  • Plain vegetables, including salads without dressing. You can have as much as you want because these foods are nutritious, filling and low in calories.
  1. Control your hungerwith filling foods that are low in calories. Foods such as lower-sodium soup, salad, fruits and vegetables can help fill you up without adding a lot of calories. These foods will satisfy hunger and help you lose weight. Research shows that people feel less hungry when they eat a certain volume (amount) of food. High-fiber foods, such as fruits and vegetables, can provide a feeling of fullness and also digest slowly. That helps you feel satisfied longer so you eat less.
  2. Keep track of what you eat.When you keep track of what you eat, you’re more likely to meet your food goals. Studies show that keeping a food log or diary helps people lose weight and keep it off.
  3. Make trade-offs to reduce how much sodium, saturate and transfat and sugar you eat. Foods high in fat and sugar are often high in calories, too. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite foods. Learn to make trade-offs instead. If you want to indulge in your favorite dessert, enjoy a smaller portion and eat a lower-calorie meal.
  4. Enjoy more physical activity.As you already know, regular physical activity is important for keeping your heart healthy. Increasing physical activity may help you lose weight and strengthen your heart at the same time.

If you feel you need extra support to lose weight, look for a weight-loss program that’s been proven safe and successful.

Look for a program that:

  • Stresses a healthy eating plan (low in saturated fat, trans fat, added sugar and sodium, with plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean poultry, meat and fish, and fat-free or low-fat dairy).
  • Includes daily physical activity.
  • Gives you personal support from a group, buddy or dietitian.
  • Does not deprive you of the foods you enjoy.
  • Has a system to help you keep track of what you eat and drink.
  • Recommends a gradual weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds per week until a healthy weight is reached.
  • If you’re insulin-dependent, does not conflict with your diabetic diet. Talk to your doctor or diabetes educator if you have questions.
  • Includes a maintenance program for keeping off weight.


Instead of … Try …
Counting every calorie and fat gram Keeping a food diary. Once you know what you are eating and how much you may be able to reduce the amount without having to count every calorie. Try eating ½ portions.
Eating dessert after dinner If you feel like you have to eat dessert, try eating a small portion or dessert only after lunch, and choose a low-calorie dessert like fruit. Refer to the “make trade-offs” section above.
Skipping meals to lose weight Eating 4-5 smaller meals during the day. Eating every 3-4 hours helps control hunger. Just make sure that your smaller meals are nutritionally balanced and do not exceed your daily total calorie goals.
Starving between meals Planning ahead and bringing healthy snacks with you wherever you go so you won’t be tempted to pick up something unhealthy on your way. Drink a tall glass of water to get you through a craving.
Eating food while you cook Resisting eating the food you are making until you are sitting at the table with a plate and proper portion sizes in front of you.
Stopping at the grocery store on the way home Grocery shopping after you eat. Never go to the store hungry or you’re asking for trouble. If you must go to the store before eating a meal make sure you have a healthy snack (see above) to eat before you get there to curb your appetite and reduce the likelihood of binge-buying.
Weighing yourself every day Weighing yourself once a week. We recommend choosing the schedule that works best for you. If you have heart failure, you must check your weight every day to look for sudden changes.

Thank you American Heart Association for this information.


Luxury Living takes on a variety of meanings depending who you are talking to.

Outside of home pic

Some people believe being able sit out on the back patio/deck enjoying a welcomed cup of coffee in the morning or that heavenly glass of wine in the evening watching the sun set behind the mountains is pure luxury. While we are truly blessed by views that are absolutely breathtaking from most locations in the valley, the wild-life enjoying their playground right in front of us makes the moments all the more beautiful.

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Others will try to convince you that luxury is having some of the worlds best skiing, rafting, fishing, hiking and bike trails. This is, without a doubt, one of the top destinations for all of these activities. Where else can you literally be within a couple of miles to all of these outdoor activities? The outdoor possibilities are indeed limitless and unrivaled.

vilar       leno

Still others will tell you what a luxury it is to have access to fine dining and the performing arts right here in our backyard year around. It does not matter what type of food or entertainment you prefer, it is all here. The chefs and entertainment are truly world class.


Some of my favorite luxury amenities here are the availability of have a private chef, personal trainer or massage therapist come straight to your house for some first-class pampering for yourself and/or your guest. We are so fortunate to have these services so readily accessible. Like the chefs and entertainers, there are trainers and therapist that are some of the best in the world. Some are so well respected at what they do that their clients will fly them all over the country to work on them. Nothing says luxury lifestyle more than traveling with your personal therapist, trainer or chef.

food plate

While all of these definitely describe luxury living to a vast majority of people, I believe what makes the Vail Valley truly a destination that defines a lifestyle of luxury is the combination of all of these magnificent possibilities. We are not merely a one dimensional community, but an international melting pot of cultures and experiences.

Absolutely Amazing Creative Chefs at Chef/Owner Kelly Liken’s Vail Village Restaurant. Kelly Liken was a Challenger on Iron Chef America as well as finalist on Top Chef DC. This season
she has a new chef star, Ashlyn Streetz, creating memorable desserts. Ashlyn’s chocolate creations made the scenes of France in the movie “Chocolat” flash by. Blissful, OMG best describes the Chocolate Espresso Truffle served on Valentine’s Day. You’ll find Kelly and Ashlyn on Vail Road in the Gateway Building at the main roundabout. Vegetarian and Children’s menus available.
Vail Village RestaurantsEspresso Truffle


Although all of us in the Vail Valley are partial to ski in/ski out properties, we also are partial to the extraordinary beauty of the Eagle River. But undeveloped land on the river is becoming more and more rare. I just did a search in the Vail Board of Realtors MLS and found only five parcels of undeveloped land currently available for sale on the Eagle River in Eagle County. Presently there are two small lots in Gypsum priced between $96,000 and $399,500. In complete contrast to those homesites is an opportunity in Edwards known as Jesse’s Parcel. This 4+ acres is a rare “infill” parcel which is listed at $3,300,000 and is within walking distance to The Riverwalk at Edwards with its extensive shopping and dining options.


Six miles west of Wolcott, a lovely 2 acre site rests along the north side of the Eagle and boasts lovely views to the red cliffs beyond. This beautiful homesite is offered for $500,000. Further west lying between Eagle and Gypsum within a small gated neighborhood is a 35.5 acre stunner. The small, gated rural community was the original headquarters for the turn of the century Eagle Ranch and this stretch of the Eagle River has been private since that time. The Eagle River runs through this gorgeous land and offers unequalled fishing, extraordinary privacy and a phenomenal value at $875,000! If you want the soothing sounds of the Eagle River out your door you should act now on these breathtaking opportunities now.

Trout cropped

Vail, CO

Statistics for Eagle County real estate show an 8% growth past 2014 in sales, despite the dearth of inventory on the market, says Pat Mitchell, of Gateway Real Estate.

Consumer confidence and low interest rates appear to be the catalyst nowadays, says Mitchell, amidst a downsizing trend among older residents from 4-5 bedroom homes to smaller selections.

New and remodeled homes appear to be getting the most attention, growing the fortunes of builders and interior design teams, hereto disabled by the weak economy starting in 2008.920764_01

The Taste of Vail is the nations premier spring food and wine festival which showcases more than 30 of Vail’s finest chefs and restaurateurs and winemakers from nearly 50 wineries.  The event is always a lot of fun with lots of great food and drink along with great skiing and snowboarding.  For the 25th Anniversary, new events, venues and wineries have been added.  The biggest addition will be the James Beard Dinner at the Larkspur Restaurant featuring a number of Vail and Denver based chefs.  One of the most popular events is the American Lamb Cookoff and Apres Ski Tasting which is created by the top chefs in the Vail Valley.  The Mountain Top Picnic at Eagle’s Nest Ridge is a gourmet feast prepared by Vail’s finest restaurants, guest wineries and brewers. For ticket prices and schedule of events, please visit:



Vail, CO

In the most recent report, Vail Resorts posted solid earnings for most resorts, excluding those in CA, who were starved for snow in drought-like conditions.

Both Colorado and Utah drove the majority of the revenue within it’s skiing and lodging operations, including a new chairlift at Vail, and the start of the Epic Discovery summer plan.

In Lake Tahoe, where the company operates the Heavenly and Northstar resorts, CEO Robert Katz said current snowfall at those resorts is down 43% from 2103 snow totals. Geographic diversification, he says, has contributed to overall success, and VR has already paid back the money borrowed to finance the $182.5MM Park City acquisition last year.

Katz also alluded to new spending near $65MM to upgrade current resort snowmaking and lift operations, and also to finance to release of the Epic Discovery summer plans. Prices for 2015/16 lift tickets are forecast to include a 5% increase to cover expenses anticipated.

vail ski mountain