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With the snow and all of the moisture that we receive on the Western Slope, Vail and most of Eagle County are excellent places to find fungus, especially edible types of mushrooms.  I am no expert but I enjoy looking for them when I am hiking to a high mountain lake to fish for Cutthroat Trout, or other varieties of trout.  Occasionally I go out to just look for edible mushrooms.  The season extends depending on weather conditions from April to October.

Edible Mushrooms 1

Many people have their favorite locations, such as, Oops, if I told you then I would have to kill you.  You get the idea.  I personally stick to a couple of mushroom varieties with which I am personally familiar, but there are many edible mushrooms that grow here.  Symposiums and classes on the subject are available locally each summer.  One of the local newspapers, the Vail Daily, is attentive to the subject and publishes information about the classes and shows pictures from time to time.  Two small books that I use are: 1.  The Audubon Society Pocket Guides, Familiar Mushrooms, North America, by Peter Katsaros and Alfred A. Knopf, and 2.

Edible Mushrooms

Chanterelle, a rocky mountain mushroom book by Millie Miller and Cyndi Nelson.   My two favorite mushrooms to cook with and eat are the King Bolete and the Giant Puff Ball.  They are such a pleasure to find and the King Bolete is very beautiful.  Sometimes they are plentiful and sometimes not. It’s a beautiful day in Colorado, Bob Essin

 Frisbee golf

 Disc Golf, also known as Frisbee Disc or Frisbee Golf has become extremely popular over the years and the number of disc golf courses have doubled.  The game is played in about 40 countries around the world.  It’s a great way to enjoy the Vail Valley, Colorado views and hike around the mountain throwing Frisbees with friends and drinking beer.

disc golf 1

The concept of disc golf is the same as traditional golf, except players use discs instead of clubs and balls and throw for “par” at a basket instead of a ball in a hole in the ground.  The object of the game is to throw the disc into the target with the fewest number of throws.  There are different discs for different throws such as a driver, mid-range and putters just to name a few.

disc golf

There are some beautiful courses in our area, which include Vail, Beaver Creek, Leadville, Edwards and Eagle. Vail Mountain’s course is an 18-hole course that is challenging and has technical terrain with long uphill and long downhill and tight alleyways. Beaver Creek’s course is an 18-hole course has been described as beautiful but challenging.  The wildflowers are stunning and in full bloom.  I really like the Leadville course as it’s located the Colorado Mountain College Campus.  It’s a beautiful hike through the woods and fields with great views and very challenging.

Singletree Disc Golf Course is located in Edwards and is situated on a raised plateau above the town of Edwards.  Featuring many precarious basket placements right on the edge of a steep drop off. Eagle County Fairgrounds has a mix of wide open holes with technical tree guarded baskets, tight wooded holes with the Eagle River coming into play on a few holes.

Frisbee golf 1

Disc golf is the perfect sport for an afternoon of getting together with friends, getting some fresh air, hiking around and drinking beer.



What is Leverage Global Partners? Who are they? These are two questions I am frequently asked as talk to people looking at the wide variety of properties we have displayed on our windows.

The best way to start to understand what Leverage is to look at their vision statement.

“Inspired by a steadfast determination to elevate the field of play, Leverage Global Partners empowers an international network of prestigious independent real estate companies through shared intelligence, agile marketing strategies, and entrepreneurial connectivity. Each member of Leverage Global Partners has been carefully selected as demonstrating innovative leadership and peerless integrity in the field of real estate.”

Alright, so what does all of that mean? In essence, it means that our properties are marketed along side some of the premier properties around the world. Leverage Global Partners also connects you to Real Estate Brokers who are held to higher standards of service.

Leverage Global Partners Code of Care


Each member of Leverage Global Partners has been individually selected based on their recognition and expertise in the field of real estate as caring, conscientious experts as well as their willingness to whole-heartedly operate under the terms of this Code of Care. We understand and accept these principles, and we honor and commit to be held accountable to uphold these standards of practice.

If you still are not sure about the diversity and scope of the Leverage network, check out the Leverage Lookbook Spring 2015. You will find us in there on page 125.


For more information check out their link on the bottom right of our web pages and remember, call Greg at 970.331.1333 for more information about any of their properties or local properties here in the Vail Valley. 



This is the ultimate family home! Enjoy sweeping views from every room in this beautiful 5,201 sqft, 5 bedroom, 4.5 bath residence conveniently located close to the gate & clubhouse & situated on a 1.34 acre aspen laden lot.This gracious home offers main level living, spacious gourmet kitchen w/ nook, two expansive master suites with fireplaces & private decks, Gore Range & golf course views, large recreation room w/ wet bar, expansive outdoor living w/ wraparound terraces & private hot tub.

923737_07 923737_20

Click on our Virtual Tour to see more.

For more information, please contact Greg Peterson at 970.331.1333 or Suzi Apple at 970.376.5417.

Above 10,000 elevation, there is still snow in the trees and gullies and north facing slopes.  Call the United States Forest Service local offices (Eagle 970-328-6386, Minturn 970-827-5715) to try to get specific information about a certain trail or location.  Until the snow is gone on the peak due north of the Vail Golf Course (seen at various points when you drive through the Valley on Interstate 70, I have always called it Bald Mountain) the Gore Range and Holy Cross lakes above 11,000 feet elevation are still frozen and have snow leading up to them.  Snow on the trails makes it hard to follow the trails and generally hiking risks are increased even if you are using snow shoes.  For information on trails locations and destinations for hiking and ski touring, THE VAIL HIKER And Ski Touring Guide by Mary Ellen Gilliland is also a great source. It has been updated at least once but changes occur to trailheads and trails themselves from time to time.  Again, for the most current information check with the United States Forest Service.  The Vail Hiker contains when written good descriptions and partial maps.  You can obtain more detailed maps to take with you on the trips (hikes or ski tours) also.  When you do one of the hikes, you will see that there are often at least 2 or 3 more hikes in the general area, even from the same trail head that can be done.  It is only a quick drive to Summit County for additional hikes and tours that are described in THE SUMMIT HIKER And Ski Touring Guide.  Again one of the suggested and described hikes or tours may lead to many more.

It’s a beautiful day in Colorado, Bob


Spectators at the GoPro rafting/ kayaking races were entertained by new risk takers. A line which looked like a zip line was stretched across the rapids by the International Bridge above the spectators. While everyone waited for the racers, Slackliners walked the line like a tight rope walker.  If they fell, they were anchored by a bungee-like cord attached to their ankles. The spectators gasped and clapped when the Slackliners fell. Some Slackliners did splits or Yoga Poses on the line.

Slacklining  June 7, at GoPro  Games

Slacklining June 7, 2015 at GoPro Games

Betty Guffey was working and watching from Vail’s Gateway Real Estate Office by the International Bridge. Is this a great job or what?

My previous blog on this subject-long story short (too long), my son won a set of golf clubs and a fitting with, I went to the Biltmore in Miami in January 2015 for the fitting, and I said goodbye to a Vail real estate-golf friend that died before I even received the clubs which arrived in February.  I had delayed seeing Roger and Jackie for too long and being able to do that was much more important than a set of clubs.  I value the people I have gotten to know in this business much more than the remuneration it has provided for me.  Before coming to Vail, I had another life in another place with more money and those kinds of strokes.

I have now played numerous rounds with them.  They are not second nature to me yet, but let’s just say I am very encouraged.  After the fitting and before I received the clubs (Mizuno 350 irons, Exotic fairways 7,5 and 4, Taylormade SLDR 25 degree utility, Taylormade R-15, all shafts ACCRA except the Driver), I actually did more reading on the subject than before (which was a lot).  Several weeks ago, I went to a demo of new clubs to hit a full range of the Mizuno irons, including the ones I received.  I wanted to see what the same irons and even different irons felt like with the steel and graphite shafts provided standard by Mizuno.  It took Rory about a year to get back to his old self and better after he switched to Nike, and of course I just had to second guess my fitter Andy.  Andy was right on and I am more than content with the clubs and shafts, but not with my game (ever).  My index should start dropping soon, if only my age would.

The Vail/Eagle County golf season is in full swing now.  The Vail Golf Men’s Club at the public Vail Golf Course has already played 4 times.  The course is in great shape as are all the courses in the Valley (see previous blogs for more information) and/or Google it of course.

It’s a beautiful day in Colorado,


WOW! Starting on July 13th 2015 you can ride the New Bustang from the Vail Transportation Center to Denver for 17.00 and there is Free Wi-Fi on the bus. The buses also have on board tray tables, footrests, restrooms and bike racks. The buses are black and blue….same as the Colorado Rockies Baseball Team by the way :) The bus route ends at Denver’s Union Station, a short walk to Coors Field and downtown Denver as well as many other great Denver destinations.For a full schedule and fare information as well as departure times go to What a GREAT idea !!! Questions about the Vail Valley ?? email me at

farmer's market The Edwards Corner Farmers Market gets going again. The market runs every Saturday till September 12th. Most of the vendors are food related. You will also find flowers as well as other gardening related stuff ! Live bands will perform every other week. I was told that approximately 2,000 people came through the market last week for the first one!! Great place to mingle in the sun and have fun !! Where ? At the Corner at Edwards parking lot, 56 Edwards Village Blvd., Edwards. When ? 9:00 am to 1:30 pm every Saturday till Sept. 12th. More information? Go to Looking to know more about Edwards and or the Vail Valley ? email me at rcook :)farmer's market 1

For the discriminating home builder, looking to create the dream home in the exclusive Buckeye Ranch Estates.  Located 4.5 miles north of Leadville, this is a 35.15 breathtaking parcel of land with views of the Mosquito Range with easy access to the Buckeye Trailhead.


The Buckeye Trailhead offers access to the Buckeye Peak, Buckeye Lake and the Sangree Hut, which is one of the 10th Mountain Division Huts.  Three miles from the Buckeye Gulch trailhead, Sangree is one of the easiest 10th Mountain huts to reach.  It’s a majestic setting with inspiring views of the high peaks around the Leadville area.  Sangree Hut was named after the 10th Mountain Division soldier, Sangree M. Froelicher, killed in action during WWII in Italy.

Leadville is a former silver mining town that lies near the headwaters of the Arkansas River offering opportunities for outdoor recreation such as rafting, fishing, camping and skiing.  The closest ski area is Ski Cooper located 10 miles from Leadville, but Copper Mountain is a short 15 minutes and Vail and Beaver Creek are a short 45 minute scenic drive.