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Right now!  The best weather, the best hikes, the best fishing, the best mushrooms, the best bike riding, the best restaurants, the best golf.  Everything is open and there are vacancies to rent and property for sale.  Labor Day Weekend will be crowded but other than that , this is as good as it gets.  Come to see us now.  Check out the Vail Daily, August 15, 2015.  Pictures of fish, mushrooms.  Late August and September is wonderful.  With schools starting before September now, this is the time to visit for those that can.

It’s a beautiful day in Colorado,

Bob Essin, Gateway Real Estate,, 970-376-4484,

The Vail Golf Club (Course) is public, owned by the Town of Vail (TOV), and managed by contract by the Vail Recreation District (VRC).  It is a cash cow for the VRC, unless you ask them and they give you the complicated accounting explanation.  The VRC in this matter has done just what the TOV has told them to do.  “If you want a new club house, do what we (TOV) tell you (VRC).”  The Course is leased out for cross country skiing and snow shoeing activities as recreational use in keeping with the restrictive covenant that the land came with when it became the TOV’s property.  Since most golf courses serve food on and off the course, that has been done at the Course since its beginning, along with the larger weddings that are anticipated in the new additional space.  The Club House which houses all of the businesses has been in need of substantial repairs and/or replacement for many years.  To become compliant with federal regulations about access, a solution was found but only temporarily.  No one seems to be against a new facility that will do all these things.  The “Catch” is that the TOV has decided that the additional space that has been used sometimes by the restaurant and for weddings and sometimes by other entities in the past needs to be substantially enlarged.  An election was held which the TOV says approved this additional space and use and which detractors say did not approve this additional space and use.  The funds became available initially by another election which approved a convention center and tax money was collected and then the convention center was disapproved.  There is currently still unsettled a law suit by neighbors in the area trying to stop the construction as long as it contains the additional space.  I am not a party to the suit except I am a citizen of the TOV and interested also as a golfer.  I am not qualified to comment on the legal merits of the case and do not know if other parties than the neighbors and TOV are parties (possibly the VRC and owners prior to the TOV).  Other issues have come up and changes have been made to the Course during this time, primarily involving the 18th hole and the parking lot and parking arrangements based upon more people being at the facility based upon the larger meeting room size.  Parking at the Course has been a problem since I have been here since 1990 with parking spilling over to the street along the driving range net and the first fairway.  In my opinion, The Vail Golf Club (Course) is in the top 1/3 of the 13 (or 14) 18 hole golf courses in the Vail Valley (I don’t say Eagle County because there are other courses between Glenwood Springs and Carbondale that are in Eagle County).  Comparatively it is very affordable.  What ever the legal results finally are, the Course will still not be as good as it has been in the past because the 18th hole has been shortened and the green will not be as well situated to the restaurant deck.  Suffice it to say that the fix for not hitting golfers in the 18th fairway is not a fix that could not have been done anyway.  The moving of the 18th green was and probably will be in the future about parking.  The TOV will not recoup the time it has lost ever and probably not the expenses and ill will by having additional space before a new facility is needed 30 or 40 years from now.  If you want a quality golf experience while you are here and while the new club house is being constructed, whether the new space is included or not, take this opportunity to try some of the other wonderful golf courses in the Vail Valley.  The Vail Golf Course will remain open with quality play during construction of the new club house, Nordic center, wedding chapel and probably the price may be lowered or not.  Someone badly wanted this space to be added, but it was not the local golfers or the nearby property owners.

The Beaver Creek Art Festival for 2015 is winding down today, August 2, but it only scores the many art shops and galleries that are every where here all the time.  Just walking to the office today while the vendors were setting up for the Sunday Farmers Market  in Vail, I noticed the many artists and photographers that were setting up.  There are many good artists with different specialties that just do there own thing.  The natural beauty of the mountains are inspiring.  My own interest in mountain art began when I was 9 years old and a first year camper at Cheley Colorado Camps in Estes Park, Colorado, and one of the activities for younger campers included a trip to Dave Stirling’s art studio inside Rocky Mountain National Park.  I have had a soft spot for his prolific work since then.  After a few attempts, I realized besides the work and study, it requires many skills that I do not seem to have.  When the weather is not cooperating with an activity you may have planned here, put seeing and possibly purchasing art at the top of the list.  It is also a good time to check out the real estate market then (and now).

It’s a beautiful day in Colorado, Bob Essin