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The ski mountain opens November 20.  The town is quiet, and it is a great time to get into properties that are for sale, hint, hint.  We had a short sales meeting at the Edwards office yesterday and then toured properties nearby.  In East Vail I got to clear about 3 inches of snow and ice from the car first.  After the meeting and tour, we went to an open house of four properties in Singletree (aka Berry Creek).  The golf course there was closed as is the Vail course now, but Eagle Ranch and Gypsum Creek (formerly Cotton Ranch) are still open.  I convinced myself that I had other things to do since I did not have a planned game.

The preparations for the ski opening are underway.  My wife Dara Anderson has meetings the 12th,13th, and 14th, and she is taking another first aid course (required every few years) for her snow shoe and cross country skiing teaching job with Vail Resorts.  I am the beneficiary of a dependent ski pass for just a nominal fee. It is nice to be a dependent again.                                                                                                                                                                It’s a beautiful day in Colorado,                                                                                                          Bob Essin                                                                                                                                                          Gateway Real Estate                                                                                                                         970-376-4484                                                                                                     

32270 US Highway Six

Located just minutes from Edwards, this is a wonderful opportunity to own a 2,992 square foot single family home with a little over an acre of land.  This home offers 4 bedrooms, 3 baths with a large recreation room or office and a covered porch.  Beautifully landscaped with a large patio and mature trees gives you the perfect spot to hang out in the summer.  The price has been reduced to:  $625,000. 

nordic ski

Rocky Mountain powder and world class skiing are what have made the Vail Valley famous around the globe.  Vail and Beaver Creek are consistently ranked among the top ski destinations in all of North America.

Beaver Creek, just a few minutes from Cordillera, has been ranked number one for families, and also has the number one ranked ski and snowboard school for kids in all of North America.

Cordillera has private ski clubs at both Vail and Beaver Creek so you can leave your skis in your locker slope-side and enjoy breakfast, aprés ski and a home away from home on the ski mountain.

Visit the Vail Gondola Club, owned and operated by the Cordillera Property Owners Association, to learn more about this Vail mountain home away from home.  Contact the Lodge and Spa at Cordillera for more information about the Beaver Creek Ski Club.

on ski lift

Visit the Cordillera Nordic Skiing and Snowshoe page for more fun skiing activities!

ski cordillera

Love of the mountains, and of course, that Rocky Mountain powder, is possibly what brought you to the Vail valley in the first place, but that’s not all there is to the winter lifestyle.  Cordillera residents enjoy the best of all worlds with close proximity to the slopes of Beaver Creek and a ski club at the base of Gondola One in Vail, while still having a home away from the hustle and bustle of resort life.  Serenity and pristine landscapes mark the world outside in Cordillera during the winter, while plenty of fun activities and events are going on inside the warmth of restaurants and homes throughout the community.  Don’t miss the horse and sleigh rides on the Mountain Course during the winter, followed by dinner at the Timber Hearth Grille.  During the day, the Nordic course and winter trails provide hiking, snowshoeing and nordic skiing opportunities for all skill levels to enjoy the Colorado winter. Explore more Cordillera activities through the links below.

Abandoned- A True Story as Told by a Dog


It’s mid-March in the Mojave Desert and I suddenly found myself abandoned along Interstate 10 to fend for myself. I am just a few weeks old and miss my mom. What is a cute little basset hound to do? What did I do? Why did these people drive me out to the desert to dump me all by myself?

I am so scared, hungry and thirsty. I don’t understand how to survive on my own. All of these cars and trucks going by so fast, I am not sure if they scare me more or the unknown dangers of the desert. I guess I will stay on this smooth surface for a little while…please don’t hit me. Why hasn’t someone stopped to help? I am getting so tired and weak. Please, someone help me.

Wait, I see a car stopping and someone getting out. I do not know what to do, should I run away? The last person took me from my family and left me out here. As scared as I am, I am too tired to run. I hope they take me back to my mommy. I am thirsty. Do you have any water? Where are we going?

I am going to just curl up on your seat and sleep. Thank you for picking me up and giving me some water. How far are you taking me? It seems like we have been driving for a really long time.

Wow, what is this place? I have never seen anything like this. I hear other dogs; this can’t be all that bad. Oh goody, I will have someone to play with. Wait; wait…your leaving me too? Don’t go! You were so nice to pick me up and give me water. Please don’t go!

Now where are you taking me? What are all the cages? Why is everyone in a cage? What kind of a place is this? What did I do to end up here? The day started off so nice curled up sleeping with my mom.

At least I feel safe here. Although I do not understand the fear I am sensing in some of the other animals. I just keep trying to look really cute so these people will keep holding me and making me feel safe. I like it when they hold me.

The nights here scare me. It is really dark and I am all alone. I find myself staring through the cage door crying most of the night. It is not a bad alternative to the nightmares I have when I am finally able to fall asleep. Where are the dogs going when the people take them down the hall? I never see them again. Are they getting to go home? Whatever I did I am sorry. I just want to go home.

Oh good, my friend is coming to get me. She is so nice. She lets me run around and holds me so close I can hear her heart beat. It is such a calming feeling.  Why does she look so sad? What’s wrong? Why are you taking me this direction? Suddenly, a strong sense of fear is starting to come over me as I realized that this is not a place I wanted to be. I now know why she looks so sad. My little body is trembling in fear as we move further down the hall and into one of the back rooms. I can sense the death all around. We were doing so well. What happened? Why are you bringing me to this place? Don’t go! Please stay and protect me! I do not want to be alone in this room! Come back!

Who is this lady? What does she want? She has such a sweet, peaceful voice.  Sigh…what a gentle caring touch she has. Where is she taking me? I still can’t stop trembling in spite of her attempts to calm me down. I am not sure if I am still scared of that room or afraid of where I am being taken next. I am just happy she is holding me in her lap for this car ride.

What is this place? I can sense a different feel here. All the dogs look alike and are running around out of cages. This is different. Who are these people and dogs? They all seem so happy to see me. This is looking better. Yea, this is more like it. I am getting one hug after another. Finally, I am starting to stop trembling. My tail is going so fast right now; I can feel my entire body shifting back and forth. I am a happy doggie…for the moment.

I am not even 2 months old…as far as I know and I finally found a home. As the week goes by, I am happy in my new home playing with the friendly people and other dogs. The only scary moment has been a trip to some place where I fell asleep and woke up with a big cut between my legs. I had no clue what happened, I just remember it hurt afterwards and really itched. They also, poked, prodded, inserted something up my rear, and gave me shots. I do not like that place.

Like I said, all was going well. Then it happened again…someone came and took me away. I did not want to go, but they seemed nice. My life is again turned inside out. I have no clue what these people want from me. I am trying so hard to please them and make them happy. I am showing all the love I have. Why do you keep yelling at me, hitting me and throwing things at me? I am sorry! I am trying! Please don’t. I just want to be back in a loving home and be happy. Why can I not find a happy life? What did I do to deserve this?

Once again I find myself crying a lot and hoping someone will rescue me from this place. This goes on for a couple of weeks. Uh oh, where are you taking me? Please not the car. I want someone to come rescue me. I do not want to go on a car ride with you. Please no! Where are you taking me? Please do not dump me in the desert. I am so scared curled up in a tiny ball trembling, not knowing what is to come. All I know is that car rides are not good.

What is this house? I remember a place like this from before. The people and dogs are different, but the environment is the same. I just do not understand why I keep getting left at different places with different people. At least these people and dogs seem nice. I think I can be happy here. I hope this one lasts. I am tired of being abandoned places.

Why? Why? Why are they letting someone else take me away? Why doesn’t anyone want me? I promise I will be good. All I ever did was love you. Don’t let them take me away from you! Another terrifying car ride to the unknown, I just want this to stop. I hope these people are nice.

Please stop throwing things at me. No, don’t hit me again. What am I doing wrong? I don’t understand. Teach me through love not violence. How did I end up in another abusive home? Won’t someone ever love me and want to keep me.  Will you please just take me back to the nice place where you got me? Why are they so mean to me? I am so tired of hiding from people and crying.

Oh no…another car ride. I hope they are at least taking me back to that happy home. No such luck, but it looks like another happy home with lots of friends to play with. This one even has a cat and dog door so I can go outside whenever I need. This could be good. Hopefully these people will love me and want to keep me. I really do not want to be taken away or abandoned somewhere again.

Oh great…here I go again. Why did this guy pick me? Is he nice? Is he going to abuse me? I hate car rides! Maybe if I run all over the car climbing everywhere, he will turn around and take me back. No such luck.

It has been 8 years since he picked me up and drove me home. In that time, he has provided me with more than I could have ever dreamed of having. More importantly, he has loved and protected me, never once hitting or throwing things at me. He has spoiled me, trying to help me forget about those first three months of my life. Yes, the above all happened in my first three months. It took me about 2.5 years to get over my abandonment issues and to this day, I am still afraid of unfamiliar objects in someone’s hand. The memories of cruelty run deep, but it was all worth it to find a home where I am loved.

Thank you random driver, basset rescue, foster homes and of course, my loving, loyal companion and friend whom I sleep next to every night, for finding and saving me.

After 11 years by her companion’s side, Cooper passed away in her companion’s arms.


Cooper, February 14, 2004 – May 9, 2015


Vail has invested in some new upgrades and amenities for it’s guests – on and off the slopes. Coming this ski season will be the replacement of the Avanti Express lift (chair 2) with a new high – speed, six passenger chair lift. Avanti Express is a primary lift for the front side of Vail Mountain. Also in Vail and it’s sister Beaver Creek, Vail Resorts will deut EpicMix Time, an app that provides crowd- sourced, real-time liftline wait times. Beaver Creek continues improvements to it’s snowmaking systems to insure good snow even if it hasn’t been plentiful from the sky ! See you on the slopes !!! :)

What a beautiful day.  A few clouds, cool morning with a light frost in East Vail.  I dropped by Concert Hall Plaza and the Vail Fire Station magazine stations to fill up the Gateway Real Estate boxes on my way in to the Vail office to cover floor.  The sun was hitting Gore Creek just right to see many trout on the west side of the Covered Bridge, mostly rainbows and several more than 16 inches log.  On the East side of the International Bridge just outside our office in the Sitzmark Building, they were a little harder to see but there in good numbers.  I pointed them out to a couple visiting town from San Antonio and we had a nice conversation about the Texas Hill Country, especially Marble Falls and the golf courses there at Horseshoe Bay.  I recommended that they try the Blue Bonnet Café in Marble Falls the next time they are there.  What an old time café with down home food!  There is just enough fall color still in the Valley here to make it really great.  Dry weather is predicted for the next  week.  Most golf courses are still open with reduced green fees.  The trails are still without more than a dusting of snow.  There are deals in many of the restaurants.  Come see us.

It’s a beautiful day in Colorado, Bob Essin, 970-376-4484,

There is still some beautiful fall color in the Vail (Eagle) Valley.  The Weather is perfect today for touristing, hiking, fishing, golfing.  You name it and then do it.  Even start looking for that property you intent to use now and/or retire to.  I am in the Edwards office today all day and the Vail office tomorrow.  It’s a beautiful day in Colorado, Bob

Bob Essin , Gateway Real Estate, 970-376-4484,




Vail, CO.


Every year, thousands of skiers head off with some trepidation on their first ski trip. For some, there’s the fear of breaking limbs, immobility thereafter at home and work, and ridicule from peers toward athletic shortfalls.

Some prepare with dry ski slopes in the UK, while others head to the slopes thinking they can do it and thus become a danger to themselves and others. Newbies also don’t prepare well with clothing selection, suited for January vs. April, where choices can pre-determine comfort or misery.

Beginner skier 1.png

Choice of resort can also be part of the happiness factor. Opinion is unanimous in this decision for beginners…depending on budget and ability. resorts that are replete with red and black runs are not advisable, and green is the flavor of the week.

Avoid family and friends’ offers to instruct, and pay willingly the ski-school instructors after an initial evaluation. Also consider resorts based on volume of instructors.

Beginner skier 2.png

No harm in checking the cost of lift tickets either, and adding that to your overall costs to travel. Read reviews of all ski areas on the internet, and especially if you plan on travelling with children, some are more “kid-friendly” than others.

Are you thinking about listing your home in Cordillera? Whether you are in the Territories, Ranch, Divide, or Valley Club, you have options for the broker and company you use for your listing. Here is a little bit about what I can do for you.


As with any listing, having a clear concise marketing strategy is key to maximize the exposure of your property to potential buyers. I will make sure that your home is marketed extensively throughout the Vail Valley through a multitude of websites and social media outlets as well as through special arrangements inside local businesses with a large percentage of clients in the Cordillera, Arrowhead, and Beaver Creek markets. I will do as many open houses as allowed by Cordillera if that is something you desire. Your home will be marketed through Leverage Global Partners to significantly increase the national and international presence. These marketing strategies just scratch the surface of what I will do for you.

In addition to the comprehensive marketing plan, you get a broker that is representing you as a Seller’s Agent. As your Seller’s Agent, I will advise and look out for your best interest when we not only put together our listing agreement, but also when we sit down to go through your offers as only a Seller’s Agent can. Not only are you getting me as a Broker to represent you, but you are also getting an entire Real Estate company working together to make sure you are getting the very best personalized service possible.

With me, you are getting someone who specializes in the Cordillera market and a whole team that not only works and lives in Cordillera, but believes in the fabulous lifestyle that is uniquely Cordillera.

For listing information in Cordillera, please call Greg Peterson at (970) 331-1333.