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Monthly Archives: October 2015

The ski mountain opens November 20.  The town is quiet, and it is a great time to get into properties that are for sale, hint, hint.  We had a short sales meeting at the Edwards office yesterday and then toured properties nearby.  In East Vail I got to clear about 3 inches of snow and ice from the car first.  After the meeting and tour, we went to an open house of four properties in Singletree (aka Berry Creek).  The golf course there was closed as is the Vail course now, but Eagle Ranch and Gypsum Creek (formerly Cotton Ranch) are still open.  I convinced myself that I had other things to do since I did not have a planned game.

The preparations for the ski opening are underway.  My wife Dara Anderson has meetings the 12th,13th, and 14th, and she is taking another first aid course (required every few years) for her snow shoe and cross country skiing teaching job with Vail Resorts.  I am the beneficiary of a dependent ski pass for just a nominal fee. It is nice to be a dependent again.                                                                                                                                                                It’s a beautiful day in Colorado,                                                                                                          Bob Essin                                                                                                                                                          Gateway Real Estate                                                                                                                         970-376-4484                                                                                                     

What a beautiful day.  A few clouds, cool morning with a light frost in East Vail.  I dropped by Concert Hall Plaza and the Vail Fire Station magazine stations to fill up the Gateway Real Estate boxes on my way in to the Vail office to cover floor.  The sun was hitting Gore Creek just right to see many trout on the west side of the Covered Bridge, mostly rainbows and several more than 16 inches log.  On the East side of the International Bridge just outside our office in the Sitzmark Building, they were a little harder to see but there in good numbers.  I pointed them out to a couple visiting town from San Antonio and we had a nice conversation about the Texas Hill Country, especially Marble Falls and the golf courses there at Horseshoe Bay.  I recommended that they try the Blue Bonnet Café in Marble Falls the next time they are there.  What an old time café with down home food!  There is just enough fall color still in the Valley here to make it really great.  Dry weather is predicted for the next  week.  Most golf courses are still open with reduced green fees.  The trails are still without more than a dusting of snow.  There are deals in many of the restaurants.  Come see us.

It’s a beautiful day in Colorado, Bob Essin, 970-376-4484,

There is still some beautiful fall color in the Vail (Eagle) Valley.  The Weather is perfect today for touristing, hiking, fishing, golfing.  You name it and then do it.  Even start looking for that property you intent to use now and/or retire to.  I am in the Edwards office today all day and the Vail office tomorrow.  It’s a beautiful day in Colorado, Bob

Bob Essin , Gateway Real Estate, 970-376-4484,