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Good Snow on the Mountain.  I got my pass but I’m working since and nursing a patella.  The bus on the way in from East Vail was busy, mostly still locals about 50/50 skiing or heading to work or a little bit of both.  Come see us or call or text or email to check out the available property.  Some areas in the Valley are back to 2007-8 prices and above but most are not. If you are going to use it long term and can afford it, it’s always a good time to buy.  It’s a beautiful day in Colorado, Bob

Bob Essin, 970-376-4484,,


When searching for a new canine companion, it’s easy to fall for the energy and adorableness of a puppy. But remember, youth comes with challenges—chewing, housebreaking and obedience training.

If you’re looking for a well-mannered mutt that still has a lot of love to give, consider taking home an older dog. In honor of Adopt a Senior Pet Month, which encourages the adoption of dogs age 7 or older each November, we’re sharing 10 reasons senior pets make wonderful additions to the family. Tracey Stewart, wife of comedian Jon Stewart and well-known animal lover, shares 10 tips from her new book Do Unto Animals.


She says many senior pets were raised in loving homes and have since lost their guardians due to divorce, illness, or death—none of which changed the love between them and their guardians. Seniors are simply looking to share their loving nature with a new family.

1. They come with few surprises. There’s no need to wonder how big they will grow, how often they will need to be groomed, or what their personality will be like. What you see is what you get!

2. Bye-bye, potty-training manuals! Seniors are likely to have already been house-trained—or if they haven’t been, they are physically and mentally ready to pick it up in no time.

3. It’s nice to say things just once. Seniors have been around humans long enough to understand our language. They often know what we are asking or can quickly learn to do as we ask. You can teach an old dog new tricks, and fast!

4. They fit right in. A senior dog or cat has been around the block a few times and has come into contact with many other dogs, cats, and people. Seniors usually know what it takes to effortlessly fit in with a family and can do it with ease.

5. You can relax! Unlike a puppy or kitten being introduced to a home, a senior animal usually isn’t constantly getting into trouble. You don’t have to puppy-proof or kitten-proof your house for months on end.

6. They enjoy brisk walks and don’t ask for much. Older dogs do not require being taken on three runs daily, and they will tire of playing fetch after a short while! Although they do need exercise, seniors are often fine with a nice walk in the morning, aside from potty breaks.

7. Your favorite new shoes will be safe from doggy damage. With their teething years behind them, destructive chewing is usually a thing of the past.

8. Age is just a number. Age doesn’t always mean health problems and expensive medical bills. Young animals can develop health issues as well, and medical bills are usually par for the course throughout an animal’s life. Each animal is an individual and deserves to be viewed without judgment.

9. They give your heartstrings an extra tug. There is something incredibly powerful about providing sanctuary, love, care,
snuggles, and ultimately peace to a senior pet in his or her final years.

10. Short but sweet time spent together. Kids go off to college, people retire, and situations change. Sometimes we might have a more limited period of time to devote to the care of a special animal. You can still benefit from the companionship of a super senior.

Vail Mountain in winter

Vail Mountain opened today with 1,150 acres, one of the biggest open day with this much terrain in years. The skiers and snowboards started camping out at nightfall last night in an effort to claim first chair of the season at Vail.  The true First Chair award will go to the person that gets to Chair 2 first by way of riding Chair 8.  Vail has replaced Chair 2 Avanti Express to a new six-passenger chair.  The ski conditions are great with Vail receiving 38 inches of snow the month of November with more expected to come today and tonight.  The lifts that opened today were both Gondolas; Gondola One and the Eagle Bahn Gondola, along with Chair 2 Avanti Express, Chair 3 Wildwood Express, Chair 4 Mountain Top Express, Chair 8 Born Free Express, Chair 11 Northwoods, Chair 15 Little Eagle and Chair 7 Game Creek Express.

The last chance for the Epic Pass is available through Sunday, November 22.  The Epic Pass is the best season deal in the industry offering unlimited, unrestricted access to Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Keystone and Arapahoe Basin in Colorado, Park City in Utah and Heavenly, Northstar and Kirkwood in Lake Tahoe.  For more details visit:



September Real Estate Sales are the best month yet in 2015 so far according to Land Tile Guarantee Company.  Year to date highs of 236 transactions and a dollar volume of $229.5 million.  The strongest transaction numbers were in Eagle and Gypsum with 55 sales.  The $1 million dollar or less make up the majority of the sales.

  • 141 Sales of $500,00 or less were the 76 of the transactions for the month.
  • 15 sales of properties were for $3 million or more.
  • 4 sales consisted of $5 million or more including a home in Vail Village that sold for $10.9 million.

Arrowhead was the neighborhood with the most dollar volume.  There were 14 sales which generated $36.6 million dollars.  New construction seems to be going on in the valley in Eagle and Gypsum.

I hope you find this information informative.  Please feel free to call me if you have any questions or if I may be of assistance to you in helping with any of your real estate needs in the Vail Valley.  I can be reached at:  (970) 401-3011 or email:  Please visit our website:





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Lots of exciting things are going on in my world lately. First and foremost, is a brand new shiny website to help me stay in touch with everyone.

But don’t worry, my Facebook and Twitter accounts aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. And of course they are link to the website, so you can quit worrying about that.

A few of the highlights you will be able to find are featured properties right on the home page as well as neighborhood specific searches for Vail, Beaver Creek, Arrowhead, Cordillera, Bachelor Gulch, Lake Creek, and Wolcott/Red Sky Ranch.

I also invite everyone to check out my page designated to Leverage Global Partners. Leverage allows me access to market properties on a larger national and international scale. Leverage also gives me full access to small boutique Real Estate companies, like Gateway, all over the world to refer you to regardless of where you are looking to buy or sell.

So, next time you or some one you know is looking to buy or sell, give me a call at 970-331-1333.

Moose Vail

                                                                        Vail, CO

This time of year Vail sees the occasional reminder that wildlife and humans co-exist.

This photo shows Mum and her baby (300lbs) casually munching leaves beside the Gateway Real Estate office on the bridge near Checkpoint Charlie.

Neither moose showed any interest in a new home, despite our requests.