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We dug into our historical records to look at how long home buyers have searched for the homes they purchased over the years and the number of homes they viewed during that process. Our main finding was that despite major changes in the housing market, ups and downs in the economy, and the advent of the digital age, home buyers searched for roughly the same amount of time and looked at the same number of houses in more than three decades. The differences were only a few weeks, not years, and a couple of homes, not hours spent on the search. Let’s look at the minor fluctuations that have occurred.

The Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers report was first launched in 1981. In the 1980’s—1990’s, it was conducted only every two years. By 2004, the survey was conducted every year accompanied by its annual release, marking the report as one of the most popular and insightful research studies on the home buying and selling market from the perspective of consumers.



Decade Trends

  • For most of the 1990’s, home buyers searched for a median of two months; they looked at 12 homes in the early ‘90’s and 10 homes by the end of the decade.
  • For a majority of the 2000’s, home buyers still searched only two months; by 2009—2010 they were looking for nearly three months. During that decade, home buyers looked at a median of 10 homes for most years, with a slight dip to nine homes during 2004—2006.
  • During the 2010’s, home buyers look for homes for 12 weeks until 2014 and 2015 when it bumped back down to only 10 weeks. At the beginning of the decade, buyers looked at a median of 12 homes. In the last four years, they looked at only 10 homes.
  • 2004—2006 home buyers searched for eight weeks and looked at nine homes, the shortest period of time according to the report.
  • 2009—2011 buyers searched for 12 weeks and looked at 12 homes, the longest search time according to the report.


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It appears spring has made it to the Vail Valley a little early this year. The frozen tree branches now drip with melting snow. The “crunch” of the hard packed powder has transformed into the soft “swish” of slush. The solid frozen ice rinks that bound the riverbanks have melted into pools of flowing water that trickles over boulders, providing the perfect grounds for prolific hatches of fish. For the hardcore skiers, this time is a mournful goodbye to the ski season. For fly fishing enthusiasts, however, this is time to rejoice with euphoric anticipation of the upcoming quest for the trophy catch!


Spring is the ideal time to start looking for your families’ private river property as the warm weather patterns melt shelf ice and open up the water to the Eagle River’s largest fish like Rainbow Trout as they become active before the March spawn. Although Colorado fly fishing is extremely popular with locals and tourists alike, owning your own river property puts you a cast before the rest!

Private fishing waters = less anglers = more water to explore! 

fly1    fly2

Raw land with private fishing and water frontage is rare in the Vail Valley, however there are still two of the most premier lots available. Here are some the Vail Valley’s rarest and most pristine waterfront properties to build your dream home, or just to use enjoy the tranquility of Colorado’s beautiful rivers.

21600 Highway 6, Lot #8 | Eagle, CO | $650,000 

61      FLY

This 2.01 acre property located in the Eagle River Estates in Eagle is a fly fisherman’s paradise at an extremely accessible price! The river frontage is flanked by views south to the red river cliffs and the Diamond S Ranch. Only minutes east to golf at Eagle Springs Golf Club and skiing at Arrowhead and Beaver Creek Mountain. To the west, the property is minutes to the convenience of the Eagle Airport. Zoned for outbuilding and animals, this lot is the perfect horse ranch property!

14239 Highway 6 | Eagle, CO | $3,800,000

Fly4      fly3


For those with a taste for acres upon acres of Colorado land to play on, the crème de la crème of Riverfront property awaits! Eagle River Estate’s 14239 Highway 6, 99 acres of mature trees, irigated pastures, a 1900 restored Homesteader’s cabin, and over 3,680 feet of river frontage! This gated lot is accessed through a private gate and bridge and enjoys vistas west to the flat tops and east towards the Gore Range. The 4 parcels can be subdivided.

fly5  fly6

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This blog post was written by Managing Director of Housing Research, Danielle Hale, and Data Analyst, Hua Zhong.

You probably know that home listings go up most often on Thursdays and Fridays. Here is the data to back up your intuition:

  • As we start the New Year, this is a good time to take a look and recap the year behind us to see what insights 2014 holds for 2015. While December 2015 is still preliminary, we can get a good sense of the year by looking at the data we currently have for the past 12 months[1]. In our first posts, we looked at popular and least common closing dates. Here, we’ll take a look at listings.
  • Below, we see the most popular listing days of 2015. Note the strong preponderance of spring dates and obvious lack of weekends.
  • The biggest months for new listings are April, May, and June, followed by March and July. These months alone accounted for roughly half of all new listings in this analysis.
  • While not devoid of new listings, the weekends are obviously not popular days to list. Among weekdays, Fridays and Thursdays are the most common days for new listings to go up, with Mondays and Wednesdays trailing a bit and Tuesdays not too far behind. Tuesdays and weekends are the only days of the week absent in the top 25 days for listings.
  • While home closings exhibit a strong tendency to get done at the end of the month, listings are much steadier throughout the course of the month with a slight tendency to be posted earlier rather than later.
top listingnew listingslisting day

day of month

[1] This analysis considers data from January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015.

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Vail Valley Real Estate Sales in 2015 showed the best numbers since the pre-bust year of 2007.  Vail real estateAccording to Land Title Guarantee Company, the Vail Valley Real Estate market has fully recovered from the economic slump of 2009.  The completed number of transactions were 2,061 with the dollar volume of $1.98 billion. 550 of the sales were from out of state buyers.  2007 broke the record with $2.96 billion in dollar volume.  It is believed that the difference is due to the high end ski in/ski out properties that were sold during that time.  New construction is on the rise with 121 new homes that were built and sold in 2015.  There were also 166 pieces of vacant land sold this past year.

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Are you looking for a great value in Bachelor Gulch? Do you need room for you and your guest? Well, I have the perfect place for you. Settlers Lodge is the place for you and Unit 203 can not be beat for value.

Settlers Lodge 203-small-009-Dining Room2-666x444-72dpi

The listing states: “Enjoy ski slope views from this sunny, south facing condominium in the heart of celebrated Bachelor Gulch. Three spacious bedroom suites complement the great room which boasts hardwood floors & a stone fireplace. The large deck overlooks the ski slopes affording you great views, afternoon sun & gorgeous sunsets! Amenities of hot tub, heated underground parking, elevator access, & private ski locker with boot heaters. Great rental figures, and is, without a question, Bachelor Gulch’s best value!”

Settlers Lodge 203-small-010-Kitchen2-666x444-72dpi

This is truly a fabulous unit at an unbeatable price. You are literally across the street from ski access, maybe 20 yards from your ski locker. Your private deck is overlooking the ski runs, hot tub, and pond while being out of site of your neighbor’s deck.

Only way to fully appreciate everything this beautiful condo has to offer is to check it out in person! To schedule a viewing, please call Greg Peterson at 970-331-1333. 

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We may be a little removed from New Year’s Day, but it’s not too late to make some 2016 resolutions for your home. Here are some ideas to help maintain your home and get it ready to sell!

1. Start a home repair slush fund: Things in your home are going to break and need to fixed. It’s just a fact that comes with home ownership. Rather than letting expensive repairs take you by surprise, start planning for them. Set aside some money each month that you can eventually draw from when an appliance breaks or unexpected damage occurs.

2. Inspect your fireplace: Even if you have a gas fireplace, you should still inspect the valves and ceramic logs yearly to ensure that everything is operating safely and correctly. If you have wood fireplace, hire a certified chimney sweep to do the job.

3. Maintain your garage door: Garage doors are big and heavy, and that puts a lot of stress on the hinges and tracks that are use to open and close the door several times a day. A regularly scheduled $50 inspection could save you hundreds or thousands in the long run.

4.Tune up your furnace: Regular furnace inspections will help identify minor problems before they turn into major ones. Also, set reminders to replace your furnace filter.

5. Clean your coils: The No. 1 refrigerator maintenance task should be cleaning the condenser coils. They can get clogged with hair and dust, reducing your fridge’s efficiency. Have you cleaned yours lately? You can hire a professional to do it, but it’s also an easy do-it-yourself job.


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February 12, 2016, Spring Skiing!  What?  The weather is great today.  Bet the Back softened up?  In the office and could not get up there myself but I’m planning to tomorrow afternoon unless I am showing property.  When you live and work here, sometimes with real life things happening you just have to stop and make yourself go up even for a while.  It helps get everything back into perspective.

It’s a beautiful day in Colorado, Bob

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Minturn development

Battle Mountain Development Company has been rebranded to Crave Community Company.  The developer is seeking approval from the Town of Minturn for a land swap with the U.S. Forest Service, trading Battle Mountain for Meadow Mountain.  If the swap is approved by the Town of Minturn, it will still need town approval before developing.  The first phase of development would be near the Martin Creek Trailhead on the open, flat area south of Highway 24.  The development would feature affordable housing with homes ranging between $200,000 to $500,000 in a neighborhood featuring open areas, trailheads and community gardens.

The second phase of development would be the Bolt’s Lake area which Crave Community Company already owns.  The plan would be to fill the lake and use it as a reservoir.  The development would surround the lake and include a mix of hotels, retail area, affordable housing and second homes.  The final stage could take 15-20 years and is the area closest to Meadow Mountain, east of the recreational and open space.  The main concept is to keep recreation and open space around the Meadow Mountain area. For more information the Crave Community Company will be hosting an open house on Thursday, February 11th between 6 to 8 pm at the town of Minturn offices located at 302 Pine Street.

It’s a blue sky day in Vail.  New snow is out of the forecast for the week but we don’t need any for a while.  We live here for the blue sky days, winter-spring-summer-fall.  They always add a little zip to your skiing, extra carry to your golf ball, and a little spring to your step on a hike or trip of any kind to the high country,  The only draw back to a blue sky day is getting the fish to hit.  If you get tired of skiing or golfing or biking or hiking or touristing in the shops, get a guide and try the fishing.  For the last few years, there have been national and international fishing contests in the Eagle and Pitkin County streams and creeks.  There are also great entertaining and intellectual opportunities in the area.  When you need a break from having a great time, give me a call and lets check out the local real estate scene.

It’s a beautiful day in Colorado, Bob Essin, 970-376-4484,,

Are you contemplating about whether you are buying or building yourself a custom-made home? Newly renovated homes can be very heart warming, but nothing would beat a custom-made home that have considered all your needs today and in the future. An old home renovated to fit your needs can carry with it a lot of character, but a house that has been especially designed for you will make your living conditions even more special.


Apart from the serious maintenance problems that come with old homes, here are the tops reasons why a custom-built home is perfect for you. This list will convince you that getting your home built from scratch should be the only way to go.

Your house will look like its own

You don’t have to live in a house that looks much like other people’s houses. When you have a custom builder plan ahead for you, they will make sure that their design will fit your personal taste. It is not just about having the right number of rooms or having the toilet positioned where you want it to. It is about having a home that fits your life now and is prepared for what the future may bring.

Unparalleled Construction

If you want to be careful in choosing all the details of your home, a custom built home is for you. Not only will you be involved in the planning, but you will be able to witness how your home is built. More importantly, if something goes wrong in the future, you will be the knowledgeable home owner that you are. Knowing all the nicks and knacks of your home should always be a priority.

Amazing Landscape


The outdoor space of your home should also be included in the planning. The indoors is not the only part of your house. You have to make sure that you invest in your outdoor space too. Keep in mind that a beautiful outdoor space will improve the value of your home by as much 30%.

One of the biggest worries that homeowners have about custom built homes is the cost. And yet when you look at the bigger picture, investing in a home that is built with your needs in mind is more cost-efficient than buying a house with all the parts gone wrong.

For more information on finding the perfect lot to build your dream custom home, call Greg Peterson at 970-331-1333. Home sites available throughout the Vail Valley in Vail, Beaver Creek, Cordillera, Bachelor Gulch, and many other communities.