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Please join the Vail Valley Art Guild for their First Friday ~ Art of the Valley Gallery Exhibit this Friday, April 1st!

What:  Animals and Birds Art Exhibit exclusively featuring art in many mediums by local artists including my dear friend and local artist, Becky Kiser!  Sample of her work below!

When:  5:30pm-8pm Friday April Fool’s Day!

Where:  Art of the Valley Gallery located east of The Nest in Chapel Square!  Complimentary Wine and Cheese will be served.


Also, the Abstract Exhibit continues through April 15th, a must see!  This exhibit features internationally collected artist Don Sahli and below is his piece entitled “Soul of Sunset.”


If you would like to be in touch with the Vail Valley Art Guild, give me a call at 970.926.6777!  Bethany


Did you know that Cordillera was selected as one of the top 25 golf communities in the nation, and the only one in that group which is in Colorado?  Cordillera has three world-class 18 hole golf courses, the Tom Fazio-designed Valley course, the Mountain course designed by Hale Irwin, and a Jack Nicklaus Signature Summit course at an altitude of 9100 feet.  Also in Cordillera is the Dave Pelz-designed 10-hole Short Course, where the Pelz organization teaches its short game techniques.

Cordillera Cimarron enclave home for sale

The community activities in Cordillera are endless.  There are tennis facilities and both indoor and outdoor swimming pools.  There are athletic centers, an ice rink, the Vail Valley’s premier Nordic ski terrain, 23 miles of hiking trails, an equestrian center, and over one mile of private Blue Ribbon trout river.  Small trout in the several community ponds which are stocked are 16 inchers!

Cordillera real estate semi-custom enclave homes start at about $800,000, and unique custom homes range to over 9000 square feet.  There are lots available on which one could build a dream home, but there are always excellent luxury home choices available.

To learn more, contact Lai White with Gateway Land and Development Real Estate at 970-471-2207.




A recent article in the Vail Daily summarized data compiled by the Land Title Guarantee Company on seven Colorado mountain resort counties that indicated promising signs of a recovering Vail real estate market.  Eagle County, home of Vail and Beaver Creek ski resorts, as well as the Cordillera and Singletree golf communities, had almost $2 billion in sales in 2015 on over 2000 transactions.




The decline in foreclosure sales has been significant.  While comprising almost 20% of the 2010 sales, in 2015 the foreclosure sales were only 1.9% of the total.  Also, the big increase in volume in the resort markets indicates that the demand for second homes has made a resurgence.  There has been a strong primary home market in the Denver area for several years as businesses and young people have discovered the excellent year round active life style that Colorado offers, and that has undoubtedly helped the resort markets.  Of the seven mountain resort counties, Eagle County was second in new construction units sold, which is a double digit increase over 2014.

All this bodes well for both buyers and sellers.  For sellers, prices are increasing.  For buyers, even the risk averse are realizing that we are emerging from a long slump, and that this is an excellent time to make a purchase.

For more information on Vail Valley, Singletree and Cordillera real estate, contact Lai White with Gateway Land and Development Real Estate at 970-471-2207.


Don Galgan, or Who is Writing All of These Silly Blogs? 

More than twenty years ago in an article in the Vail Daily Don Galgan was described as a “Long Time Local”, a term which has special meaning in Vail.   In a place where many come and go, those who have remained have been witness to the maturing process of our community.  In 2007 Don left the Vail Valley but returned in 2013.   This absence only served to enhance his exuberance and concern for the community.  All of us who have chosen to live here had a variety of reasons for coming in the first place, and an even greater variety of reasons for staying.

“In many respects we are no different from those who came to the mountains in the 1880’s to settle and seek a new lifestyle.  Of course, our interests are more recreationally oriented, but the spirit remains the same.”

Since moving to Vail in 1972, Don has been involved in various businesses, including a cashmere store, ski movies – including the Charlie’s Angels movie filmed in Vail in 1979, the restaurant business (Don was the original general partner in Vendettas), and, of course, real estate.

Upon his return to the Vail Valley Don joined Gateway Real Estate and is operating out of the Vail Village office in the Sitzmark building.  “I am extremely happy to be back in Vail, and very excited to be working with Suzi Apple and her great company” says Don.  “Suzi has been one of the mainstays of the Vail area – in real estate as well as numerous aspects of the growth of our community.”

During his career Don was involved in the redevelopment of the Casino Building, the first major tear down and replacement on Bridge Street, and was the broker for the sale and eventual resale of the original Covered Bridge Building next to Vail’s iconic Covered Bridge.  “These as well as many other projects in Vail have given me a strong desire to see our town grow and accept change, at the same time preserving the essence of the village that brought us all here in the first place.  It is a balancing act to some degree – blending the old with the inevitable changes – but everyone can be proud of the community and lifestyle we have maintained.”

Don has also participates in the artistic side of Vail, having served on the board of directors for the Vail Valley Arts Council, and as a photographer and oil painter, exhibiting in various shows and galleries.

“One of the best aspects of working in the real estate business in the Vail area is that we meet and frequently become good friends with people from all over the world.  What better place to live or vacation than the Vail Valley; our friends and families will always want to come to visit us.”  Don’s daughter, Frances, is a junior at the University of Oklahoma, and she is very proud of being a Vail native and she loves coming home for her holidays and vacations.

“It is wonderful to be back home in Vail, and I look forward to the next many years as our town and the unique opportunities it offers continue to grow.”

Don Photo

For information on real estate in the Vail Valley contact Don Galgan:  970-331-4190,  or       



Vail Skier


Vail Resorts with a bit of help from Mother Nature, has just announced the 2015-2016 ski season will be extended from the original closing date of April 10 to April 17.

Ski passes will continue to be good through the new closing date, and all facilities and businesses plan to remain open as well.  A large sigh of gratitude was undoubtedly heard throughout the retail community.

The free concert featuring the Chris Robinson Brotherhood at the Solaris venue will occur Friday, April 8, and the World Pond Skimming Championships will be held April 10.

Vail has occasionally extended its season when snow conditions allowed, but the cost and logistics of such extended seasons have become more and more prohibitive.


Thank you, Vail Resorts – and, of course, Mother Nature.
Don Photo

For information on Vail Real Estate or the Vail Valley in general, please contact Don Galgan at:  970-331-4190, or


st b best

Characters I Have Known in Vail  –  Toby, A Dog’s Life

Toby was a beautiful and particularly large Saint Bernard.  He came to Vail quite by accident in 1974.  I was driving through Fairplay on my way to Vail to host a housewarming party in my new place in Lionshead.  There was a sign in the Fairplay hotel which read:  “St. Bernard for Sale, Inquire Within.”

I inquired within and Toby appeared.  As the owner was explaining how he was not friendly to strangers, he put his massive head in my lap and looked up at me like a huge puppy.  Off we went to the housewarming party.  My roommate greeted me with an absolute and emphatic statement: “No dogs, especially a St. Bernard.”  As the roommate railed on, several attractive young ladies pounced on Toby and began to hug him. Toby was in Heaven.  In mid-sentence my roommate changed direction, announcing: “That’s my dog.”

Feeding Toby was something of a concern, until November when Toby stopped eating altogether.  I made an appointment with the veterinarian, which I soon cancelled.  One evening as I walked outside looking for our wandering canine, I saw him sitting outside the steak house next door.  He was surrounded by several smaller dogs as they waited for the next restaurant patron to emerge.  Now, if you and your family are eating dinner in a steak house, in a ski area, and it is snowing, what do you do with a ‘doggie bag’?  I was told some patrons actually saved portions of their dinner for Toby  who ate steak and prime rib all winter.  We literally did not buy dog food until the spring off season.

st b hat

Toby would occasionally get picked up for vagrancy, and he loved being penned up with the other dogs.   Unfortunately, he had a habit of tearing down the chain link fence at the temporary pound when it was dinner time, thus releasing all the other dogs as well.   My fines did mount up.

Toby had a particular affection for porcupines – for dinner.  He had to have surgery to remove quills on more than one occasion, and if you have never tried to pick up a St. Bernard still ‘drunk’ on anesthetic, you have missed an interesting problem in how to carry a body.  He once swallowed a small porcupine whole.  At the vet he heaved and coughed and eventually threw up the animal, still whole.  He almost immediately jumped off the table and was ready to go home.

Toby even rode the town bus on occasion, and would hop off at the Covered Bridge to wander around the Village.  He was usually easy to find around Vail and Lionshead because there was always a sizable pack of dogs with him, but Toby was clearly the alpha dog.

He eventually fell in love with a small husky, and I reluctantly allowed him to move to the suburbs, where I am told he lived out his life happily and in comfort.

st b and husky

Toby was a very special friend!


Don Photo

For more information regarding Vail Valley medical facilities, or about real estate in the Vail Valley, please contact Don Galgan:  970-331-4190, or



Price Reduced to $1,695,000

Take advantage of the recent $100,000 price reduction on this beautiful home located in the very desirable Cimmaron neighborhood in Edwards,CO! Soaring wrap-around windows capture gorgeous views across the fairways and in the distance to Castle Peak. The gourmet kitchen with slab granite and top-of-the-line appliances opens to a cozy nook. The outdoor living is without peer and includes expansive decks, patios and mature landscaped gardens.

166-Cmron_14 cimm

Contact Suzi Apple at Gateway Land & Development Real Estate to view this stunning home!

Cell (970) 376-5417      Office (970) 790-6777

3 stooges

You could not do this today – The story of a humerus surgery.

For many people in Vail the relaxed lifestyle has been one of the major attractions.  We take our work and responsibilities very seriously, but we are not tense about life.

The Vail Valley Medical Center is one of the best medical facilities available anywhere, and people come from all over the world too be treated, especially for orthopedic needs.

An episode in the Vail Valley Medical Center several years ago illustrates what was then a more relaxed attitude – not about the medical treatment – but about events preceding treatment.

A local Vail resident, who was and still is a world-class athlete, in summer as well as winter activities, was in need of surgery on his leg.  He was apprehensive, having never had any major medical problems.  He confided to some of us at the real estate office where he worked that he had dreamed that one of us was his surgeon.  He nervously laughed as he told us, but our reaction was instant.

Fast forward to the day of surgery:

The surgeon was a friend and agreed with our plan.  When our friend was given preliminary sedation and placed on the table to be rolled into the operating room, he was taken not to the prepared and sterile room, but to another room.  Three of us were gowned up and waiting for the patient.  He was told there were some surgeons visiting from Australia, and asked if they could observe the procedure.  He was a bit lightheaded and agreed.  As he lay waiting for the sedation to take effect the three visiting surgeons began to bend over the table and stare at him very closely.  He began to feel uncomfortable, so we pulled down our masks and assured him that this was our first surgery so we would be very careful.  We also told him we would save him a lot of money for the surgery,

He sat straight up, looked at us, rolled his eyes back in his head and went right back down on the table.  He was, of course, then properly prepared and taken to the correct room for surgery –  without the visiting surgeons.  The doctor was literally doubled over laughing, as were some of the other surgical staff.  One person was, however, not at all amused – the chief surgical nurse (Shades of Hot Lips Hooihan?)

hot lips

Thanks to the professional staff and excellent doctor the patient came through with flying colors,  but I doubt if that procedure will ever be repeated…


Don Photo

For more information regarding Vail Valley medical facilities, or about real estate in the Vail Valley, please contact Don Galgan:  970-331-4190, or


horse 6

A Horse’s Tale

There are numerous books, which either include Vail or which are exclusively about Vail.  Most of these are very upbeat, beautifully photographed and explore the glamorous side of one of the world’s great ski resorts.

There are also countless stories and events which, for various reasons, have generally not been included in books.  These stories could be termed (with a nod to Paul Harvey) the rest of the story.  Among such tales is one, which has been retold so many times it has, undoubtedly, been enhanced.

As the story goes, there was a bar located in Vail Village on the southwest corner of Gore Creek Drive and Bridge Street and it was run by a well-known local resident.  One of the frequent patrons was an equally well-known individual who had a strong, larger-than-life personality.  The patron, it is said, would frequently ride a horse into the bar, which often resulted in the horse leaving a “calling card” on the floor.  The owner, in an attempt to put a halt to this occurrence – without totally alienating a good patron – announced that if the horse ever again left a “calling card”, the horse and owner would both be “86ed” from the bar for the season.

Shortly thereafter the patron rode his horse into the bar and the owner immediately began to evict them both.  The patron argued that the horse had not made a mess.  The owner relented, and the patron ordered a beer.   Shortly, however, the horse’s tail rose and everyone held their breath.   Before the horse could finish it’s business the patron grabbed a cowboy hat from a visitor sitting at the bar and caught the horse’s attempt to have them thrown out.  The hat was then handed back to the visitor and the beer drinking retuned, for the time-being, to normal.

Don Photo

For information on Vail area real estate or activities contact Don Galgan at 970-331-4190, or…and be sure to stay tuned for more on the untold stories in Vail.



This is my wonderful friend, competitor and apparently the Easter Bunny, Scot Webster, and his beautiful Wife Erica enjoying, what for them I would assume is, a typical day skiing Vail Mountain!

Scot Webster


How do I know they are skiing Vail Mountain as opposed to Beaver Creek?  I see the stunning Gore Range in the background.! Why do I know they are skiing versus riding?  I see their skiis in the photo!  Why would I write about my competitor of 2 decades on my real estate blog?  Because Scot is a wonderful REALTOR, an honorable competitor and well….he’s just plain FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May you know peace and grace over the Easter Holiday!  Have fun, eat well, tell those you care about that you love them!  And watch for the Easter Bunny!  As you can see from above, you just never know when or where that Bunny will show up!