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Wild flowers

Real Estate in the Vail Valley is known to be expensive but the real action is taking place at the lower-end of the market, in the $500,000 and under price range according to Land Title Guarantee Company which uses the data from the Eagle County Clerk and Recorder’s Office.

Sales in the Eagle and Gypsum area made up a good portion of the real estate sales for May.  There were 178 transactions for the month of May and 67 of the transactions were in Eagle and Gypsum.  56 percent of the transactions were priced under $500,000. You can now buy for less than you can rent and the lack of rental inventory is driving those quick sales under $500,000. The highest priced sale in May was a Bachelor Gulch home which sold for $8.35 million.

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The annual community early season get-together at Cordillera followed a Hawaiian theme this year, and it was a huge success.  Ladies were greeted at the door of the Timber Hearth Grille with leis, and once inside, guests were surrounded by table after table of fine drinks and wonderful food.  I especially liked the lobster and ono skewers and tuna sashimi.  Premier vodka was served not on the rocks, but by pouring it through an ice sculpture to instantly chill it.  Wine choices were extensive.  The live Hawaiian band played at a low volume so guests could make new acquaintances and renew old ones.  Like every event put on by the community or the golf club, from the weekly wine tasters to the multiple day golf tournaments, this was another first class soiree in the Cordillera tradition.

Yesterday was the very popular cross country golf tournament, hosted at The Valley Course.  The Troon staff redesigned the course for the day, with most holes going from one of the regular tracts to the green on another.  What a blast!  Our team finished in third place!  The dinner afterward included shrimp on the surf side and elk steaks on the turf side.  Events like these make year round living in Cordillera a winning lifestyle.

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Lifeitsownself Vail 6-25-16


It’s starting out like another Blue Bird Day, not a cloud in the sky, cool, shirt sleeves or t-shirt or sleeveless.  Streams are running high but clear, lots to do.  Nice article in the Vail Daily about fishing.  Do it, come to Vail.  Get out of the heat where you are now.


It’s a beautiful day in Colorado, Bob Essin, Gateway Real Estate,,, 970-376-4484


Take the Gondola up to the top of Vail Mountain and enjoy a guided Nature Hike any day of the week from 11-12 or 2-3!

Vail3  Vail1

On Thursdays and Saturdays from 7p-8p an awesome evening hike is another option available for you to get out and come alive with nature! There is no fee for any of these beautiful hikes.

Vail5  Vail4



Be sure to wear/pack the proper attire, including comfortable walking/hiking shoes and bring water! Don’t forget your Ski Pass to ride the Gondola at no charge or purchase a Gondola round-trip ticket for $34 

Local business leaders are less bullish on their prospects over the next year.  Eagle County claims a very low 3.1 percent unemployment, and finding employees is getting more difficult.  Over half of local businesses report having vacant positions.  A leading cause is the lack of homes to rent.  At the same time, the prices of those homes is escalating rapidly.

The silver lining on this cloud is that there is a golden opportunity for investors in rental properties.  We have had recent success prospecting with owners of second home condos in finding willing sellers not currently listed in the market.  If you have considered buying property for investment purposes, do not be discouraged by having few choices.  We can help!

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~Colorado Rocky Mountains~

How about touring some of your favorite area’s in the Vail Valley via horseback? The Vail Valley offers many riding opportunities from a unique Trail Ride to packing in for an overnight getaway!

Beaver Creek Stables offers one to two hour horseback riding, a three hour Picnic ride or Dinner rides to Beaver Lake or Beano’s Cabin at the top of Beaver Creek Mountain!

Beaver Lake     horse2


Bearcat Stables offers many types of rides. On Tuesday nights, a

“Ranch Style” Dinner is featured,  along with many other activities.

Don’t miss the

Tuesday Night Extravaganza!



Vail Stables provides a daily Horse Camp for kids 6-12! Kids 3-6 can enjoy a Pony Camp and 3-10 year old’s can take part in a Cowboy Camp!

Vail Stables motto is:

 “Always be yourself, unless you can be a Cowboy, then always be a Cowboy…” 

Vail Stables

Happy Trails to You!

It is highly unusual for lions and bears in Colorado to attack humans, but a lion attack on a five year old boy recently happened in Woody Creek near Aspen.  The lion had the boy’s head in its jaws when his arrived. The brave woman pried open the jaws of the lion, grabbed her child and ran.  The boy suffered the worst lacerations on his cheek, but his prognosis is fine.  A small lion was sighted in the vicinity by officials and shot.

Mountain lion cubs

If you ever encounter a bear or lion in Colorado, do not run.  Stand erect with your arms raised to look as large as possible, and make a lot of noise.  Slowly back away.  If attacked, FIGHT BACK.   Black bears are not like grizzlies, so forget about playing dead.  Remember the old adage about sticks and stones.

When in the mountains hiking, jogging or biking, it is a good idea to wear bells attached to your shoe laces or something else that makes continual noise.  This will help prevent you rounding a corner and startling a bear or lion.  Cubs of either species may be cute, but momma is always near by and very protective.  Do NOT get between them!

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GO PRO was last week.  This week it is KING OF THE MOUNTAIN, the USA’s largest  2- person VOLLEYBALL tournament.  It isn’t summer on the calendar yet but it feels like summer.  It is a great time to be in Vail.  The high trails and lakes above 10,500 feet have not melted of ice and snow, but snow shoes are fun, easy to rent.and use.  The creeks and streams are high but running clear.  The last several mornings have been in the high 40s with the daily high in the 70s. The golf courses and restaurants and shops are all open.   The River Rafting on Gore Creek is great and we can see it from our office window on the North side.  Come and see us.  Have a great Father’s day tomorrow.  It’s a beautiful day in Colorado, Bob

Bob Essin, Gateway Real Estate,,, 970-376-4484

tiny house 1

The movement of the tiny houses has really picked up within the last 5 years, it’s a journey in size from normal sized dwellings into homes as small as 200 square feet.  People are going to tiny houses for several reasons; to scale down on possessions, the desire to travel more, being able to buy a house outright, an attraction to green or eco-friendly living and not be tied to a mortgage or a lease on an apartment.

tiny house 2

So how do you live in 200 square feet of cozy?  You have everything you need.  The most important tip for maximizing the space in a tiny house is scale.  Tall cabinets, floor to ceiling drapes and other elements that draw the eye upward can help a small space look larger.  Light colors definitely make the space feel bigger and reflect the natural light.  The more natural light, the bigger the room is going to look.  Incorporate storage into the pieces of furniture like a coffee table or a bed and mounting lights instead of having them take up space on the table.

You can take a tiny house for a test drive for an overnight or a weekend.  There are a few options in Colorado where you can see if a tiny house is are right for you.  WeeCasa Tiny House Hotel in Lyons, Colorado is the biggest in terms of square footage with 10 individual units.  Most are less than 200 square feet with beds, bathrooms and kitchenettes.  The rates start at $139.00 a night.  Tiny House Rental in Colorado Springs, Colorado you may experience tiny in a big way at Garden of the Gods RV Resort.  These can be rented by the night starting at $129.99 per night during high season with a two night minimum stay.

Tiny may not be for everyone but there are benefits that can be taken away from living small.


Just check the VAILDAILY.COM for the scope of the Go Pro Mountain Games that have been happening here.  Serious and/or just Fun competitions.  The crowds have been huge.  In Vail Village yesterday it was as crowded almost as July 4.  And it is happening for 4 days.  Today’s paper at VAILDAILY.COM on page A21 has a great picture of the people at one of the events on the bridges and along Gore Creek.  The BLUE AWNING almost in the center of the picture is the Gateway Real Estate Vail office.  Come and see us when you are in town.  We are right in the center of everything.  It’s a beautiful day in Colorado, Bob

Bob Essin, Gateway Real Estate,,, 970-376-4484