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Good morning and welcome to the last weekend in October!

Following are the stats provided on the Vail Valley MLS this morning…

NEW LISTING – Six new, 3 residential, 2 land, & 1 rental, pricing range from $2900-/mo to $999K.  Listings are in several areas, call for details.

PRICE REDUCTIONS – There are only two decreases from list price, one of $24,100- on a residential, & a price drop on a commercial building lease, call for details.

UNDER CONTRACT – Five properties have come UNDER CONTRACT with pricing ranging from $233,100 to $829K with one of those a partial ownership for $169K.

Finally, the SOLDS, Eleven new owners in the Valley. These SOLDS were purchased for $280K – $1.565M.  They are located in Avon, Edwards, Eagle, & Gypsum.

If you may be interested in any additional info, call me, 313 600 8330.

Thx  dean

What a chilling idea for a  Road Trip this ominous Halloween weekend!


If you dare to explore these capitivating destinations you can begin your adventure Northeast of Silverton at Animas Forks, listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Once an enlivened mining town reliant on the Gold Prince Mill, now all that remains are the deserted homes and businesses and possibly a few misplaced spirits from the past…

 Animas Forks

animas1 animas

 Next stop…St Elmo, where a few current residents are known to mingle with former residents of this enchanting town. Maybe saddle up to the bar in one of the saloon’s and feel the effects of more then one kind of Spirit!

St. Elmo

 st elmo1 st elmo

Next you are off to Climax! At 11,360 feet above sea level, this was the highest human settlement in the United States! Nearby, the Molybdenum Mine reopened operations in 2012, but the town of Climax remains forlorn and mysterious for those who dare to explore what remains of this bygone era!


Climax Climax

If you haven’t been dispirited yet, then you are a true Ghost Town “die hard”! You are now off to Independence, where gold was first discovered on July 4, 1879! At one time 1,500 residents called Independence their home, if you’re lucky you might run into one or two…..Independence Pass was named after this town!


Independence1 Independence

If you’ve made it this far unscathed, then Eureka is your final destination! Nestled along the Animas River, Eureka’s lively hood stemmed from the mill, it’s remains resemble ancient ruins in an abstract way.


Eureka EurekaCO

Be safe and enjoy your adventure!

Happy Halloween from Gateway Real Estate  ~  ghost Bahahahah!!



Castle Peak is the very first of its kind – a senior center for the Vail Valley. The nearest similar facility  is in Carbondale, a distance away.  Now, the senior citizens can come back home to the area where they have lived for a long time, or for those parents who need to be near their families again, they can stay in this well decorated nursing home.

The assisted living facility has everything you need at your fingertips.  So much joy and celebration!  The 62,000 squarefoot Castle Peak spread will be homes to 64 residents ranging from nursing care beds, assisted living apartments, memory care beds and transitional care units.

I am so thrilled for this development, since I may be needing it in the future, and I just never want to leave the Vail Valley – the Happy Mountains.


For more information about Vail Real Estate, please contact me at 970-471-2207 or


The Turntable Restaurant has been an iconic staple in Minturn since the town was formed.  The long time owner, Darla Goodell passed away last year and the future of the Turntable was unknown.  It was scheduled for demolition in the late 1990’s when the railroad began disposing of all of it’s structures, but a town petition helped keep it open.  The co-owners of the Westside Café in West Vail Mike Dennis and Steve Soloman along with their partner Ryan Thompson took over the restaurant and motel in September.

The establishment is keeping it’s name and are focusing on the rich history of Minturn for it’s design.  The menu is still being worked out.  The new owners hope to keep some of the classic items such as the Boo’s Burritos, green chili and the malts.  Upgrades to the restaurant include a grab-and-go, similar to what the Westside Café does, as well as an improved outdoor deck for skiers and snowboarders finishing the Minturn Mile from Vail this winter.

The new owners also intend to renovate and upgrade the motel part of the Turntable, which is about 62 rooms.  There will be a mix of nightly and short term rentals as well as seasonal and long term rentals.  Below the restaurant is the old railroad turntable, which was used to turn around locomotives and send them on their way.  Minturn’s history is so deeply rooted with the railroad system, so saving the restaurant is keeping a bit of the railroad heritage alive.  The Turntable Restaurant is scheduled to open in mid-December.




I summer

Why do we call this wonderful time of year Indian Summer? There are many theories, “Indian Giver” is one of the better known sources for this term. 


Indian Summer refers to very unseasonable warm and dry weather in late Autumn. There is usually a cold spell with frost preceding this most pleasurable time of year, which lures many into pondering what Winters blustery days might bring! Instead, much to our satisfaction, Indian Summer creeps in, giving us one last opportunity to savor the fading impressions of Summer…Never quite knowing if this magical time will be snatched away in an instant, much like the reputation of an Indian Giver!

  Canoe condola

Indian Summer here in the Vail Valley usually continues into mid-November, which means there’s still plenty of time left to get out there and take in the beauty that surrounds us!

              dand   barefeet 

Tread Lightly……


Homes are selling! And selling in locations that have been sluggish to sell…

Image result for sold

Buckle up if you’ve been on the ride that is the real estate market here in Vail Valley…

Currently the market is hot here! Fairly, and honest priced homes are moving faster then ever right now. The crucial key to these homes moving is pricing! 

Down valley have generated more sales then surrounding area such as Beaver Creek, Edwards, Avon etc (up Valley). The Eagle market, along with the rest of the Down Valley is as busy as it’s been in years. The idea is that when the home is priced right, it will sell. Reason for such activity is that homes priced in the $500,000.00 are being sold quick simply  there is not enough inventory in that price range.

Long time local realtors here in the Valley are expressing that while homes are selling there still seems like the need for more housing opportunites. Offering a diversity for potential home owners makes for more colorful communities here.


NOW is the time to sell, please contact me, Lai White at 970-926-6777  or  970-471-2207 OR


Good morning…

images (1)


Trick or Treat day @ Riverwalk in Edwards for 10a-1p come on by for your TREAT!

Here are the stats as of this morning…

NEW LISTINGS – One new, a time share @ Four Seasons in Vail, about 3 weeks/yr…list price $280K


PRICE REDUCTIONS – Four price reductions, 2 residential & 2 time share…2 residential are $20K & $54K…the 2 time shares $20K & $6500-

UNDER CONTRACT – Seven properties are now under contract, list prices range from $250K-$499K for improved properties and $65K-$269K for vacant land

FINALLY, SOLDS…Eleven are now sold…residential improved sold prices are from $367,500- thru $9.5M…land which has sold ranges from $180K to $360,500-

If you have any questions or would like more info…

CALL ME @ 313 600 8330

Enjoy your day!

dean quint

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Eagle County‘s first Trophy Home dates back 6,000 years! Built buy nomadic Native Americans, the historical, well preserved Yarmony Pit House was in use through the 1800’s. Native American’s nestled at this site during the long Colorado winters, using this habitation for hunting grounds for thousands of years! They gathered here prior to the Anasazi  Indians creating Colorado’s Mesa Verde and well before the Great Pyramids of Egypt or Stonehenge were erected!


First unearthed in 1987 near State Bridge, the Yarmony Pit House is one of Colorado‘s oldest archaeological sites. Discovered accidentally during a routine road improvement project, Yarmony Pit House soon changed the previously held perception as to how far north Native Americans wintered.

images (1)


Over 4,000 unscathed artifacts were unearthed during the excavation headed by Michael D. Metcalf. To preserve the Yaromony site, archaeologist’s have back-filled the area with sand. This not only preserves the integrity of the pit houses, but will also allow future archaeologist’s to re-explore this area without further contamination or erosion to the site. Metcalf would like to expand the survey to include more of Colorado’s River valleys with the intent of discovering more Native American Pit Houses, which will in turn fill in some of the gaps in our Colorful Colorado history!


whistler blackcomb trail map

Epic Pass News – Whistler Blackcomb is now officially owned by Vail Resorts.  The deal officially closed as of October 17, 2016 for $1.4 Billion.  Epic Pass holders will now be granted five days at Whistler Blackcomb during the 2016-2017 season.  Whistler Blackcomb pass holders will be granted 5 days at Vail Resorts.  There will be some blackout dates involved. The Epic Pass will include unlimited access to Whistler Blackcomb next season 2017/18 and Vail Resorts CEO has stated the price of the pass will not go up.

Whistler Blackcomb is the largest ski resort in North America with over 8,000 acres of skiable terrain and has been named North America’s No. 1 overall ski resort by Ski Magazine three years in a row.  Whistler also offers Heli Skiing with exclusive rights to 432,000 acres of big mountain terrain that includes 173 glaciers and 475 runs.  Whistler Heli Skiing takes you the extra distance.

For more information on Vail Resorts Epic Passes, please visit:



The Walking Mountains Science Center in Vail offers an endless variety of outdoor experiences! Time is running out for their 2016 guided day hikes. Have your gear packed for possible inclement weather, along with your lunch, snacks and plenty of fluids! Adult’s $80 / $75 for VRD taxpayers.

October 18th – Buck Creek

October 21st – Bighorn Creek

October 25th – Gore Lake

October 28th – Colorado Trail to Tennessee Pass

You can register now via this

Walking Mountains Science Center link, or call 970-827-9725