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Enjoy gathering local hand made gifts and holiday cheer?

Minturn’s annual Winter Holiday Market is nearing beginning on December 3rd  from 10AM until 2PM

Now this small town Holiday market is only open Saturday December 3rd and Saturday December 10th so we at Gateway, (strong supporter of shopping locally)  urge you to check out this great Winter market!


Located in charming downtown Minturn,only about 6 or so miles west of Vail Valley, the Winter market offers an assortment of edible home baked treats to hand made jewelry, clothing and crafts! Fun family affair that includes toasting s’mores and even a visit by Santa himself!

What a better way to get into the Holiday season then to start December off by shopping for Holiday gifts! Open snow or shine!

Happy Holidays from Gateway!


If you are familiar with the wonderful Vail Village in the Winter  then you may be familiar with it’s tricky seasonal parking…

Image result for winter parking

This season the town of Vail is now offering a variety of five parking pass options to locals.  Now is the time folks before we get a powder day and you’re running late to work….

All you need is proof of employment, residency or property ownership…Value card holders from previous seasons are encouraged to pop by the Municipal Building to activate new cards.

Vail Transit has added serivce to West Vail, East Vail, Sandstone, Golf Course and Lionshead loop routes to help commuters in the early Winter season.  Come Friday the full Winter transit schedule will be in affect!

Safe Travels everyone!

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For more information on Vail Transit please visit HERE

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The Winter time brings with it a promise of speeding down steep slopes here in beautiful Vail Village! While hugely different in approach, yoga and skiing are in reality hugely complementary. Here in Vail we have many adventure driver residents who thrive on excitement!

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Skiing and snowboarding are a mix of agility and dexterity achieved over time, regardless if our practice is for an entire season or just a weekend holiday squeezed into our busy schedule. While yoga offers a sense of calm, meditative movements facilitated by breath.  And as every annual skier or snowboarder knows we active muscles on the mountain that aren’t always engaged in the “off seasons”.  So let’s be mindful when warming up so we don’t suffer and interrupt our après-ski indulgences….

Here are my favorite asanas for strengthening thighs:

Forward bend: Offers your hamstrings a deep stretch as it loosens the calve muscles – with your weight in the heels exhale fully here and be sure to support yourself with props that allow you completely fold over and out of your hip crease.

Warrior pose: Stretches hip flexors and hamstrings on the back of the legs while activating your feet, ankles, glutes and quads on the front of the leg. For alignment sake, take a peek down at your front bent leg making sure you can see your big toe!

Chair pose: This is a tough one for me but so beneficial, it’s the classic ski and board pose warming up and building strength in the legs.  Try and keep both legs together fully activated while weight is in the heels of the feet, try and lift your toes here to ensure your weight is well spread!

Reclined cobblers pose: very important as it can prevent knee injury when properly executed. This pose improves the flexibility in your inner thighs!

Warming up your hip flexors is vital as we maximize agility here while skiing and snowboarding.  When we build more strength in our hip flexors we are creating a base of equilibrium and muscle foundation which in turn improves the support to our upper body!

Engaging the core muscles of the abdomen enhances good turns on the slopes and alleviates pressure form the knees, protecting the joints from injury.

Asanas for maximizing core strength:

Tree pose: This pose is awesome, engaging the core, quads, calves, ankles and spine while stretching the hip flexors, inner thighs, chest and shoulders.  Not to mention, balance! Tree pose promotes mobility in the hip and knee joints which supports the slick carving and turning we take on top the mountain.

Spinal twist: Improves spine mobility, glute flexibility and outer thigh muscles. Any spirals we create without body serves as a ringing motion that rides our body of toxins. Deep breaths here…

Downward facing dog: I encourage you all to once a day find yourself in downward facing dog – transitioning into plank position is great for building core strength!

With mindful preparation and a bit of patience you will ready to hit the slopes – pain free!

Enjoy y’all!

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It seems like every season here in colorful Colorado is construction season… Well, no more for this year here in Vail! 

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Winter season visitors can expect a quicker route to Vail mountain with now two lanes available on the North and South Frontage roads here in Vail.  Drivers and motorcyclists please be mindful that this area; although halted construction – is still considered a construction zone so adjust your speed accordingly.  Now there is still work to be done here however construction crews are feeling well accomplished with their work and are determined to finish strong next Spring installing and creating more roundabouts, lighting elements, and curbs. And those that commute into the Town of Vail via Vail Transit – Winter schedules are in session!

Image result for drive safe in CO


I am a proud Coloradoan knowing our roads are so tended to!

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Vail with no snow

Warm, dry weather has pushed Vail Mountain’s opening to November 25th, 2016 and Beaver Creek’s opening is still planned for November 23rd.  The temperatures have been in the mid-60’s which has made snow making a challenge.  Keystone is still set to open on Friday.  Copper Mountain is also scheduled to open on Friday and Breckenridge will open on Saturday.  There is snow in the forecast for Thursday and colder temperatures.

The Vail Valley Foundation said that the Audi Birds of Prey World Cup race is currently planned to continue as normal which is scheduled for November 29th through December 4th.  They will have more details on the snow control reports on Friday.  Ultimately, it will be up to the International Ski Federation to decide whether to postpone the race depending on the weather forecasts and the snowmaking ability.

We have all been enjoying the warm weather but it’s time for the snow to arrive.  Think Snow!

Colorado Gives Day is an annual statewide movement to celebrate and popularize philanthropy that is honored on Tuesday December 6th.  There are many local Eagle County non-profits that are looking for support this year.  Huge thank you to Community First Foundation Colorado Gives Day encourages charitable giving by providing clear, detailed and up to date information about Colorado non-profits and an easy way to support them online.  This is a fantastic way to stay connected here in our beautiful state and if you’re like me and frequently ask yourself, “What more can I be doing?” Well, here ya go!

Image result for colorado gives day 2016

Donations can be made possible through serves as the platform for donors to learn about support non-profits and make online donations on Tuesday December 6th!


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Being a Colorado mover and shaker myself I am itching to see snow fall and get on top of the mountain; thankfully The Bookworm over in Edwards Riverwalk keeps me creative and intrigued with their long list of fun free to-do’s…

The Bookworm not only is conveniently located near across the street to our Gateway Real Estate office in Edwards but they share many options for tasty healthy eats as well as ‘keep you going’ drinks like their americano which is my personal favorite.

This week the Bookworm shares with us the stories of Doug Coombs as he will be live and in the flesh at The Bookworm discussing his life as a legendary extreme skier traveler. If you haven’t picked up the thrilling read, Tracking the Wild Coomba: The Life of Legendary Skier Doug Coombs I suggest you do as it gets readers in the mood for ski season and quiets some of our fears as extreme mountain seekers.

So while we’re still praying for snow take a stroll over to Edwards… Take a browse at the copious listings we have in beautiful Colorado and elsewhere and we invite you to come into our office; sit down with a broker and get those questions answered.  The Bookworm hosts Doug Coombs this Thursday November 10th from 4-6PM

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This Colorado ranch for sale, located minutes outside Vail, Colorado and Beaver Creek, Colorado, affords blissful tranquility from 35.5 acres & boasts sweeping views of dramatic Colorado vistas & radiant colorful mesas.

Eagle River RanchSpectacular & rare, this land is within a gated community alongside the stunning Eagle River that is teeming with Brown & Rainbow Trout. With over 950 feet of river frontage this magnificent setting is a chance in a lifetime to own. Zoned resource for a single-family & detached caretakers, this property is primed for the ultimate Colorado ranch & river estate. Recently reduced to $895,000!!

Last weekend, these were just a couple of the fish that were caught on this property:

Fish at Eagle River Ranch, Vail Co Fish at Eagle River Ranch, Vail Co Fish at Eagle River Ranch, Vail Co

For more information on this spectacular Eagle River property, or for a personal tour, please contact Suzi Apple, Broker/Owner at 970.376.5417 or

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On Monday-November 14th, you will be lucky enough to experience a front row seat to the largest Super Moon since 1948! A Super Moon or Perigee Moon appears to balloon up to 14% larger than an Apogee full Moon (traditional moon) and beams up 30% brighter!


November 25th, 2034 will be your next opportunity to witness this spectacular gift of nature, so be sure to savor this moment. The best way to see this interstellar stunner is in a dark, open area, but, if you would like to add some bigger then life illusions to your experience, catch the moon as it rises along the horizon! It will appear even more magnificent!



The moons’ peak will be at 6:52 am on Monday morning, not to worry, that does not mean that it won’t be brilliant that evening, you might even need to wear your sunglasses!

Moondance anyone….?



Image result for vail valley winter homes

It’s about that time when awaiting snow dusted mountains here in Vail Valley! Winterizing your home saves you time, money and helps keeps you and your family organized as the busy snow season is on its way.  Here in beautiful Colorado we are blessed that the sun keep us warm on top the mountains; when pulling out the winter accessories and gear from your closets keep in mind these easy preventative measure ideas for seasonal organization and keeping more of your money in your pocket!

-Lower your water heater’s temperature

Conventional water heaters are typically set at 140 degrees Fahrenheit, but most households only need a setting of 120 degrees to be comfortable.  Check your water heaters and lower them to 120 degrees!

-Put up some plastic

For just a few dollars, pick up a window insulation kit at your local hardware store. Adding a buffer against drafts and extra still air space can give a nice boost to your homes ability to hold heat. When properly installed window plastic is essentially invisible.

-Run fans in reverse

Image result for saving money winterizing your home

Counter-clockwise rotation produces cooling breezes and clockwise rotation produces warmer air. Giving air that is pooled near the ceiling circulation back into the living space-cutting your heating costs as much as 10%!

-Change furnace filters

Dirty filters restrict airflow and increase energy demand.  It may be easy to forget but it’s important to replace or clean furnace filters once a month during the heating season.

Hope these tips help your home stay cozy this Winter season – PRAY FOR SNOW!

Oh! Last but not least, and the tip I heard from my parents growing up….


Image result for cozy sweaters for winterAs each degree on the thermostat costs YOU money; a light long-sleeved sweater is worth about 2 degrees in added warmth! While a heavy sweater adds about 4 degrees! Cozy up and start saving!

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