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Seller’s Best Checklist when headed to Market; Guaranteed to make Open Houses more fruitful!

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⬜De­Clutter: Review your home. Throw away, store away. Then do it again.

⬜Organize: Review. Throw away, store away, remove, and tidy.  Everything.

⬜Clean: Deep clean from top to bottom. Windows, upholstery, carpet, refrigerator, oven, bathrooms, garage. Vacuum and wipe down everything. Empty trash daily.

⬜Paint: The least expensive, most effective thing you can do in addition to cleaning and organizing is paint. A fresh coat in a neutral color can enhance your property. Stay away from a high gloss finish.

⬜Brighten: Light equals space. Prior to showings, wash windows, raise blinds, and turn on lights. Add lamps to brighten dark rooms or corners.

⬜Repair: Make simple repairs such as paint and spackling touch ups, replace light bulbs, cracked windows, and fix leaky faucets.

⬜Maintain: Keep your front entrance and lawn neat and inviting with potted plants; don’t skimp on the potted plants, remember you are trying to make an outstanding first impression from the curb.

⬜Remove: Any personal property not included in the sale should be removed including lighting, window treatments, permanently attached art and valuables.  Guns should be safely removed from the premises during the Marketing Period including and especially during Open Houses.  There should be no exceptions to the removal of all weapons from the Property for sale.

⬜Inspect: Hire a professional, licensed inspector prior to putting your home on the market to find and eliminate potential problems before they become a buyer’s issue. Take care of the minor issues; discuss disclosure of any major issues with your Real Estate Broker immediately.

If you do these things, you will greatly enhance your abililty to obtain the highest price possible for your Home in the least amount of market time and you will experience much less stress!  

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