Vail Colorado, What? Snow, What? Skiing, What? Hiking, What? Fishing, What? Golf, What? You name it and do it, What?

I grew up where snow was not always even a yearly occurrence. It was exciting and fun when it happened. I can hardly believe I live and work in a place, Vail, Colorado, that is based upon Snow and more Snow. That’s what it is doing right now, Snowing right before the Martin Luther King (MLK) holiday. I hope you have a chance to see and enjoy this place.
I glissaded down the snow banks in the summer in the mountains near Estes Park as a kid at Cheley Colorado Camps. Who knew about Skiing? Not me until after I was out of college. The first time I skied I was in law school and someone said a group was driving up into Pennsylvania that night to ski? What, ski at night? The drive up in a VW van with flowers painted all over it was a blast, singing etc. Not so much the rope tow, icy slope and low light at night. Drive back to DC great. I had so much fun, mostly on my butt, that I didn’t need to ski again for almost 20 years. And what? I wind up in Vail, Colorado, at one of the best ski areas in the world, and I love it. I learned to ski. Many people think the summers here are better than the winters. Come and see us at Gateway Real Estate by Check Point Charley and the International Bridge on the West side of the Sitzmark Hotel in downtown Vail. Let me show you some real estate if you get too tired of the fun stuff. It’s a beautiful day in Colorado, Bob