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Vail Snow Daze is the largest early-season mountain bash in North America! Vail Village hosts the party beginning tomorrow, December 9th through December 11th.

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Here’s the run down y’all,

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 9: Vendor Expo Village

Base of Gondola One in Vail Village, 8:30am-3:30pm

Vail Snow Daze Après Parties presented by Bud Light

Tavern on the Square in Lionshead: live music and $5 draft specials, 3-6pm

Express Lift at the base of Gondola One: $3 Bud Light bottles, 3-6pm

Altitude Club*, Pazzo’s** and Red Lion: 4pm-6pm

*Don’t miss the deals during this time period including $4 Breckenridge Brewery’s Vanilla Porter and Avalanche Draft and feature a raffle for Avalanche Tickets at Altitude Club
** Pazzo’s will offer $5 Avalanche Draft and Christmas Bottle from Breckenridge Brewery and feature a raffle for a Avalanche Tickets

Free live concert presented by Bud Light 
Solaris in Vail Village: Doors at 5:30pm, show at 6pm

Main act: Michael Franti Trio
Opening act: Turntable Review

Vail Snow Daze After-Dark Parties

Bridge Street Bar:
Vendetta’s: 9-11pm

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 10: Vendor Expo Village

Base of Gondola One in Vail Village, 8:30am-3:30pm\

Vail Snow Daze Après Parties 

Tavern on the Square in Lionshead: live music and $5 draft specials, 3-6pm

Express Lift at the base of Gondola One: $3 Bud Light bottles, 3-6pm

Pazzo’s & Vendetta’s: 4pm-6pm

Free live concert presented by Bud Light 
Solaris in Vail Village: Doors at 5:30pm, show at 6pm

Main act: Lettuce
Opening act: Marvel Years

Vail Snow Daze After-Dark Parties presented by Bud Light 

The Altitude Bar & Grill with Down2Funk: 10pm-1am

Bridge Street Bar: 9:30-11pm

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 11: Vendor Expo Village

Base of Gondola One in Vail Village, 8:30am-3:30pm

Vail Snow Daze Apres Parties 

Tavern on the Square in Lionshead: live music and $5 draft specials from 3-6 p.m.
Express Lift at the base of Gondola One: $3 Bud Light bottles from 3-6 p.m.

Enjoy fresh tracks on the mountain and sponsor expo village by day and après parties and free live concerts by night.

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For more information on Vail Snow Daze 2016 email me at Maxine@GatewayLand.com OR pop into our Vail Village office, located at the International Bridge in Vail Village! Walking distance from this weekends events!


The Winter time brings with it a promise of speeding down steep slopes here in beautiful Vail Village! While hugely different in approach, yoga and skiing are in reality hugely complementary. Here in Vail we have many adventure driver residents who thrive on excitement!

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Skiing and snowboarding are a mix of agility and dexterity achieved over time, regardless if our practice is for an entire season or just a weekend holiday squeezed into our busy schedule. While yoga offers a sense of calm, meditative movements facilitated by breath.  And as every annual skier or snowboarder knows we active muscles on the mountain that aren’t always engaged in the “off seasons”.  So let’s be mindful when warming up so we don’t suffer and interrupt our après-ski indulgences….

Here are my favorite asanas for strengthening thighs:

Forward bend: Offers your hamstrings a deep stretch as it loosens the calve muscles – with your weight in the heels exhale fully here and be sure to support yourself with props that allow you completely fold over and out of your hip crease.

Warrior pose: Stretches hip flexors and hamstrings on the back of the legs while activating your feet, ankles, glutes and quads on the front of the leg. For alignment sake, take a peek down at your front bent leg making sure you can see your big toe!

Chair pose: This is a tough one for me but so beneficial, it’s the classic ski and board pose warming up and building strength in the legs.  Try and keep both legs together fully activated while weight is in the heels of the feet, try and lift your toes here to ensure your weight is well spread!

Reclined cobblers pose: very important as it can prevent knee injury when properly executed. This pose improves the flexibility in your inner thighs!

Warming up your hip flexors is vital as we maximize agility here while skiing and snowboarding.  When we build more strength in our hip flexors we are creating a base of equilibrium and muscle foundation which in turn improves the support to our upper body!

Engaging the core muscles of the abdomen enhances good turns on the slopes and alleviates pressure form the knees, protecting the joints from injury.

Asanas for maximizing core strength:

Tree pose: This pose is awesome, engaging the core, quads, calves, ankles and spine while stretching the hip flexors, inner thighs, chest and shoulders.  Not to mention, balance! Tree pose promotes mobility in the hip and knee joints which supports the slick carving and turning we take on top the mountain.

Spinal twist: Improves spine mobility, glute flexibility and outer thigh muscles. Any spirals we create without body serves as a ringing motion that rides our body of toxins. Deep breaths here…

Downward facing dog: I encourage you all to once a day find yourself in downward facing dog – transitioning into plank position is great for building core strength!

With mindful preparation and a bit of patience you will ready to hit the slopes – pain free!

Enjoy y’all!

To get in touch with one of our expert brokers please call 970-926-6777 OR 970-790-6777!

For more tips on yoga come on by Gateway Real Estate’s Vail Village location where you can cozy up with a hot coco or coffee and see the amazing listings we currently have!



I summer

Why do we call this wonderful time of year Indian Summer? There are many theories, “Indian Giver” is one of the better known sources for this term. 


Indian Summer refers to very unseasonable warm and dry weather in late Autumn. There is usually a cold spell with frost preceding this most pleasurable time of year, which lures many into pondering what Winters blustery days might bring! Instead, much to our satisfaction, Indian Summer creeps in, giving us one last opportunity to savor the fading impressions of Summer…Never quite knowing if this magical time will be snatched away in an instant, much like the reputation of an Indian Giver!

  Canoe condola

Indian Summer here in the Vail Valley usually continues into mid-November, which means there’s still plenty of time left to get out there and take in the beauty that surrounds us!

              dand   barefeet 

Tread Lightly……


It sure feels really great to represent such a supportive local real estate group like Gateway.  Here I share with you the benefits from working with a tight knit real estate group…I’m constantly urged to participate in community events, explore this lovely town of Vail to feel better acquainted and continuing my higher education in the real estate industry.

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Just last week I was invited by my work affiliates to attend a Vail Board of Realtors monthly meeting highlighting the infamous Mr. Jack Cotton Jr as he shares his involvement in the real estate industry. Walking into the Donovan Pavilion in sunny Vail Valley I was greeted by local community members all sharing authentic interest in the real estate market here and yearning creative tools in acquiring more positive business.  This is a warm welcome; although I do not know many of these smiling faces I am sweetly invited into the busy buzzing world of the most prominent Vail Valley realtors.

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Mr. Jack Cotton Jr. an esteemed well versed entrepreneur began Cotton Real Estate in his college dorm room back in his academic days.  Jack is a well-read man, clearly aware of his appearance he dresses to impress. And not in a cheesy way but in an honest clean appearance making it his staple to always be wearing a tie!  He shares that physical presentation plays a huge role in meeting potential clients, not to mention being in tune to personal pride for what you represent – represents you.  Which I completely agree with! Come on, haven’t we all had ‘one of those days’ where we’re feeling crumby and don’t change out of sweatpants? Why is that? Well usually our inner emotions and feelings have a way of making debut on our physical appearance… take stock of this note and maybe the next time you’re feeling not so yourself try throwing on that slick blazer, or a fun shade of lipstick.  Sometimes that’s just enough pick me up to make it through the day!

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Intrigued at the wisdom Jack shares I grab my pen to begin taking notes, inspired I feel listening to the words of a man who has written books to share his many stories…. Jack shares his tools for negotiation skills with clients in the real estate community.  As my pages fill up I am recognizing that these aren’t just tips for the real estate trade these are life lessons, this wise man is sharing his legacy which doesn’t only come from orchestrating business but how you lead your life. Small adjustments I am constantly aware of making will aid in the fine tuning of a beneficial fulfilling life.  I believe there is little separation between how ones lead their ‘work life’ and ‘home life’… for if we live as genuine beings there is no separation…all is honest, all is pure.

Please, if you have any questions or inquires give Gateway Real Estate a call or come on into our Vail Valley OR Edwards Riverwalk location to meet with our exceptional brokers…who I feel mirror the positive, productive traits of people you ought to know, not just realtors.

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Ever look at the clock at the office and feel like it’s later then it really is? How about having a ‘case of the Mondays’ on Wednesday? Gaze out your office window wishing you had the energy to explore the beautiful Vail Valley only you’re too burnt out from computer work?  You’re not the only over-achiever-multitasker in the office and there are greater ways to help revive your energy besides making another pot of coffee.  I’d like to share with you what helps get me through the work week!  I’ve  committed to these poses (and variations of these poses) on a daily basis as a little rejuvenation in my body does in fact clear and re-focus my mind!

Scale Pose-

Scoot to sit at the edge of your chair, press your hands down on either side of your hips and raise your legs and butt up off the seat. Engage your deep abdominal muscles and keep the tops of your shoulders down; hold for 3 to 5 breaths. Lower and repeat a couple more times.

High Altar Pose-

Inhale and lift your arms; clasp your hands and invert your palms. Lean to your left. Hold for 5 to 8 breaths, then switch sides. Inhale your shoulders up to your ears then exhale replant them back on your spine. This creates a nice distance between your ears and shoulders therefore giving your neck a sweet stretch!


Turn to your left. Use your left hand on the back of the chair to deepen the twist. Hold for 5 to 8 breaths, then twist to the other side. Enhance this pose by lifting your chin for an extra neck stretch.  As we twist our bodies envision a rag being twisted out draining access water; here our bodies twist internally also riding our internal organs of toxins!

Cow Face Arms-

Bring your left arm behind your back and right arm behind your head. Clasp fingers if you can, if you can’t that’s OK just reach fingertips toward one another.  Hold for 5 to 8 breaths; switch sides. This creates opening in our arm pits and triceps!

 Ankle to Knee-

Place your left foot on your right knee, letting left knee drop open. Keep your back straight; lean forward to stretch deeper. After 5 to 8 breaths, switch sides. Feel free to roll out your raised ankle here creating more space for your feet! All done at your office chair!

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Give it a try! For what do you have to lose?  These poses can be done all together or broken down into deeper, more isolated movements throughout your work day.  I assure you decision-making skills, customer service, attitude and general outlook will be positively affected after participating in these above poses.  Not to mention your body feeling more comfortable, after creating more space in your joints in muscle therefore improving overall functionality!

Don’t forget to breathe fully!

Please call me, Maxine, at Gateway Real Esate so I can introduce you to one of our expert Brokers to help educate you on real estate opportunities in this beautiful Vail Valley !



It’s that time of year again to dust off your lederhosen, tie up the dirndls and grab your steins because Oktoberfest is approaching quickly!  Oktoberfest is the world’s greatest celebration of beer, music and autumn which is an important part of Bavarian culture which originally started in Munich, Bavaria, Germany in 1810.  Oktoberfest is family affair with events for adults and kids alike. Crowd favorites include Klement’s Bratwurst Eating Contest, Stein Lifting Competition presented by Vail Vitality Center and the ever popular Keg Bowling Competition.  Guests will be delighted with Bavarian music and dancing, yodeling, authentic Bavarian food and beverages including Klement’s bratwursts, pretzels, beverages from Hucker-Pschorv and Jagermeister and more.

Beaver Creek’s Oktoberfest is September 3 and 4th and Vail’s Oktoberfest is September 9 through 11th in Lionshead and September 16 through 18th in Vail Village.  For more information on the Oktoberfest in the Vail Valley please visit:  www.vailoktoberfest.com


Fireworks tonight in Avon!

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Fireworks in Vail tomorrow night.  The farmer markets vendors are setting up in Vail for the day as I write this.  Food, Clothing, Art Work of all kinds.

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My favorite is Bob, the Hawaiian Crispy Wafers vendor from Alamosa, CO hightsnacks@gmail.com, 719.587.3892.  I have a nice selection for people to enjoy at our office in Vail during the 4th of July Parade tomorrow.  I’m still peddling real estate here in Vail if you have a mind to check it out.  The internet is great but a little talking can go a long way too in finding what you want and can afford that fits you fast.  It’s a beautiful day in Colorado, Bob

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Bob Essin, Gateway Real Estate, gatewaytovail.com, vailbob@Comcast.net, 970.376.4484

The annual community early season get-together at Cordillera followed a Hawaiian theme this year, and it was a huge success.  Ladies were greeted at the door of the Timber Hearth Grille with leis, and once inside, guests were surrounded by table after table of fine drinks and wonderful food.  I especially liked the lobster and ono skewers and tuna sashimi.  Premier vodka was served not on the rocks, but by pouring it through an ice sculpture to instantly chill it.  Wine choices were extensive.  The live Hawaiian band played at a low volume so guests could make new acquaintances and renew old ones.  Like every event put on by the community or the golf club, from the weekly wine tasters to the multiple day golf tournaments, this was another first class soiree in the Cordillera tradition.

Yesterday was the very popular cross country golf tournament, hosted at The Valley Course.  The Troon staff redesigned the course for the day, with most holes going from one of the regular tracts to the green on another.  What a blast!  Our team finished in third place!  The dinner afterward included shrimp on the surf side and elk steaks on the turf side.  Events like these make year round living in Cordillera a winning lifestyle.

For more information, contact Lai White at 970-471-2207.



It is highly unusual for lions and bears in Colorado to attack humans, but a lion attack on a five year old boy recently happened in Woody Creek near Aspen.  The lion had the boy’s head in its jaws when his arrived. The brave woman pried open the jaws of the lion, grabbed her child and ran.  The boy suffered the worst lacerations on his cheek, but his prognosis is fine.  A small lion was sighted in the vicinity by officials and shot.

Mountain lion cubs

If you ever encounter a bear or lion in Colorado, do not run.  Stand erect with your arms raised to look as large as possible, and make a lot of noise.  Slowly back away.  If attacked, FIGHT BACK.   Black bears are not like grizzlies, so forget about playing dead.  Remember the old adage about sticks and stones.

When in the mountains hiking, jogging or biking, it is a good idea to wear bells attached to your shoe laces or something else that makes continual noise.  This will help prevent you rounding a corner and startling a bear or lion.  Cubs of either species may be cute, but momma is always near by and very protective.  Do NOT get between them!

For help selling your home or finding your dream home, contact Lai White at 970-471-1432.


vail whitewater river

The Vail Whitewater Race Series is tonight at 4:30pm at the International Bridge in Vail Village below our office at Gateway Land and Development.

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 Come by our office and watch from our deck, the best seats in the house! If the competition is too much for your sensibilities then we could take a quick look at one of the new listings along Gore Creek.  Call my cell at 970-390-0705 or email me at RobFromVail@Gmail.com…….