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Over the years, being in the real estate business, it’s been fun watching the home design trends change.  Like fashion, home designs change a lot. According to Houzz, these are a few trends you can expect to see in homes in 2017.


Satin brass finishes have been making a comeback in recent years.  The satin or brushed brass seems to bring a warmer look.

hardworking cabinets in the kitchen 2

Hardworking Kitchen Storage Walls are bringing more open space and creates a one-stop hub freeing up the rest of the space for a breezy look.

white on white bedroom

White With Off White brings a refreshing look.  Balancing a white palette with a creamy off white and natural linen hues creates a breathtaking look that can be rich with character.

Landry room laundry room with shelves

Splurging in Laundry Rooms – Everyone knows that kitchens and bathrooms get the big remodel budgets but laundry room are now seeing the love.  Design tricks include bringing more light into the room and more storage.

outdoor feeling shower outdoor feeling shower 1

Outdoor Feeling Indoor Showers – An outdoor shower is highly desirable but it is not practical in most states year round.  Designers and homeowners are looking to intimate courtyards and creative site placement to create bathrooms that connect deeply to the outdoors while still maintaining privacy.


Abundant Storage– Homeowners have demanded more storage space so newer homes are featuring enormous walk-in closets, spacious dressing rooms and plenty of built in cabinets.  Garage are also getting larger to accommodate the larger SUV’s and all of our gear.

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Yes, we have all seen the shows on TV with a designer comes in and remodels a home to get it ready to sell. But, did you know that this was actually an option right here in our valley?

I have partnered with Alejandra Billoni, a local architect and designer, to give our clients more options with their home at an affordable price. Alejandra has the luxury to work independently with private clients. This eliminates much of the overhead expenses of some of these large companies, which allows her to pass those savings to the client.

I know, this all sounds well and dandy, but what has she done lately. I am glad you asked, she is currently working on a remodel of the spa area at a condo complex in Beaver Creek. But don’t worry, she does residential properties too.


The picture is of The Chateau and not Alejandra’s work.

Here’s the best part, whether you are buying or selling, we can customize a package for you to save you money. 

So, for more information on remodels or designs, call Alejandra at 970-376-6615 and Greg at 970-331-1333 for information on buying or selling.