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Montauk Seafood Grill perfectly located in Lionshead Village is offering hard to pass up off season specials!

As seen in their Vail Daily advertising, Montauk is offering 50% OFF ENTREES from 6:00PM to 9:00PM



Stay tuned to GatewayLand.com blog & news page for great local deals during the off – season!


Although undergoing exciting renovations, our Gateway Real Estate office is OPEN during normal business hours (9AM-5PM) during construction!

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Mud season

Rain and Snow Mix for a while this morning after a few days of real nice weather.  Some people call it Mud Season.  The golf course in Vail opened Sunday.  Some of the down valley courses have already been open for a couple of months. 


Vail Golf Course

The Vail Course‘s new club house with the larger meeting room for bigger weddings (which delayed the beginning of construction for at least 2 years while the neighbors and the Town and the Vail Recreation District and the golfers fought about the larger size and parking and attorneys fees and restrictive covenant, etc.) should be completed in September, and they are already booking weddings.  There has been talk of picketing with signs that promise nothing but bad karma for all the newly weds. 

Vail wedding

 A few Realtors are holding open houses and it is a good time to do property agent tours Vail is not a place where there has been much picketing over the years.  Not even the Ski Instructors at Beaver Creek that had a vote for a Union this past year did much, if any, picketing for it.  Somehow I missed the vote results, but the Vail Daily will probably republish the information in the off season when they can’t find enough other news.  Most of the picketing I’ve seen here has just been people for office holding signs on election days.   A lot of the news this time of year is centered on Construction, Highway information, which restaurants are open in the “off season” and information on graduating offices since not a lot of Buyers and tourists are in town.  Many of the Vail retail owners and workers are on Beaches everywhere.  It is difficult to go to an airport with a beach near it and not run into someone you know from Vail, either coming or going this time of year.

Beach 3

road trip Road Trip2

      ….I’m thinking about a road trip myself!  It’s a beautiful day in Colorado, Bob.

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Nice day in Eagle County-Vail to get some exercise, but I am in the office, obviously blogging.  A Blue Bird Day.  Golf, biking, fishing Gore Creek or the Eagle River and hiking and snow shoeing would be high on the list.  2 game 7’s and 1 game 1 in the NBA and golf in New Orleans and ice hockey are available for TV people.  Forget the talk shows, I need a break from politics.  I’ll get some of the sports action in the office where we have a TV.  Yes, I know I should stay busy with real estate and would more if you would visit so we could discuss selling your property here or buying a property here or just finding out what it is worth. 

The Vail Daily has a nice article beginning on the 1st page about the busy action of March sales with one of our Gateway Real Estate pros Robert Schilling being prominently quoted numerous times.  When he is not skiing in the winter or hiking in the summer, he is hard core real estate the rest of the time.  I am a little more laid back.  Give either of us a call or Don Galgan or Betty Guffey, a few of the other agents in the Vail office a call.  Don and I were in kindergarten together and reacquainted after that as campers in Cheley Camps many years ago.  Betty Guffey is a good gal from Dallas. 


Check out the website (Gatewaytovail.com) to see all the agents working for Gateway here in the Vail and the Edwards offices.  Suzie Apple, our owner/Broker, is a top broker in the Valley and helped get Arrowhead off the ground.  The stories she can tell are very interesting about numerous subjects.  When I show Arrowhead (aka County Club of the Rockes) I would not think of not having her along if possible.  I hope you have a good day.  It’s a beautiful day in Colorado, Bob

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Aspens are slower to turn here than in Summit County this year, but there is already some good color.  Peak color should be next weekend unless weather changes substantially.  It should be a great time to come up and check out that real estate you’ve been thinking about buying (subtle right?).  Oktoberfest (aka October Fest) cranked up in Vail Village yesterday after being in Beaver Creek and Lionshead previous weekends.  The crowd was great, as were the music and brats and other varieties of European cuisine.  Todays crowd should even be more festive.  The Music Pavalion is just up the street from our Vail office.  I could hear (and feel) every um-pah-pah yesterday (and again today and tomorrow I’m sure).  Snow fell yesterday on Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park.  Ski Season can’t be too far away.

Big topics lately in the Vail Daily have been the new Vail Golf Course Clubhouse and the underpass to be constructed between the West Vail and Main Vail exits.  The under construction single family property just above the Vail Golf Course asking $15,000,000+ just went under contract this week.  Properties on the bus route in Vail can be purchased for under $300,000.  The Latin Festival is also happening now in Nottingham Park in Avon (Headline article in todays paper).  The Denver Broncos performed a Houdini and escaped the clutches of the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead in Kansas City on Thursday.  Great game.  Peyton looked much better than in week 1 putting some zip on the ball and hitting some key passes downfield.  Maybe the rust is coming off or he is becoming accustomed to the receivers or his arm and body are just still active enough.  He definitely has the mind for the game.

It’s a beautiful day in Colorado, Bob Essin

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Vail and Eagle County Medical Treatment

The Vail Valley Medical Center and the Physicians and Nurses and other medical care persons here are in the news all the time usually receiving praise for the services that locals and visitors to the area receive.  Today, June 25, 2015, the Vail Daily (www.vaildaily.com) has adds by MDs and other related professions, and news articles about the facelift and new space to the Vail Valley Medical Center located in Vail, and an article about the Centura Health Emergency Center that is coming to Avon.  The Cancer Treatment Center here gets rave reviews.  The Valley just keeps getting better and better for everyone here.  People in general and especially world class athletes from everywhere travel to Vail for the specialized services they can receive here.  The old settlers all the way back to 1962 love to tell the tales (which are true tales usually, maybe embellished sometimes); but thank goodness it’s not that way anymore.  I have only lived here since 1990 and by some of the old timers I am not yet considered a local.  The article about the Emergency Center points out the high cost of medical care here.  Our insurance rates are about the highest in Colorado.  Perhaps this will help.   The services needed for treatment of all kinds are here.  Anything related to health and exercise is present.  The Supreme Court just today upheld  “Obamacare” again.  Perhaps that controversy is settled again for a while.

It’s a beautiful day in Colorado, Bob Essin