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Yes indeed…a quick look up toward the top of most hills and one will see the change of colors.  It was a couple of weeks ago when I first noticed yellows on the tip of tree branches.  It is a welcome site to me and I enjoy the color variations displayed.  Do You?

Aspens in Vail

It is the cooler nights which prompted the color change and this week in Edwards we have dipped below the forty degree mark more than once.  Don’t get discouraged…the daytime temps have been glorious in the mid-seventies with plentiful sunshine.  This cycle is expected to continue for awhile, so come up and join or visit us!

Here at Gateway I am committed to providing you with the quality and service you need and expect from a Real Estate Professional no matter what the season. So whether you are looking to purchase or wanting to or needing to market your existing property I’ll be able to help you.  Come on in and I will share how I can help & serve with your current or future Real Estate needs.

Can’t make it in, simply call me @ 313.600.8330 and we can start there.

Until then, enjoy the colors and as we all know soon the snow will be flying!  Hope to see you on the hills soon!

dean quint







Nice day in Eagle County-Vail to get some exercise, but I am in the office, obviously blogging.  A Blue Bird Day.  Golf, biking, fishing Gore Creek or the Eagle River and hiking and snow shoeing would be high on the list.  2 game 7’s and 1 game 1 in the NBA and golf in New Orleans and ice hockey are available for TV people.  Forget the talk shows, I need a break from politics.  I’ll get some of the sports action in the office where we have a TV.  Yes, I know I should stay busy with real estate and would more if you would visit so we could discuss selling your property here or buying a property here or just finding out what it is worth. 

The Vail Daily has a nice article beginning on the 1st page about the busy action of March sales with one of our Gateway Real Estate pros Robert Schilling being prominently quoted numerous times.  When he is not skiing in the winter or hiking in the summer, he is hard core real estate the rest of the time.  I am a little more laid back.  Give either of us a call or Don Galgan or Betty Guffey, a few of the other agents in the Vail office a call.  Don and I were in kindergarten together and reacquainted after that as campers in Cheley Camps many years ago.  Betty Guffey is a good gal from Dallas. 


Check out the website (Gatewaytovail.com) to see all the agents working for Gateway here in the Vail and the Edwards offices.  Suzie Apple, our owner/Broker, is a top broker in the Valley and helped get Arrowhead off the ground.  The stories she can tell are very interesting about numerous subjects.  When I show Arrowhead (aka County Club of the Rockes) I would not think of not having her along if possible.  I hope you have a good day.  It’s a beautiful day in Colorado, Bob

Bob Essin, Gateway Real Estate, vailbob@comcast.net, 970.376.4484


This is my wonderful friend, competitor and apparently the Easter Bunny, Scot Webster, and his beautiful Wife Erica enjoying, what for them I would assume is, a typical day skiing Vail Mountain!

Scot Webster


How do I know they are skiing Vail Mountain as opposed to Beaver Creek?  I see the stunning Gore Range in the background.! Why do I know they are skiing versus riding?  I see their skiis in the photo!  Why would I write about my competitor of 2 decades on my real estate blog?  Because Scot is a wonderful REALTOR, an honorable competitor and well….he’s just plain FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May you know peace and grace over the Easter Holiday!  Have fun, eat well, tell those you care about that you love them!  And watch for the Easter Bunny!  As you can see from above, you just never know when or where that Bunny will show up!



5jp 6jp


⬜De­Clutter: Review your home. Throw away, store away. Then do it again.

⬜Organize: Review. Throw away, store away, remove, and tidy.  Everything.

⬜Clean: Deep clean from top to bottom. Windows, upholstery, carpet, refrigerator, oven, bathrooms, garage. Vacuum and wipe down everything. Empty trash daily.

⬜Paint: The least expensive, most effective thing you can do in addition to cleaning and organizing is paint. A fresh coat in a neutral color can enhance your property. Stay away from a high gloss finish.

⬜Brighten: Light equals space. Prior to showings, wash windows, raise blinds, and turn on lights. Add lamps to brighten dark rooms or corners.

⬜Repair: Make simple repairs such as paint and spackling touch ups, replace light bulbs, cracked windows, and fix leaky faucets.

⬜Maintain: Keep your front entrance and lawn neat and inviting with potted plants; don’t skimp on the potted plants, remember you are trying to make an outstanding first impression from the curb.

⬜Remove: Any personal property not included in the sale should be removed including lighting, window treatments, permanently attached art and valuables.  Guns should be safely removed from the premises during the Marketing Period including and especially during Open Houses.  There should be no exceptions to the removal of all weapons from the Property for sale.

⬜Inspect: Hire a professional, licensed inspector prior to putting your home on the market to find and eliminate potential problems before they become a buyer’s issue. Take care of the minor issues; discuss disclosure of any major issues with your Real Estate Broker immediately.

If you do these things, you will greatly enhance your abililty to obtain the highest price possible for your Home in the least amount of market time and you will experience much less stress!  

formal dining Real Estate Buyers Guide




The new owners, Los Angeles based Laurus Corporation, announced a $35 million renovation plan for the Cascade Resort Hotel, at about the same time they purchased the property for a bit less than $90 million! So what’s the plan? The Vail Cascade Resort will be closed from this April til the start of next ski season. Renovations will include an in house spa, fitness center and salon. Rooms will be upgraded, including four existing rooms that will be turned into two room suites. For more info on the project or info on Vail…Please email me at rcook@vail.net or contact me at Gateway Real Estate

Many come to the Vail Valley hoping to get a glimpse of the extraordinary wildlife that populates our land. But it is rare to find a mountain retreat where you can sit before your cozy fireplace and have a parade of animals come to you! But 59 Jacksons Path at the Summit in Cordillera is such a place!




Situated on a spectacular 10.5 acres in The Summit of Cordillera, this stunning 5 bedroom estate enjoys these visitors from its picturesque floor to ceiling windows which also capture the white- capped Sawatch Mountain Range and the breathtaking sunsets over Castle Peak.


From a gaggle of turkeys, to a magnificent buck, to a beautiful baby fox, to a magnificent herd of elk the daily viewing never gets old!

For more information on 59 Jackson’s Path, The Summit at Cordillera, or Vail Valley real estate, please contact Suzi Apple at 970.376.5417.


Are you contemplating about whether you are buying or building yourself a custom-made home? Newly renovated homes can be very heart warming, but nothing would beat a custom-made home that have considered all your needs today and in the future. An old home renovated to fit your needs can carry with it a lot of character, but a house that has been especially designed for you will make your living conditions even more special.


Apart from the serious maintenance problems that come with old homes, here are the tops reasons why a custom-built home is perfect for you. This list will convince you that getting your home built from scratch should be the only way to go.

Your house will look like its own

You don’t have to live in a house that looks much like other people’s houses. When you have a custom builder plan ahead for you, they will make sure that their design will fit your personal taste. It is not just about having the right number of rooms or having the toilet positioned where you want it to. It is about having a home that fits your life now and is prepared for what the future may bring.

Unparalleled Construction

If you want to be careful in choosing all the details of your home, a custom built home is for you. Not only will you be involved in the planning, but you will be able to witness how your home is built. More importantly, if something goes wrong in the future, you will be the knowledgeable home owner that you are. Knowing all the nicks and knacks of your home should always be a priority.

Amazing Landscape


The outdoor space of your home should also be included in the planning. The indoors is not the only part of your house. You have to make sure that you invest in your outdoor space too. Keep in mind that a beautiful outdoor space will improve the value of your home by as much 30%.

One of the biggest worries that homeowners have about custom built homes is the cost. And yet when you look at the bigger picture, investing in a home that is built with your needs in mind is more cost-efficient than buying a house with all the parts gone wrong.

For more information on finding the perfect lot to build your dream custom home, call Greg Peterson at 970-331-1333. Home sites available throughout the Vail Valley in Vail, Beaver Creek, Cordillera, Bachelor Gulch, and many other communities. 

We are excited to introduce our newest Winter 2016 Vail Real Estate Buyer’s Guide. We have an incredible selection on properties for sale, from ski-in/out condominiums to sprawling Colorado ranches to golf estates to river properties and more!

Real Estate Buyers Guide


For your own copy please email me and I would be happy to send you one today!

Happy New Year to everyone and for more information on Vail Valley properties and homes for sale, please feel free to contact me anytime!

View all Vail MLS listings at: www.GatewayToVail.com

Ashley Apple Smith, 970.376.5742  //  Ashley@GatewayToVail.com

Do you ever find yourself curious what the local real estate market is doing. Here is a snapshot of the market for August and year-to-date from the Vail Board of Realtors. The area data includes but not limited to Cordillera, Arrowhead, Beaver Creek, Vail, Eagle, Eagle Ranch, Avon, Edwards.

The snapshot covers the following areas:

Single Family/Duplex Activity, Overview Closed Sales and Inventory by Price Range

Current as of August 6, 2015. All data from the Vail Board of REALTORS® MLS. Powered by 10K Research and Marketing.

Townhouse-Condo Activity, Overview Days on Market Until Sale, Housing Affordability Index, Inventory of Active Listings Months, Supply of Inventory All Properties, Activity Overview, New Listings, Pending Sales, Closed Sales, Median Sales Price, Average Sales Price, Percent of List Price Received

For more information on your specific area of interest, please contact Greg Peterson at 970.331.1333.



Vail, CO

In the most recent report, Vail Resorts posted solid earnings for most resorts, excluding those in CA, who were starved for snow in drought-like conditions.

Both Colorado and Utah drove the majority of the revenue within it’s skiing and lodging operations, including a new chairlift at Vail, and the start of the Epic Discovery summer plan.

In Lake Tahoe, where the company operates the Heavenly and Northstar resorts, CEO Robert Katz said current snowfall at those resorts is down 43% from 2103 snow totals. Geographic diversification, he says, has contributed to overall success, and VR has already paid back the money borrowed to finance the $182.5MM Park City acquisition last year.

Katz also alluded to new spending near $65MM to upgrade current resort snowmaking and lift operations, and also to finance to release of the Epic Discovery summer plans. Prices for 2015/16 lift tickets are forecast to include a 5% increase to cover expenses anticipated.

vail ski mountain