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Vail’s 60th Birthday Present: Sun Down Express

Vail Mountain originally opened to guests on December 15, 1962, and the official opening party happened on Jan. 19, 1963.

As a 60th birthday present to itself, Vail built a completely new lift line this season, an express chair taking guests from the bottom of Sun Up and Sun Down Bowls to the top of the Wildwood area. The new chairlift will be called the Sun Down Express (# 17). While the lift towers have been erected and the lift stations constructed, the cable has not yet been hung and the chairs are not yet mounted due to supply chain issues from the lifts’ manufacturer. Despite the delays, Vail Resorts anticipates the lift to be fully operational this month and we can’t wait!

In addition to this lift opening, Game Creek Bowl Express has been upgraded from a 4-person to a 6-person chairlift and Vail reintroduced its legendary Ice Bar. For more information regarding the Ice Bar, check out our blog post: https://gatewayland.com/blog/?p=56114