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Singletree located in Edwards, Colorado and home of the Sonnenalp Golf Course is truly the place to be in the Vail Valley. If location, views, golfing, skiing and easy access to all the Rocky Mountain activities you can think of is what you are looking for in a permanent home or a second home, then I recommend Singletree as your primary choice. Currently there are over twenty homes on the market priced from the low $500,000's to over the 2 million dollar price. For more information on any of the homes on the market in Singletree or any where in the Vail Valley, see my contact information.

Vail will be hosting two amazing winter events in the next few weeks … The Winter Mountain Games (presneted by Eddie Bauer) and Burton's U.S. Open Snowboarding Championships.

The Winter Mountain Games will include events in Biking, Climbing, Running and Skiing.  Biking includes the On-Snow Bike and Slalom Bike events.  Skiing events have Nordic Freestyle, Telemark Big Air (amazing event) and the Vail Uphill to name a few.  The schedule also includes a unique Avalanche Dog competition, the Vail Uphill Run and climbing competitions!  Bring your snowboats and your voice for cheering.  Click here for the schedule of events.

Jack Affleck

The Burton U.S. Open Snowboarding Championships includes one of the World's largest halfpipe courses (see previous post).  Vail will see some amazing athletes including Mason Aguirre, Jaie Anderson, Ryo Aono, Nils Arvidsson & Gretchen Bleiler to name just a few.  For a full line up of athletes, click here.  If you've never had an opportunity to witness a snowboarding event in person, it's worth making the effort to visit Vail for this event.  Broadcasts of the event fall short when attempting to convey the height and depth of this halfpipe and fails to capture the true nature of the amazing tricks performed by the athletes.

Come join us in Vail for these two spectacular events!  We've had over 2 feet of snow in the last 3-4 days, so conditions are EPIC.